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Dream About Cutting Stones meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean about a huge black dog?

My family and I were in a cabin or something,it was in a small circular clearing,I went outside and I heard growling,I looked over to find a huge black dog,it hag shaggy fur.It jumped out of its place and lunged toward me,i quickly dodged it barely,but I was cut on my shoulder.I ran in to the woods trying to escape the black dog,but I found myself in another clearing,but this time about forty of black dogs stood on stones,and branches.I was surrounded.They lunged for me,I was attackewere ripped and I was covered in my blood.The dogs looked into a different direction,and ran into the direction,and I followed,and When they stopped,I was at my house.It was on fire,I saw my mom and dad and brother dead in the flames.Then something happened,I was shaking,then I ran and tackled one of the dogs.I fought all of them,but more and more kept on coming.Then I was standing on my knees,And I was laughing,my teeth began to become fangs,and I transformed into a huge white dog.What does this mean?

Hmmmmmm... an avid gamer who is writing a report on wolves and LOVES his dogs and has made a pact with his friends to always be a PACK. Now, how on earth could you NOT have dreams like this? ;- )

Seriously, in this dream I see you fighting evil from every side, and being overcome by it. You possibly have some resentment and anger toward your family, and that shows up in their fiery deaths.

It was when you followed the black, evil dogs that you discovered your family's fiery death.

I'm concerned that perhaps you are somewhat TOO wrapped up in some of your gaming, etc. and it might be causing some of the tension in your family right now. Also, if you are looking into werewolf and vampire lore, you may be accidentally tapping into some truly occult things without realizing it. There actually ARE people who think they are, or pretend to be werewolves or vampires, and live very scary lives, drinking blood, etc. This invites demon spirits into their lives. So, if you've been doing online research on these topics, you might have gotten on a site that is not just normal games or myths, but one that is created by these scary people who have demon spirits controlling them.

Sometimes, our dreams come to point out the danger areas in our lives, and I think that's what is happening to you here. Your own spirit realizes you're a little too deep into the imaginary world, but also that perhaps you've also bumped into some occult influences and is warning you to step back from that. Your conscience is God's Spirit in you, helping you to help you stay on the right track.

I think perhaps if you decide to withdraw from pursuing so much in the way of werewolf or vampire imagery and be sure to stick to the "good guy" side when you are gaming, it might help. My 17 year old son played one game where he was always being a vampire, he started having very dangerous dreams about our family. I think maybe those games do have some demon spirits linked with them, and when you play them, you open your own spirit to their influence.

SO, the way to fight that is to NOT "follow the black dogs" ...
don't play the "bad guy," such as vampires, werewolves, warlocks, or any character that represents evil. Because the forces of evil are REAL and intelligent, and they are always looking for doorways into our hearts and minds, to influence us. SO... back off from any game that includes YOU being on the dark side, and if your parents feel unhappy about any certain games, respect and obey them and give that one up.

You were standing on your knees at the end. The way to fight evil is to get on your knees and pray. Ask God to give you wisdom so you will be able to recognize what is evil. This will give you power over the evil ones, and you will be a mighty force for righteousness, for good. You will be the STRONG defender of purity and good, which is what the white dog symbolizes. You will be able to laugh, because you know how to overcome evil. Remember to always pray. There is so much power in that.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Out of nowhere, this blissful mountain appeared infront of me ... It prortuded high past the skies, piercing the clouds... The mountain felt so divine, beautiful and serene. I stood in awe, fearful yet excited. People on horses were fighting to get to the top while i juststood there wondering why all the chaos. A woman as she went up the mountain entrusted me with herhorse (more like a cute donkey) he licked my arms in utter joy. But in a moments time everything disappeared. I saw about 7 tornadoes on the horizon coming my way... Whirwinds and all and finally A huge jet airplane almost took me in its path but escaped by a hair. Everything was swept away, it was just absoloute silence in a desert. I somehow was alive, i was shielded by a piece of a wooden gate. Then the wind started blowing and it ended

I've gone to spiritual heights when i moved to another provine but now i feel like suicide.. I dont believe in dreams but this one felt surreal

Example: What do you think my dream means?

I normally don't recall most of my dreams or forget them as soon as I wake up only a few maybe 5 have I remembered for a long time. Who knows? I might forget this one soon. But, I want to write it down before life sweeps it away.
Things to know: I am genetically female. My parents are together. I'm not afraid of snakes, not totally fond, but I respect them. I can come up with lies on the spot. Oh, I'm not lying of this dream, but there is a part where I lie to someone in the dream.

I don't totally recall the beginning, but I remember that there was a man. His...left arm was a claw of sorts and he was laying down on a mattress, pensive. And he opened the glass door beside him to let in a squirrel so he could interact with him. Not really play, sort of enjoy someone's company without them judging his arm. The squirrel backed up a little bit and then ran away.

Then the scene changed to where there was a snake and it was sleeping on the floor coiled up. I ran around my house trying to find as many heavy books as I could find to just squash it dead, because the snake was simply huge. And when I finally got enough books the snake awoke and slithered away. The scene changed again.

This time. It was sort of an enchantment. I could feel some sort of "royal-ness" in the atmosphere This is where I want to focus on. The same snake, I don't know what color or pattern, but it was a snake. It slithered around a rock floor. Looked like an old castle to me. It was dark, but you could still see. The snake went its way around this maze of a castle and found a room. I was in that room standing, trying on clothes (I assume) that I found inside this castle. I stood in front of a oblong mirror that was either outlined in gold or bronze, i don't know. I had on a black vest with a dusty white collared shirt underneath and a wine sort of colored ruffle thing as a tie. The snake wound up around my figure and I could hear it speak to me. The way I felt, was as if I wandered into this castle and decided to mess around. The snake whispered 'Master...you've returned' See, the way I was in this dream was that I had my normal boy-cut hair and (ha) a-b cup chest. The snake said 'why do you reek of female scent, master?' I assumed that the snake's master was originally male and the snake was from 'long ago' and I'm a natural liar and can make do with that. So, I replied, "Yes, I recently mated with one." The snake hissed and seemed displeased with this answer. So, I put on my aristocrat face and tried to get myself out of this mess. "...Mother's insisting that I find someone to marry and mate with soon before our whole line dies out." I sighed, "Where is father when I need him..."

I don't know how I got away from the snake but I did. I was still in the castle though. I tried to find my way out, but ended up in some sort of dungeon. Like a pit with platforms on top. The type that kinds and queens have to watch prisoners. Only this time, there were no lions or anything. Only statues. I don't know how many, but I think around 10 to 20 statues. They looked like the king's servants turned into stones. Gypsies and sorcerers, along with a lady covered in a long cloak. I remember seeing some sort of light that went around the walls of the dungeon and brought these statues to life one by one. They all looked ready to attack me and (somehow) I tried my very best to put them back to stone. But this light kept circling this dungeon. Faster than I could put them back and run away. I got to one of the platforms, finally. And some girl. Some girl wearing earmuffs and winter clothing helped me up and tried to pull me through the exit. But, the snake from before, It just appeared out of nowhere and stroke right at my face. Then I woke up and typed this.

Sorry this is so long, but I want you guys to see this the way I saw it. Thanks for reading, if you left any sort of opinion telling me what this might mean, or if it's just a silly dream, or maybe just anything at all, about your day, that would be great. Thank you :)

Example: What could this dream mean?

I was in a store, and this guy came up to me and he looked scared. He said that 2 guys who threatened his life were in the store, and he needed my help to hide from him. I put him in a costume (overcoat, hat, sunglasses, mustache) the 2 guys were looking at animals. I asked them if they saw the tigers. I showed them the tigers, and heard them talking about the guy they threatened. They didn't notice him at all. They finally left, and the man thanked me, and then my mom walked in the store. I was telling her how cute the tigers were, and how I would love to have a cub, but they were expensive. I walked away from the animals, and we went to best buy. I was trying to get a credit card there, and my mom walked up to me really ticked off because she bought me a cub but I had to pay her back. I ran back to the animals and said to cancel that cub. They did, and I went back to best buy, I saw my sister and told her I was going to buy a new mac laptop. I bought it, and was playing a game, when all of a sudden I was in this maze. I struggled for a bit, and my sister helped me get out. I was standing in my kitchen and my sister in law said that my husband and son (11 months) decided to "camp out" in the back yard. I walked out there and saw this really big rattlesnake...I saw the rattle first, and my sister in law tried to shoot it but missed, so it came after us, and I punched it, and knocked it out, but the rest of the rattlesnakes, came out, and were so big, they could slither over the 5 foot stone fence we have. They looked angry, and I kept running in and out of the house, throwing things at them, yelling to my husband to stay in the tent. Once I knocked all the snakes out (some even got cut in half) I ran to check on my son. We saw a snake get up and slither into the nest, which was under our house. An old man said I made the snakes mad, and had to leave the house for my protection...then I woke up.

Example: What does ex boyfriends dream mean?

He told me the other day that he had a dream where he was walking with his friend and he ran into me and my boyfriend (he didnt know who it was) and was really jealous. So then there was this "sword and the stone" thing goin on and he ended up being able to keep the sword and he used it to stab my boyfriend in the face and then it ended. What do you think this means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a really horrifying dream last night. There was this stone alter in my yard, and I took this stuffed doll and cut it to pieces with an ax. Then, I went inside to where this guy called the "Demonstrator" was. He didn't have a brain, like he was a zombie, sort of. But he was very well thought of. There were a lot of people in my house, and they treasured him. I took him out to my yard. And dismembered him with the ax. I tried to bag up all the pieces in a pillow case so no one would see, but I kept getting the blood all over me. Then my mom came outside and helped me hide the pieces. What the hell does that mean? Am I becoming a monster? I mean, I would never do that in real life, but I'm really creeped out. Please help me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was at a lake on the shore and all of the sudden I'm in the water just in one place. Then i see this being and I think it was my star sign the capricorn shows up and tells me to relax and settle down for a bit. But I couldn't see the beings face but the voice was of a women's. Then she told me "to breathe in and breathe out and then she said concentrate on your physical form of your being that you want to be. but then the dream cut short and that was it. so what does it mean oh and also it was daytime but the full moon was out so yeah.

Example: What could this dream have meant 4 years ago?

The dream started out in my elementary school. I was in one of the British schools, so we call it Primary school. All my classmates and I were preparing to go on a field trip to somewhere. I was excited. Now I had this dream when I was in my teen years, so I found it strange that I was a kid again.

We walked out of the school and onto the buses. We began to drive away when my dream suddenly transitioned. I couldn't remember exactly what the transition looked like, but after that, I was in a beautiful landscape. To my left, there was a small lake. There was also a road leading into a forest. The sky was purple and the moon was full. If I see a purple sky and a full moon, then the dream won't be boring.

To my right, there was a path leading up to a rectangular building with no roof. It seemed to be made of clay, judging from the color of the building. There was an opening in the wall, a cleanly cut opening, so I decided to take a look.

I walked up the dirt road until I was able to look inside the building. I took one step inside and a random explosion knocked me into the building. I wasn't hurt in any way. Then the opening in the wall slid up and closed the gap. That's when Redwall comes into play. Redwall is a book and TV series made by Brian Jacques. If you've seen the movies, you'll know what I'm talking about.

I got myself up when I started to glow white all over. It grew brighter and brighter until I had to shield my eyes. Then the dream turned from first-person into third-person. I guess you could call this an out-of-body experience. I was in control of myself, yet I could see my own self. The dream then turned into a Nelvana-style animation.

I opened my eyes and I discovered that I had somehow been turned into cornflower from Redwall. Redwall's characters are basically anthro animals. I was a mouse. Now I thought the gender change was strange, but when I started talking, I stopped. I even had Cornflower's voice. So I started to have some fun with her voice. I was the adult version of Cornflower, by the way.

After I was done, I decided to explore this strange building. It was more like a maze. I turned right and started to walk down a long passage way. Then what looked to be Matthias from Redwall, or more accurately, Mattimeo, started charging at me with his sword, shouting his battle cry. I put my hands over my head and kneel. I was expecting to die, but one look and the mouse was gone.

As I made my way through the maze, the same mouse, at one point, appeared out of nowhere, as a ghostly image of himself, and swung his sword while doing a 180 degree turn. The sword passed right through my neck without touching it, as if it had no substance.

When I got to the center, I saw a coffin with some flowers around it, only the coffin was this large, rectangular box made of stone. I could only assume that it was Matthias' burial site. I stared at the coffin for a few minutes, listening to the wind outside. It was strangely peaceful, considering what I've been through already.

Then Matthias's ghost appeared for the third time and asked me what was wrong. I told him that I was lost. He put his arm around my shoulder and escorted me out of the building. It was a straight exit from the center of the tomb, which didn't make sense, since I've been down that way before and there were no passageways.

Now that I think about it, considering what happened just after the explosion, it makes sense now. The openings that is. When I left the building and walked down the stairs, he waved at me and said goodbye. I waved back and he vanished.

The last thing I remember was seeing this small village, next to a large hill or maybe a mountain. I began to walk toward the village and then the dream ended.

What could this have meant back when I was 15?

Example: Dream - meaning of glass shards?

i hada dream glass was raining down it was like hail stones and sleet but sharp glass - does anyone know what this means >?


Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream the other night that I had been haunted by an evil Pee Wee Herman that was trying to kill me. At one part of the dream I was in front of a walmart parking lot that was covered in grave stones, like people were buried under the parking lot.
At another part of the dream my best friend was standing in a hallway with someone she called her boyfriend and she kept saying that she needed an injection of insulin (she doesn't take insulin in real life) but she couldn't inject herself. I had told her that I knew someone who could do it for her but she just ignored everything that I said.
At the end of the dream I smashed a huge framed picture and the evil Pee Wee Herman that was trying to kill me earlier disappeared.
Does anyone know the meaning behind this dream? I've been really confused by this for the past few days.

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