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Dream About Dagger meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

My first dream my mom tried to kill me with a dagger, she had very angry scary looks on her face.

My second one I was chased by a mob of 70 aftrican Americans who I was tring to call the police on for invading my house and having a party, but they were trying to kill me.

Ps. I am not racist in any way, this is just how it happened.

Why am I dreaming of these things, and what do they mean?

I think it means that not all is peachy keen at home. You have a fear, or you are worried about the relationship with your mom. The second is more difficult: perhaps influenced by a movie (TV show, CD, whatever) that you saw or something else that happened in your life.
Dreams are seldom rational; they seldom take on real life in many aspects. (My dreams are filled with many people in many places; I am a stay-at-home old, disabled person, never did have an "active" social life.)
Sounds to me as though you are feeling inadequate, not sure of yourself, something along these lines. And your sub-conscious is trying to tell you...In a colorful fashion.

Example: What can this dream mean?

i have had this dream multiple times throughout my life so far and it has become more frequent.

it starts out with me in a large marble/pearl staircase like a grand ballroom. and i am with my parents and one other person who always is different. then we buy a movie ticket from one of those automatic fortune teller boxes. we go up the staircase that turns blue as we ascend. it then leads to a red hallway with a door at each end. we enter the door on the right, and crawl through a small orange tunnel that gets smaller and smaller as we travel father into it. the we come to a small beat up metal hatch, when we open it we are thrown out the side of the wall into a large bowl. but to fall into the bwl we have to fall of the hatch through a giant blender and not be sliced to death. then the bowl carries us to a lake made of what looks to be blood. it gets deeper and deeper as we swim across, and dark jungle trees surround the lake so we cannot see what lurks around us. once we make it across the eerie lake, we must run down a rickity old dock made of several layers including salty ladders waiting to snap. then a creature with the skeleton of a human and the skull of a bull holding a long staff like dagger begins to chase us. if we make it to a safe golden dock, at the very bottom of the rickity dock layers, he cannot get us. but as we run i am behind everyone else and as they descend the last ladder to the safe dock, as i am climbing down that last ladder, it snaps and i am almost dropped to my death but i stay alive and drop down to the safe dock. then the bull skeleton guy looks at me for a while then turns and leaves. the safe dock connects to a small sandy shoal ad we walk across it to the other end of it where we exit out a large ornate gray door.

Example: Meaning of this dream...?

I am aware that alot of people do not believe in dream interpretation, so I will ask to please keep any rude comments to myself. I don't do the whole NEW AGE stuff, nor chakras, or angeology... I know nothing of this, Im neither a catholic, I haven't watched any movies recently that are in specific regarding to religions or angels or anything. I dont have a guilty conscience of anything. I am regular chich, Network Engineer, Im a single mom. Im just me. All I have in mind is work, being a mom, my car and going to school. So the dream started with me moving into a loft looking place, with an ample yard. My best friend is from Chile, I dream that she brought me a hammock made by artisan indigenous people from Chile. I went to the patio thing outside and started sweep away dead roaches in the house (anyone that knows me KNOWS that I am simply TERRIFIED of those rotten creatures) So my mom and I were looking where to hang the hammock that just looked lovely. There was an accoustic guitar that I just wanted to play while resting in the hammock, but there is some familiarity on that, because 8 years ago, I fell asleep on a hammock at my sisterhouse in GA while playing a guitar but a spider bit me on my face. In the dream there was a calm feeling about laying in there playing flamenco. Anyway, the dream then transformed in somewhere else, and instead of my house I was at like a Church Cathedral and ArchAngel Michael gave me a dagger and a sword, the blade was not metal but it glowed with anergy, it was the color of what thunderbold look like, its that intense bluewish white with light to it ( Not like the dagger STING that Frodo used) it was like ENERGY or imagine a bolt trapped on to a sword blade. He told me that I was to stab someone on the back of his neck ...someone riding on one of those 1800s train. I can't recall the details of the person I was supposed to get with the sword. ArchAngel Gabriel brought me to the higher side of the Cathedral, like the ceiling, Gabriel was holding me high up. I could see the train riding around the Cathedral, and then from above I could see Rafael, the arch angel, with a golden sword, and he was a giant green draggon with a tail of gold and fire just running around inside and outside the cathedral, into earth and above the earth... But I never had contact with that arch angel I only saw him, and even though for some reason he looked nothing like an arch angel, he looked as a dragon I knew it was an archangel because the wings on the dragon were beautiful... I mean idk how to explain it... I just dont understand. I dont read about angels, nor care, I am really not a person that thinks about angels, but I find it soooo weird that I would have a dream about angels. It has to mean something. Can someone help me?

Example: What could this dream mean?

Before I went to bed I flipped through my 2011 year book and It brought back sum old memories of all the times that I was picked on, belittled, pushed around, neglected by the principle of the school and just how all the adults did’t seem to care about making the bully stop bullying me. When I would try to make this one bully stop I ended up being called out as a menace and then almost half the high school was against me. Then there became multiple bullies and whenever I would talk to the principle about it he would (instead of helping me) warn me to stay out of trouble or else I was going to be expelled.

The memories of me being bullied stretched as far back as 4th grade, it made me feel hateful and scared. At first My dream started our with me being on the edge of a hill were four twelve feet long rocks laid behind me,the sound of the ocean hitting the rocks bellow with a soft breeze. Suddenly the skies began to darken and the ocean waves turned violent smashing against the rocks, the wind began to whip and the trees almost ripped out of the ground. Behind me hundreds of people with familiar faces stood in black with rocks and bottles in there hands, they threw them at me shouting and cursing one bottle was already broken slicing my skin. The cuts on me face began to bleed and a drop of blood fell into the ocean the people kept throwing more rocks at me and chanting

“freak show, freak show” then they shouted “burn the freak BURN THE FREAK “
Lightning flashed across the sky I was now on the very edge of the cliff almost falling off, the seas became red like blood, the four rocks began to move upward and the people stopped in shock and in awe. the rocks cracked and fell to peaces in their place were four large red and disfigured fingers, the nails were long and sharp, the whole side of the mounted crumbled and I found myself in the hands of a giant creature. Shortly the ground began to open and the ocean became less than a trickle of water> Large cracks in the earth showed a sea of molten lava were out came the creature that the hand was attached too. This titan was as tall as a mountain with crimson skin, corpse face with dagger like teeth and ram like horns on his head, his torso was much like humans on his back were two large black wings. The skies started to rain fire the trees were like torches and the people screamed in horror, suddenly the monster pushed me into his chest and for a moment I saw nothing but blackness. Then I could see what the monster was seeing, I here'd a voice that was like a thousand needles in my heart.

“At long last my freedom has come, for centuries I have ben imprisoned but thanks to you, NO MORE”
“Who are you”

the voice responded
“Your darkness and your avenger at this hour”
The demon looked down at the people and said “You puny humans are of no concern to us now” stretching his hands towards the crowed

“NO DONT” I shouted
“Now Die” the people screamed in agony as the demon grabbed them all and crushed them in his hand, the sound of bones crunching was unbearable. The demon let out a truly demonic laugh then he walked towards a large city with each of his steps shaking the ground. The demon looked at the city then with his left hand he dragged his claws through the earth and from the ground were his hand left,legions of monsters sprang forth attacking the people killing women children,young ,old, sickly evan infants.

“For your crimes against this earth and onto this boy I sentence the human race to extinction”

Within minutes the city was consumed with fire and death and the demon and his legions roared in victory except me.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, nightmare, here goes
*please no rude comments like wow, it mean nothing u dork. stay polite, just wanted to know. just because you don't believe in this stuff, doesn't mean I cant.
The dream goes Like this
(Names Changed)
Opal = Me
Holly = My friend
"So you really think she made that rumor about me?" said Holly
"Totally! you could see it on her face when we walked by!" I said
"well if you say so...hey, whats that?" She said.
We both looked at on spot in particular in the mirror, our hands with our brushes at our sides, we saw a small light, it made us flinch, and we dropped our brushes.
We picked them up and looked in the mirror, we saw the door was open through it.
"Hey shut the door, and don't try to scare me" Said Holly.
"wasn't me..." I said
I turned to the actual door, and it was closed.
"Holly, Holly look." I said
We saw the door shut, looked at each other, then the mirror, in it, the door was open.
"What the heck? Is this a joke or something-"
We looked at the mirror and saw that light, then a girl appeared in the mirror, we looked closer.
She looked like she was wet, in a short white night dress, and look like she had been crying, most importantly, she was the ghost i have been seeing in my house.
We screamed at the top of out lungs, I could feel my heart burning and speeding up, my breathing uneven. We backed up, and hit the door, nothing was there in the mirror of course, but we felt it. we started sliding down the door. screaming.
All we saw in the mirror was us sliding down empty space, screaming, and the girl getting closer, and pulling out a bloody dagger.
I kept screaming and threw the brush as hard as I could at the mirror, It shattered
Then I woke.
I know It looks like it was out of a book but this really happened, (yeah im writing a book and out it in there but hey, i wanna know, it is freaking me out)
true dream
whats it mean?

Example: What does this scary dream mean?

About two nights ago I went to bed and had a really bad dream.In the dream:I was standing in a dark ally at nighttime,I heard these noises and felt like someone was watching me!All I could hear besides the noises was footsteps walking slowly towards me.I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and screamed.Then,the scene totally changed!I was being quickly taken into the E.R. in a gernie,with people all around me.I couldn't see them good,it was like I was dizzy and they were blurry.And voices!I heard screaming and frantic people shouting!And crying.I raised up my head a little to see my shirt all covered in blood,and a bloody hole where I felt the pain.My fingers,hand and the doctors hands were bloody,too.I was put onto a bed and needles were being prepared,I was screaming so loud,because the "wound" hurt so much.Like every minute it would intense.I tossed and turned and was hardly laying on the bed,I couldn't stay still,either.The sharp pains were now mixed with a burning sensation.Then...it all stopped.I sat there still,and my eyes closed.I figured I died that night.When I opened my eyes,I was in a black coffin!With people all around me in black.They weren't crying,though.They all seemed to be staring into outterspace.Like a blank,emotionless stare.I was still in the same bloody clothes like at the E.R.!With wet fresh-like blood on my fingers,still.But in my hands that was touching my chest,I held a beautiful red rose.I raised up,and the audiance litterally parted to the side!I saw a small little girl,she was in a black dress with blonde hair down to her shoulders.She had on little black shoes,too,looked like a seven year old.As she raised up her head,she had solid black eyes!With blood dripping down her mouth!She smiled grimly and had bloody teeth,in her hands was a dagger.A bloody dagger.I guessed she killed me.Then I said to her,"This is all your fault."She screamed and left in a cloud of dust!All I heard then was church bells ringing,and black/gray skies coming over us all.What does this scary dream mean?

Example: What does my reaper dream mean?

my first dream where i encountered the reaper, i was in my bed sleeping and i woke up in the dream(didnt wake up in real life) to see a dark hooded very awesome looking reaper standing over me. for no apparent reason i was extremely scared and felt comforted by hiding under my covers. i peeked several times and each time i looked at the reaper i got more scared. eventually waking up from the fear i was able to sleep peacefully for the rest of the night. (not sure why i was scared because i have always loved the idea of the reaper and would gladly be one if possible) anyway now for the second dream.

In this dream i was running through back yards that were across the street from my home heading towards the end of the street. ok so at first i was like ok im chasing something, all the gates that seperated the yards were tall wooden gates, i was busting through each one differently some with kicks and some with my shoulder(i was running while doing this it felt like i was chasing something).. as i got through the second to last gate i saw a reaper and it looked to be running from me it passed right through the last gate like a ghost would do and i pushed the last gate and it fell down and sat at a 45 degree angle. i ran over the gate and caught up with the reaper at the side walk before it reached the street. then all in one motion i jumped on its back holding its shoulder and pulled out a dagger of somesort and cut its throat. it disappeared in a black mist like it had died and the last thing i remember after that was putting my dagger away and looked back at the destroyed fences i ran through.

i am not sure what to think of all this...

Example: What does murder mean in dreams?

So, in my dream, my stepdad murdered my mom and little brother before my eyes, then chasing me around town trying to kill me with a dagger. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I had a dream last night that I was at a park by where I love called Mitchell park, & I walking by myself because I had to get home. It was night time & it was raining sideways because it was really windy. Then when I was by a bridge it got clear and there were a group of people chanting/praying in tongues or some other language. So when I saw this I got scared & turned around to see two people of the same group behind me with candles and red robes. They grabbed me and told me they were going to sacrifice be to their lord Lucifer & that I would be an offering to him. Then I tired to run free & all & I couldn't then after they prayed & I was tied to a table, a person grabbed a dagger and started piercing my chest over and over again laughing like a mad man & that's when I woke up ._. I'm terrified to go near that park now ._. What should I do?

Example: What do these horrible dreams mean?

Tonight I had a dream where it was 2am and sunny out and this worker knocked at my front door, i opened and stuck a knife in my face and tried to break in. It was terrifying. This has been happening to me for months. 90% of my dreams are this but different scenarios yet all try to break in the front door. What do they mean?

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