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Dream About Darkness meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: "Without darkness there are no dreams." meaning?

what does this quote say to you?

When you sleep and dream, it's dark because you're sleeping, so it's like none of your dreams (goal wise) will be achieved without any trouble or hardship. That's what I think it says at least.

Example: What does it mean when you dream a lot about storms and darkness?

Example: Recurring Dream of Floating/Flying in darkness into a light. What does it mean?

I dream of myself floating out of my living room through the ceiling and into darkness. I starting flying then and pretty fast speed. Then I heard beautiful music and I started flying into this bright light. It was the most peaceful and beautiful dream ever. As soon as I was getting closer to this light, I woke up from the dream. I felt weird and nervous after I woke up from the dream. I've dreamed like this for a while but it comes and goes.

Example: Dream about falling down stairs into darkness...what does that mean?

My boyfriend had a dream last night that there was a set of stairs we were going to go down, but as we got closer it transformed into a latter made of logs. I went down first, and my boyfriend started following me. I was half way down when the latter disinigrated & my boyfriend heard me scream & fall into blackness, then he fell into blackness as well. The fall woke him up & he jolted awake.

Could this dream have any significant meaning?

Example: Darkness dream...may mean absolutely nothing but has stuck...?

Ok, so I had a lot of bitty dreams last night (not unusual as I dream every night) but one of them has just stuck in my head all day so if anyone has a meaning to it I'd be thankful as then I could forget it :)

Ok, so it was dusky dark and I was near home just walking when I came to a particularly dark patch of shadow. A girl I know (a good friend) stepped out of this shadow but I could only see her outline because it was so dark. I didn't feel any alarm or happiness or anything and I might have known she was there as there was no suprise either. Anyway, she reached out her hand to touch my arm and I just fell/leaped back away from her onto the ground like scrabbling to get away from her touch (she wasn't trying to hurt me or anything). I mean, I jumped away like a dog might if it thought you were going to strike it.

That dream woke me up and I havn't been able to get it out of my mind. It's strange because there was no fear but I still cringed?

Well, any attempts at interpretation are welcome.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have once dreamed about an emptiness and nothing but darkness. Can someone tell me what this dream means?

Example: What Does Darkness and Snake mean at the same dream?

in my dream i was with this girl and i walked her home. then when i started walking home the whole place turned to darkness i couldnt see almost anything. then i started running and running accidently i bumped in to my aunt's house but the lights were off and i guessed no one was home so i started running again then i fell to a hole i got scared then i got out of that hole. then i saw a door from far so i started running towards it, i reached the door but couldnt open it i was scared then some one touched my head. it was an old man with a stick. He opened the door and pushed me away from the door so he could get in there. then i went in to the light. But when i got in i saw 2 snakes passing infront of me so i jumped over them. when i landed there was another snake so i jumped again, then i landed on the snake, it was a big huge snake. it started to attack me and bit my hand and didnt let go, after while i managed to get the snake off my hand but it still chaced me, snake cought me again but later in turned to a one beautiful girl. we started talking and thats when i walk up.

so this dream is keep bothering me i cant stop thinking about it, about the fear. could u help me understand the meaning of this dream?

Example: I dreamt I was going in reverse in my car in pitch black darkness, what does it mean?

I was going in reverse and there were people also next to me going in reverse. Except I could only hear them. I could not see them. They were crashing into each other's cars. They were swearing at each other. I was not being hit by any cars, however. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? It had a lot of darkness?

I fell asleep about an hour ago and just woke up now. Which is unusual, i usually sleep the whole night through.

I dreamed i was on a boat that was rocking a little. All around the boat ( water and sky ) was black. From the top of the sky white things soared down and attacked the darkness. I was hit by something and i felt like I was drowning. Although i was still on the boat. I fell through the boat, and sank to the sea floor. Where this dark thing ( like tentacles) started crawling up my leg. Then light penetrated the water and scared away the tentacles. I felt very disorientated.

Then i woke up.
Thanks for any help.

Example: What does It mean when you dream that you are falling in complete darkness?

When I was little I use to dream that I was falling in complete darkness and never actually landing anyway. Now they've have been happening more then often, like almost every night. Can someone tell me what it means or what causes it?

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