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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

hi iv'e been having a reoccuring dream about living in this small community and 3 of my ex's live in this run down house that they built. In my dream there are many rooms in the house and i remember searching through the house. Lastnight i dreamed the same dream but this time this guy im talking to was in it and he brought me to this lake where a crocodile was just laying there but really close to us. After that i dreamed about jumping into a lake. what could all this mean?

by crack-es what a beauty, Oi! small community and 3 of my ex's (this town ant big enough for the 4 of us) run down house with many rooms (you don't want to repeat past mistakes but you can't let go for reasons other then your self). same dream but this time this guy, lake, croc (darn I knew it was to good to be true) You lost me here did you dream your dreamed of jumping into THE lake or did you have another dream you jumped into a lake? If it's the same dream then im going to assume you and the croc were sleeping together =} If its a different dream not much to go on there but don't' forget to bring a towel. Trusting your intuition will safely guide your footsteps.

Example: What does this mean...dream interpretation?

OK, so one night when I was sleeping soundly in my bed dreaming away I kinda woke up (like the waking up when u don't see but the kind of waking up when u are aware of your surroundings) and I just like yelled out "Let's go...to Acapulco" in this like singing voice, e I never really heard of Acapulco before, not until I saw it on a magnet and I was like lol. I swore it was a dolphin, not a country.

But does this mean anything?


Example: What does it mean to dream of my living mother who wears a black dress in my dream?

what does it mean to wear a black dress in a dream (its my mom whos wearing it and shes alive)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have this recurring dream that everyone on earth has either been killed or turned into a zombie, and my family and I are walking through the streets of the city. I scream at my parents that they're insane to go walking with zombies around, and that we should find someplace safe, but they don't seem to hear me. Then I lose them and I'm left to walk the dark alleyways alone. The fear is so real.

What can this mean? And how can I make those awful nightmares go away? Thanks in advance...

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

My 3 close friends get murdered, because in the dream there was "6 killers" going around and everyone had to stay inside, because it was safer but one day I was walking home from school with my sister and these 6 killers started chasing us and all I remember is her saying "run!" And I was thinking about running into someone's house but I didn't and somehow they weren't chasing us anymore.
But there was also something evil to do with my school, they gave us "killer vaccines". But no one died, everyone thought it was to make us prepared for the killers. And what they did was cut people's scalps off, and I remember seeing the hair of my best mate and crying hard...

It's a really strange dream and could be way longer but can anyone tell me what it means? Thanks

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I sometimes have dreams\nightmares of me going very fast, unable to stop, and then I am launched somehow into the woods. I don't know what this can mean, and it got me thinking this morning after having one of these dreams last night. It always happens in a different way, but the result is always the same. One time I was on a bike, going down a very fast hill not far from my house. I saw a small drop-off in front of me but I could not stop. The drop-off had a small arch to it so i ramped into the woods. When I was almost into the woods, I woke up. Last night's dream I had gotten a question from my best friend about stephen king. He asked me if his writing symbol for who he really is. I was on a skateboard going down the highway right off of my driveway. I got going really fast and I could not turn and I also could not stop. I saw a guard rail in front of me but I knew if I hit it I would die. I was scared at this moment. I got closer to the guard rail and I started panicking. The next thing I know, a rock appears in front of me and I get thrown out of the path of the guard rail, but I'm now flying off into the woods, again. My heart was racing when I woke up.

Are these dreams a symbol or a sign that I am going to die by driving or riding in a car and i'm going to be thrown off the road? This is the only solution I can think of.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream I was coming home from a friends house. A friend I sort of hooked up with two years ago who I just started to become friends with a month ago. In the dream once I got home my mom came right up to me in my kitchen and had knifes in her hand (like 5 of them). She found out I hooked up with this guy and what exactly I did then said "i'm gonna kill you!". So I said "just do it then, get it over with".

Catch this: My mom had a dream the same night... She didn't tell me exactly what her dream was about but she came in my room the next morning, woke me up. And she said "who is the new bf your seeing?". I told her i'm not seeing anyone.

Could this dream be telling me to stay away from the guy, that something is going to happen? Or could it be telling me that I regret what I did? Why would I say "just do it, get it over with"?

Example: What is the meaning of my dream yesterday and today are about me chosing which kind of ballpen?

I'm not thnking about those darn ballpens but why i am keep of dreaming about those ballpens?

What does this means?

Example: What does this darn dream mean?

Ok, last night and the night before last I have had this dream, and in the dream it's the four people whom I know of and they are wearing white long gowns like hospital gowns but without the sleeves and they are just plain white and they are all being held against their will and being forced to watch government officals take their loved ones to this huge steel blade----thing where they are forced to lie down on it and get their heads chopped off for not taking the "666" mark. And the two MAIN people I am seeing in this dream are people I sort of know of, let's for the sake of discretion call them "Bill and Lucinda" (they're a couple in real life) and I am watching Bill and Lucinda in this dream go hysterical with tears as they're watching their daughters stand before these government officals and declare who her God is, and she declares it to be God and they kill her. Then I see Lucinda try to consol Bill who is like in ABSOLUTE shock and as she hugs him, she asks God for forgiveness and then just as she tries to help Bill repent, she is carried away by these officials to be killed---which sends Bill into even more hysterical tears. Meanwhile Bill's two other friends (whom I know of in real life as well) have taken the "666" mark and have absolutely no sympathy for him or Lucinda at all. Then I see Bill go into an even deeper shock and later, much later on in the dream he repents and gets killed, but it's unknown to me whether he goes to heaven or hell or not. NOW, my question is, why would I have a dream about that, and about "Bill" and "Lucinda" whom I don't even know personally, but only know OF? Is God trying to show me them in the dream because they symbolize me? Because in reality I am very fond of both "Bill" and "lucinda" and so God felt the only way he could get my attention is by showing me them in this dream? More so, why am I having a dream like this anyway? Is it a warning dream that the rapture is soon to come? I mean, because I have been having doubts that the Rapture is real in the first place. Does anyone know the answers to this dream?

Example: Dream meaning ?10pts?

Well I had a dream this morning when I fell a sleep again. And my ex was in it. So my grade was outside Idk why I don't remember Why but it wasn't my usually school yard of my school. It looked like another school that is near by . My school colors are blue and red. But this one was yellow and green which is the other school colors. So we were outside then we had to go in. My ex goes to grab his bag which in this dream we have the same color bag. So He accidently grabs my bag and then his is near mine. When he picks up the bag it attached to his. So when I go to grab mine which was already in his hand he looks into my eyes as we both had our hands on my bag with his bag attached somehow. So He runs inside the school and down the hallways that leads to inside the school ( which I don't recognized this building). I catch up to him and grab my bag I take it and continue walking then I.woke up . What does this dream mean and if it helps lately me and my ex have been trying to go on a date it was suppose to be yesterday or today but he didn't text me anything.

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