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Dream About Date Palm meanings

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Example: Is there meaning to dreams?

I'm just wondering cos most of my dreams are about dating, marrying or flirting with my crush. Does that mean anything? I know it's normal to have dreams of your crush because you think of them but the concept of your dream does that mean anything? Dating or marrying them etc?

10 points best answer! :)

Some people believe there are meanings to dreams. I am one of them. Use a dream dictionary or see someone who does professional palm reading or tarot cards or something, that is if you want to know what it means.

Example: What does this dream mean in Islam?

I had an unusual dream one night.

I was standing in my front yard with my dad and sister. And then all these dates started falling out from the tree in our front yard (it's not a date palm tree but still dates were growing out of it and falling from it). There were ripe dates on the floor and unripe ones. I picked up a ripe date and ate it and it tasted very sweet.

Normally I don't pay attention too much to my dreams but this dream is really bugging me and I was wondering if, Islamically, there is any meaning to this dream?

Example: Confusing dream what does it mean? (needs someone good w/ animal symbols) ?

This dream was really weird but I wrote everything down in my dream journal once I awoke so I remember a lot of little details.

In the beginning of my dream I was bathing in the ocean. It was night but a very bright night with lots of moonlight and glittering silver stars. There was a huge full moon overhead. I could hear the sound of pretty chines in the air. Flamingos were flying over the ocean and the ocean was filled with frogs. I was watching a duck and drake swimming together in ocean when I spotted a mermaid and I was pleasantly surprised because I had never seen one before. We swam together before I was startled by the sound of cymbals crashing and I saw my fiancé, Arvind. He swam out and we made love in the ocean. I noticed his eyes were darker and he smelled of allspice. Then we went onto land. I felt very affectionate towards him so I caught a gander that was in the ocean and gave it to him as a present. He was so pleased he gave me three presents: bouquets of gardenia, forsythia, forget me nots, daffodils, acacia, lavender, jasmine, honeysuckle, nightshade, lotus, and lilies of the valley, four cards (ace, king, queen and jack of hearts) and a cone-shaped aquamarine and ruby amulet.
Then I started talking about how I had to do my Christmas shopping because it was Christmas day. We walked into town bare foot in the dew and went to an antique store that looked really quaint and old-fashioned. There were pigeons on the windowsill outside. I was looking at antiques and finally purchased some oil. Arvind then said that because I bought oil we had to marry and we rode on a donkey to some wedding banquet.
The banquet was held in a beautiful cemetery. There was a long table with a feast prepared. Two canaries were in a cage on the table as a centerpiece. Incense was lit, a harp and organ were playing. Nightingales were in trees. There was an outdoor fireplace burning. Arvind was dressed as a knight. I was dressed in an ivory, lace wedding dress, the amulet and was barefoot still. We were eating celery, avocado, cake, apricot, dates, chestnuts, olives, ripe cherries, ginger, honey, jam, lamb, pumpkin, maple sugar, oysters, pickles, strawberries, and ice cream sodas. We were eating off good china and drank wine and a sweet, syrupy drink from Crystal goblets. Our wedding guests were elk and fairies. A barmaid approached me and said about Arvind, “he’s the one”. Then one of the waiters served a dead deer and I was disgusted and insisted he removed the dead deer.
A unicorn came on the scene and roared like a lion and then turned into a palm tree. A lunar eclipse took place and it became very dark. In the tree was my abusive ex-husband dressed as a ship captain in black nylon. He was sitting in the pal tree with three snakes, an adder, a python and a rattlesnake around his neck and a crow was on his shoulder. Caterpillars and lizards were at feet of the tree. He offered me a bouquet of opium poppies and primroses as a wedding gift and I rejected it. He came down off the tree and an alligator, fox, leopard and snarling dog came to his side. He went into a jealous rage telling me I should have been his wife and I was crazy not to and he took me to an asylum. Arvind chased us down and turned into a polar bear and Nikolas turned into a black bear and began to fight. I put on a white velvet cloak with a garland of garlic around my neck and Arvind gave me a blade and I found Nikolas-bear and killed him. After he died all his animal companions died and it became light again. A rainbow appeared and doves were flying overhead. Then we cooked the Nikolas-bear corpse and went back to our wedding banquet and ate that too.
Then I awoke

Example: What does my dream mean, it felt so vivid?

This dream really effected me, usually i wake up from them feeling fairly the same as how i felt when i went to sleep, but from this one i felt like borderline crying.
to fill you in on the context, about 4 months i watched my grandmother, whom i was extremely close to, die from lung cancer. i didn't feel as if i left anything left unfinished with her death, i was holding her hand when her heart stopped, and her last words to me and my dad were i love you.

But last night, my dream began with me being in my bed in my room, then my uncle and aunty came in and it was christmas, we exchanged presents and what not. My grandma came in the room and she had a bit smile and looked happy. It was a happy time in the dream. Eventually the mood declined and her face was not so happy. My uncle and aunty became upset and i somehow knew that grandma was getting sick again. i hugged her and she was crying and she said it's alright don't worry. i walked her home (as she lives next door, both in the dream and in real life). she stopped and looked at me and said, i feel tired, so i said ill carry you. I carried her and she started becoming smaller. as i carried her home, there were heaps of obstacles. a large body of water was there that was stopping me get her home, i walked around it and then spider webs were there trying to stop me get her home, i hacked them down and continued to her house. By this stage she was lying asleep in the palm of my hand. and i kept reassuring her it was going to be okay. We eventually got home and i walked her downstairs, on the stairs i saw a gorilla suit just sitting there as if it had been taken off and left on the stairs, this was out of line for her as she was always a neat freak. as i took her downstairs she was still lying in the palm of my hand and i put her down on the bathroom sink on a washer and put a cotton ball for a pillow and i asked her is everything okay, are you comfortable?
she looked up and smiled and laid back down. at this point in the dream i broke down and cried and then woke up feeling very emotional

i am usually very emotionless, i've cried only 5 times since i was 9 years old. These sort of overly emotional dreams happen from time to time, but this one was the strongest i've ever had, to the point where i can remember what happened in great detail and felt compelled to write a question on this thing.

please help!

Example: Dream about Prophet Isa a.s. & a palm tree? And a second dream about Musa a.s...Ramadan?

Well my older sister saw the Isa a.s. dream. She saw she was touching a palm/date tree and a woman was there and told her that she (my sister) would be part of prophet Isa a.s. family.

The dream about Musa a.s. I saw. I saw that I was on a bridge with him and his other companions and a witch was there. She had fire in a bag which she wanted to use to burn us all off the bridge but then her own fire attacked her and she fell off the bridge and she was screaming saying she was burning. I laughed and told her how she tasted that which she tried to throw against us. Musa a.s. looked very handsome in my dream, I lowered my gaze around him and so did he and then he led me to a ladder and there was a window on top with lots of light coming through. We all climbed it and went out the window and landed in a fresh pool of sparkling water and it looked beautiful, almost like Paradise.

What could these dreams mean?

Example: What do you think of this dream?

I'm 13 by the way!
So last night I had this dream that I was dating this super hot guy and everything was going well...until this girl told me that he wasn't actually a guy. I asked him the next day and he said he was transgendered. All I thought that it couldn't have been true, so I told him it wouldn't really work out,..but that I still wanted to be friends with him. So I guess he just got sad and went away. Then in the last part of my dream he ends up going to this camp for people who are trying to feel better about coming out of the closet. All I can remember is he was sitting on the wall on a top of a building..and he said to himself that he knew I loved him at some point,..and he had 10 words that were embellished in medal on the palm of his hand that said words describing me or moments we had together. Then after words he jumped of the tall building and I woke up. I feel really sad now. What do you think this meant or why I had this dream
(I am straight)

Example: Do specifc dates in dreams mean anything?

i had a dream a few nights ago that i was talking to a phycic and she told me my unborn child would die on * june or july cant remember which month but she said one of thos emontsh and the 23rd ... well today I went to court for my other son to get his dad s rights terminated doesnt use them why have them .. anyways it was remanded til the 23rd of july ! ... does this mean i will lose the case do you think ? or ?
I dunno am about 7 weeks pregnant too so will i lose my baby then ? sorry some one please help ..
i remember also i woke up crying and feeling very sad and terrified .. there were terriost in teh same dream i was running away from them when i met up with the phycic ..
Thanks again God bless

Example: Does this dream mean anything? PLZ HELP!?

so my crush just went 2 palm springs for the week with his family (im really missing him), and last night i had this really weird dream where i was dating this guy named Troy who was supposedly my cousin in the dream but i have no guy cousins which i think is weird cuz u dont date ur cousin thats nasty lol! so do u guys know why this happened plz only helpful answers! thx :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

okay so long story short
so i had a dream about me having sex with a guy im dating . We are in this certain place where we have spend time before in person. its in a front lawn between 2 palm trees and its Midnight. We are having i guess sex in the lawn and then we start talking while having sex like its weird because we both knew it was a dream. like in my dream i told him this was a dream and his response was i know but very soon it wont be and he smiled.then the after i dotn quiet fully remember what i told him but it was a question of what was easier marriage or having sex and he said having sex and you proved that to me . and i woke up and looked around because everything felt so real it was very weird.

i dont no if its because im very paranoid of being with a man and when he said that it was easy to have sex i woke up
because i read this thing that having sex in a dream in a public place means that people are talking about our private relationships which is sorta true because we are trying not to tell as many people for certain reasons but yet many people already know
hmm i dont no i hope you can give me more info =) please

Example: I had a dream my dad died . help me out, please?

hey guys, i had a dream my dad died a few months back. i rememeber seeing his tombstone and it said for the death date april 5. but no year. there was a birthdate that wasnt his. ive had dreams that he died before. like a heart attack or being shot but idk why, this one stuck with me. is this just a nightmare or do you think its more than that. some suggest its just that others say it could mean i i feel like im loosing him. others say that something good will happen on april 5th. any ideas cuz its kinda scaring me and i wont be able to move on until april 6th

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