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Dream About Date Pit meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do you think is the meaning of my dream?

Two nights ago, my mother in law was admitted into the hospital because of chest pain. She didn't have a heart attack, but they kept her in the hospital anyway. My mother in law is suppose to have spine surgery sometime after January 15th 2010, she's not sure of the date yet. I had a dream last night that she passed away during the operation. I've had prophetic dreams, visions, and feelings all of my life. But this dream really shook me to my core. I like my mother in law, she's a nice lady. I've got this feeling in the pit of my stomach, that she's going to pass away during her spinal surgery. I haven't said anything to my husband, because I know this would upset him greatly.

So my question is: What do you think is the meaning of my dream? Please no rude answers, thank you.

You might be correct in that she may pass away during surgery.
I have had these dreams too.
None seem to have come true for me.
I think dreams can be influenced by what we are thinking about just as
we fall asleep.
I hope that your mother in law is ok after surgery.


Example: I had the weirdest dream, what does it mean?

I dreamt I was along some beach with some friends and we were walking to go to a restaurant and along the way some guy grabbed my hand and said he was going with me (like he was going to be my date). So we went to eat and the setting changed to some street neighborhood. After the restaurant I was confused on what street I was on and they kept changing until I realized it was alright. Then the setting changed to I was at high school (I'm 20 though) with my old friends and I walked in without shoes on but didn't care, but the gym teacher did and made me go put shoes on. So I went outside for whatever reason and there was like a fire pit (unlit) and my shoes were by that. When I was going back into the gym, it turned into kroger's & there were like store aisles and this crazy guy followed me in and started chasing me and I was running through the aisles & putting stuff in the way behind me as I was running from him. Then in the "gym part" where everyone was, there were people holding these huge poles up and I hid next to a girl holding a pole and I was on the other side of it from the direction he was coming, and another girl got in his way but instead of being scared she was attracted to him and started making out with him and he got distracted from chasing me and then my dream was over.

Example: Very, very strange dream. . .?

Last night I dreamt that I was in my house at my front door and there were three (or two) 'thugs'. They were over-sized REALLY BIG and almost caricature-like. My front door would open and I would run and try and close the door. But it was a massive effort, I mean I had my legs up on the wall pushing and pushing. But the three guys weren't trying very hard to open the door, they literally would stand there and it would open and all through the dream they just stood there. And while the dream was happening I could feel this abject sense of terror and fear in the pit of my belly. And I'm pretty sure I had this dream twice in one night.

Example: Can you please interpert this dream for me!? No one would in the interpet section /:please take time to read!?

I've only had this dream once. It was the realest dream i've ever had...So vivid...

I was alseep (in the dream), when i awoke i was in this cute party dress with my hair and make-up done. I heard laughter and music from my back patio so i got up went in the hallway and to my surprise my house was done (my house isnt finished in reality). I didnt really seem surprised at my house i guess i was expecting, thats how i felt anyway...as i made my way done the stairs, i seen my dog waiting like he usually does. I walked throughmy finished dining room, into my kitchen and to the patio. Thats when i say a small fire pit with all my neighbors and some of my parents friends. I could smell the lilac flowers and the wind through my hair so vivdly. As i took in the fact of my parents throwing a party (They arent the party type in reality. very kept to themsleves) i heard water splashing in my pool. I ran over and there was my closests guy friend Seth and my ex boyfriend Hunter (In reality Me and hunter were dating he hugged me, we said i love you too each other, than one of his friends found out and he acted like we were never dating). I remeber hunter and seth wearing those dressy shirts boys wear. Seth was in a blue- green and Hunter in pink. I ran up and hugged Seth and Hunter. Right after that Hunter grabbed my hand, rushed me into the dining sat me down and said 'whats wrong?' i replied 'you dont love me' he said ' yes i do. i will always love you, im never going to let you go' After that was said he grabbed my hand hugged me than kissed me on the forhead. He lead me outside back to the party, and never let me go. Than all of a sudden he turned around kissed me than said good-bye sam. Went around the side of my house and disappeared. After he disappeared one by one everyone would look at me smile and disappear...

Please help im stuck on this ):


I had this dream about a guy I like. Me and my cousin were looking out the window then we see him look repetitively like it was over and over again. Then all of a sudden the devil sign appears on the window but it wasn't a proper devil sign it was kinda messed up -end of dream-

I genuinely see him looking out the window in real life at me through my bedroom window and its compulsive. I see him everywhere I go even if it's an a different town. I saw him after almost every class in school.

Lately I've had been wanting him more than usual. I haven't talked to him yet but I want him so much it hurts and I'd do just about anything to get him.

What does this dream mean?

Example: Why am I having these bad dreams?

**Sorry guys this is going to be a bit of a novel but I'm just really confused by it so for those who stick it out to the end, thank you!
For the past three days, I've been having terrible dreams about my boyfriend cheating on me, leaving me, being cruel and playing mind games with me, things of that nature. The first dream was situated at a mutual friends house, there was a bunch of our mutual friends there and a few strangers, we were all pre-drinking for a birthday bash. I spent most of my time getting ready with a few girl friends in the bathroom but then once finished i walked in to some random girl sitting on my boyfriends lap being drunk and hanging all over him, she had text him dirty pictures of her and she had text him asking if i was like his girlfriend or something and he replied "yes and no, yes she is my girlfriend and no she means much more to me than that" so in my dream i felt bad for being so angry and i reminded myself that i know i have nothing to worry about. I left for a beer run, realized i forgot my wallet and went back in the house to get it, walked in on them having sex.. it was very graphic and detailed too. And he had the most guilty look on his face like I just tore his heart out. I woke up, heart racing and a feeling that my heart just sank to the pit of my stomach. The second night I had a dream that his family (who's characters are changed drastically in my dream from the people they are in reality) forced him to move across the country to New Brunswick, Canada.. without me. They had said "its not like you have kids or anything with her, you have no reason to ever talk to her again" and they packed his stuff and he had no choice. He didn't want to go, he was furious and upset.. but he still left. I woke up with the racing heart and feeling in the pit of my stomach. The third dream was him being nasty towards me, telling me that he just all of a sudden didn't love me anymore, wasn't attracted to me, he was playing mind games, he was seeing two girls that I know (one of which i haven't seen or heard of in about 5 years) they're both girls that in reality he would never be with not even for a one night stand, and he doesn't even know them. But like I said he was seeing them, and being horribly mean to me, disrespectful, not himself. He was walking all over me all the while hitting up these other girls. And the friends from the first dream were also in this one as well. Just before he hooked up with a third girl, who I didn't see who she was, I woke up.. again feeling terrible.
I don't understand these, I don't have doubts in us, or in him. We're a very close couple, we've been together almost a year. We have great communication, we talk about everything, he's also upset and confused by my dreams. He's never done anything to abuse my trust or hurt me in any way. I'm very confident in our relationship, we're crazy about each other and we;re in love. We do fight, not very often, and we always talk it out. I have no reason to doubt this man or anything he does. I know he loves me too much to do anything mentioned in my dreams, and vice versa. Neither one of our families disprove our relationship, its quite the contrary. He has a bad past, as do I, but we accept each other, flaws and all.. and he would never walk all over me, nor would I let him haha. Also, he leaves a few hours sooner for work before I have to, and all these dreams occur after he's left. I don't know if that has any relevance but I'm really at a loss. I've had terrible relationships in the past and he's past consists of more of the bachelor for life kind of lifestyle. But our relationship isn't anywhere close to the relationships of my past, It's so much more than what they could ever amount to. And for his side, I'm the girl who hooked the bachelor. We dated 5 years ago in highschool for some time, and I was his first.. we've always had a bond over the years even when we were distant. 5 years later here we are living our realistic version of a fairytale.
I'm so confused by this so any insight is so greatly appreciated!

Example: Single Woman.One night stands & Bad dates.?

What do men want? There is an overly used saying that probably is a cliche.
“Is it me?”

No it's not men simply are simple and most don’t look deep into things as much as us woman. Women are defined for being caring and over analysing every situation. Does that mean we don't deserve to be loved or treated with respect? Men can have sex as many times and as much as they want. When woman do the same they are branded that they have no self-respect. Why is that? Why can men be promiscuous and woman can't without being belittled. Is society really that judgmental? There is no right or wrong answer woman can be just as powerful and as "simple" as men if they want to be. So what is the key ingredient to leading the perfect single life? Well there isn't one there’s just hope. Hope that one day that one night stand might actually call us back and be our future, or that guy we date knowing deep down there is no future might actually turn out to be the man of your dreams. Unfortunately in reality woman very rarely get a phone call back after a one night stand and statistics say that relationships barley work out when they are spawned from one night stands and usually if that guy doesn’t feel perfect when your dating him it’s probably because he isn’t. Not all men have to be perfect no one is perfect in the real world but that feeling you get after a few dates deep down in the pit of your stomach you feel alive and like you’re the Centre of his attention at that moment is when everything is perfect. If you’re not feeling those feelings then you probably never will and If you’re not getting that phone call back forget about it If he's not waiting why should you go out and live your life Maybe when you least expect it “Perfect” might arrive.

Example: What''s the deal with my dream I had?

Alright, I had a bad breakup a few months back. I tried to get back with the girl, but sadly it didn't work out. I kinda fell into a pit of despair and depression, quite a terrible thing. But shortly after all that happened I had this really weird dream. I was at some, community event and what not, there were these two people to my right. A girl wearing a blue blouse and and lighter blue dress and she had short brown hair. To her right was a man wearing a faded green over shirt with a faded blue shirt underneath ( faded like, it's been washed quite a few times, a shirt that has been around and see many things. ) and he had some sort of blue jeans on, had glasses and shortish brown hair. So we are just standing around and what not, and all of a sudden the girl leans onto me and grabs my right hand with both of her hands. It was weird, I could FEEL her body heat. I don't know what to make of it. It gives me shivers just thinking about it. But all I do is stand there likes it's normal, like we would be "dating" per say. After a while of just standing, I grab her hand and drag her over to a chair, I sit down, and tell her that she is beautiful. She then says "But I am blind, how can I be?". She then runs off down the street and that is all I can remember. This dream happened a few nights ago, I am still trying to make sense of it. But it's the fact I can still remember all this. The night before I had the dream I still loved my ex, but as soon as morning hit, my love for her faded, and it kinda moved onto "The girl of my dreams". I still want to dream about her too ;~; just sadly I haven't. I want to, but first I want to make sense and pick the pieces out of my dream first, can you guys assist me at all?

Example: I had a strange sexual dream about my Mother?

I KNOW this sounds SO fucked up and I understand if anyone's like 'wtf' but I DON'T want comments saying 'omg youre so fucked up' it is NOT my fault I had this dream and I am a perfectly normal person.

I have remembered this dream ever since I had it and it's been years. I remember I had this dream when I was very young, maybe about 5 or 6, and then I had it AGAIN when I was a bit older. A few years ago.
The dream is very strange and fucked up and I will explain it now.

The dream was that I could see my mum completely naked coming out of a little baby tunnel in one of those kids play pit places with net around them. She was coming out of the tunnel completely naked with them little red and blue and yellow baby balls every where around her feet cause she was standing in the baby pit. I must of been watching her from my point of view just sitting in the pit cause she was looking down at me waving and smiling and beckoning for me to come over as little kids ran around screaming with fun and laughter in the background. She was just treating me like her daughter as any parent would, looking after me. But I remember sort of 'wanting' her in a sexual way. And I THINK (from what I remember) I started making out with my Mum and doing **** with her, yes, in a sexual way. I THINK. We might not of. But I was really horny and seeing her naked made me turned on and everything and I'm just wondering why I had this dream.
I think I may be bisexual I don't know if that links to it, but it's my MUM. This is why it's so fucked up and the fact that the first time I had this dream I was quite young (from what I remember) is even weirder.

Someone who's fairly knowledgeable about dream analysing, PLEASE analyse my dream I had twice. I need help with it, what it could mean, or interpret, etc. Please, anyone.

And like I said, no comments like 'hahaha so fucked up you weirdo' bluh bluh I have no idea why I had the dream I need help with it.


Example: I had a dream my ex and I got back together?

It was so vivid I can remember each detail, it felt so real. I remember the sigh of relief I had when I was in his arms again, as I never got over him, it's been 8 months and even though I had tried dating again afterwards. Anyway, when I woke up and realized it wasn't real, it felt like I went through the breakup again. I have that empty pit in the bottom of my stomach.

I know this doesn't necessarily mean we are getting back together, but for some reason I have dreams that tell me something sometimes. I've had dreams that hint about breaking up, getting back together, being cheated on, being asked out, and they've come true...seriously. I know I'm not over him, I never was. What do you think?

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