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Dream About Date Spread meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: So i just recently found out that i had hpv (genital warts ) and just started dating the girl of my dreams?

When do i tell her and how do u think she will react it hasnt gotten really serious weve been on four dates bu theres a lot of potential

I would wait for a while until you know for sure things will get sexual soon...and tell her slowly and explain what it is...make sure you get yourself treated ASAP...as once you get rid of the flare up it will likely go dormant for a while...it is a very very common disease...and you will carry it for life, there is no cure...luckily it does go dormant

if she really likes you and you can present your research then she will stick by your side...use protection until your sure...but know that HPV can and does spread even through use of a condom...and not every person that is exposed will actually catch the virus...she may have already been exposed through a previous partner.
HPV does not mean your dating life is over...you can still have sex, and have children...if she truly cares for you the HPV wont matter

Example: What does it mean; I saw a beautiful man in my dream who kissed me on the lips and...?

...and he smiled and said many sweet, kind, loving things to me. He was very protective and loving towards me, it was amazing. He was also very beautiful. There were other people standing around and I was afraid they would see us kissing and make fun of us (since I'm a guy). But I let him kiss me, because it felt amazing. It was in some kind of garden where raspberries grew on trees and sun light was very soft. It was just a magical experience. But the weirdest thing was that before the man came up to me, I tried to date few girls. They were beautiful girls that I admired. And they seemed to be in love with me. But I never really gave them much chance and neither did I kiss any of them. I know this whole thing happened in Germany, because my brother was there and he lives in Germany. Except everyone spoke English, which made me realize that they did that for me. All the people there were just super nice and they all spoke English even with each other, so that I wouldn't feel left out. It was a very nice experience. And there was a duck and a dog. The dog was pregnant and the duck was thirsty. I gave water to the duck and food to the dog. I also gathered strawberries and cherries for my brother's guests. But then this man came, he was super sexy. Except he had no hair and instead his head was a shape of a brain. I know this sounds crazy, but when I saw it, I asked him "is your head in shape of a brain because you're very smart?". He came up to me, and his head looked normal now. Then he hugged me and started to say nice things to me. Then he kissed me once. His lips were very soft. I looked around and everyone saw us kissing. But it felt good, so I let him kiss me again. He kissed me 3 times all together. Then I saw us getting married, except one of us was wearing a white dress. I woke up. I was happy that we got married, because I knew for a fact I was in love with him. But I was wondering who wore the bridal dress, since both of us are guys... What does this mean? This dream felt very real and it wont leave my head...

Example: What does my dream mean? Important? Please answer?

So when I was little I had a best guy friend, who was 3 years older then me. he used to come over everyday because his parents abused him && my mom felt bad for him. At the time my mother was a party freak, so she brought me && him to a bonfire one night on the beach. Coming back from the beach me && him were in the back seat of my moms car, in our bathing suits with 2 different towels covering us. I was only 8, he was 11, and I was falling asleep, EXHAUSTED. I look over and he looked like he wanted to do something. He gave me a gesture but I didn't know what it meant, so I put my head on the car door and was on the verge of falling asleep. I felt something tickle my private area, so I looked over and he was touching me there.
I was confused for a few seconds not knowing what he was doing, so I slapped his hand. He tried doing it again.
I didn't want to tell my parents for a few days because I was afraid they'd be mad at me? SO he tried doing it again, and I ended up telling my parents and never saw him again. I technically got molested, as my parents told me.

Now I'm 14. I have a huge crush on someone special.

So in my dream ;
I told one of my classmates about what happened , along with my crush (Who I was dating in the dream) And some other people, and for some reason I spread a rumor about it? Then the boy who touched me girlfriend's locker was next to mine. I turned around and she was standing next to me, cussing me out saying "WHY ARE YOU TELLING EVERYONE? IT NEVER EVEN HAPPENED?!?" And I was about to fight her, when all of a sudden the same guy walked in and the room got dark, and he started molesting me again. No one really cared, not even the girlfriend, or my crush/boyfriend. They just started to walk away casually and suddenly me and him were alone, me on one side of the room, him on the other. He started to walk towards me again then I woke up.

I've been dreaming a lot about my crush and the other boy the past week... It's really weird.
What could my dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? about eating out and books?

Ok so here goes the dream: I was with my grandfather and he was dropping me off at my old high school and i wanted to stop and get some McDonalds first. Then I found out that I had some overdue books that needed to be turned in at my former high school library but I didn't know where they were in my bedroom. I looked through stacks of books running out of time then my grandfather said it was time to go. I grabbed the couple books I found and went out to eat. Then I woke up. What does that dream mean"?

Example: I dreamt of the Death Tarot card. Meaning?

This came to me in a dream last night. It was very large and clear.

Example: What do these vivid pregnancy dreams mean?

i started having them in middle school and in high school and then they stopped for awhile. usually i am shown my baby he has blonde hair and blue eyes and i am looking right at him. but he is not born premature and this is the funny part i don't know when i got pregnant, how far along i am, and who the father is. but know i realized it today that i think it's fate because this guy i met december 2007 is usually in them could he be the father of my baby the only problem is he is 36 years old and i am 22 years old does this mean i want to have a baby with him or is it just my stupid subconscious working with me as usual i will be 25 in 3 years and he will be 39 does this mean i want to have a baby with him

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok i was in my living room when someone rang the doorbell. i couldnt see who it was but it was a guy so i thought it was one of my brothers friends. so i yelled at my brother to come get the door. but i opened the door, instead of waiting for my brother. so the guy standing outside was a friends of mine (he still is). he starts saying that he loves me and stuff. i just stand there, confused. then after a while my parents and sister come outside and just listen to everything the guy was saying to me. i just like him as a friends though. and someone had spread a rumor last year that me and him were dating, we never did go out. and his friend told me that the guy likes me (this also happened last year).

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream about I man I used to love in University, he got married a couple of years ago and I knew many years before they started dating that they would get married someday. (this is in real life)

Now here is the dream part: IN my dream he had been engaged to this woman Dana but they did not get married because they broke up after the engagement. Then this guy wanted to be a pastor, and he created all the websites on this popular online forum but the problem was that he wasn't spreading his posts out so that no one had time to appreciate his posts, so he was making all of them at the same time. Also nobody was going to his church, because if you make 5 advertisements at the same time and in the same place, it's the equivalent of making 1 advertisement and it nullifies all your previous advertisements.

In real life me and this guy left on bad terms. I felt so good when he was listening to my problems, I used to call him all the time to talk about my life. Then a friend of his who was sexually attracted to me told him all kinds of laws about how I was this crazy **** and psycho so that drove him away too. IN the end he did consider that this friend might have mislead him about who I was but he didn't want to take that risk with me so he cut me out of his life.

In dream I tried to join his online forum but I used a fake name because I didn't want him to know who I was so I tried to anonymously participate in his life and help him with his church but he caught on to who I was.

So what does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream with my ex mean?

Basically, first he and I went on out for lunch, but we were with his brother and some girl I don't know. After, we went to some weird movie theatre that was also sorta bedroom like. Then we basically had sex and did other sexual stuff throughout the movie. After, we went home on I think a school bus? It was crowded, we finally managed to find a seat we can share, the bus started moving, but then he suddenly disappeared and I couldn't find him. Then I woke up.

I know, weird dream.

So what does it mean? In real life on our first date we went to the movies and did some sexual stuff (I know, horrible). Did that influence my dream? And how can I prevent dreams like this? He was such a douche and I'm trying to get over him, and dreams like this one don't help. Plus, I lost all contact with him so it's not like I can reconnect anyways.


Example: Could this dream mean something?

Okay, so there's this guy and he seems like a sweet kid. He's funny and cute, and I can tell he likes me and so can my cousin. Last night I was contemplating on the fact that I happen to be anti-love, anti-relationship, anti-crush, and anti-dating because I don't believe in that; I think it's all silly talk because I don't believe that love exists or that there is a such thing as "nice guys"... all they want, ever wanted and will ever want is to screw us over, and the ones that seem nice are the ones to watch out for. I'm scared because he draws me in, and I can't resist him. I swore to myself I'd never be interested in the male sex (or anyone), but I can't deny myself when it comes to this one. He flirts with me, he'll tap my shoulder and I'll look and he'll be on the other side, and he'll poke and tickle my sides when I LEAST expect it, and I like it. He's also undeniably good-looking (understatement, he's gorgeous!) and we're friends, we're always ALWAYS together and when I'm around him I feel light, like I can just float around in the air.

The reason I plan to stay single for [the majority of my life] is because it seems that guys just aren't worth it and relationships always seem to be a waste of time. There was a girl who I used to be friends with, but she always went behind my back and talked about me, spread false nasty rumors... but the worst thing she did was set me up with two of her guy friends so they could screw me over, which of course they did, and she was behind it and I haven't associated with her since. I hate her for that. And I won't give myself the opportunity to be used and hurt again, I won't let it happen again.

I had this dream last night, and I wonder if it's a psychological, sort of subconcious warning? This guy, and the ex-friend were both in it. The guy was with me, along with a bunch of other people on a trip in England in this really crowded cabin or whatever, and it was late at night and we were talking and chilling (We're both insomniacs in reality) while everybody else was asleep. It was crowded, everybody was sleeping but crammed together in this little room. He gave me a little hug, and I don't know what happened but somehow I wanted to kiss him so I did. He kind of backed up and said, "No... I already have someone..." and then I saw him sitting against a wall with me lying in his arms, with some type of wire (barbed wire? electric wire?) wrapped around my body with these lights on it that resembled clear Christmas lights. It shocked me every time I tried to get close to him, and he and his friends set up the wire. But then we decided to freak the girl out and make her mad by moaning like we were [faking] doing it, but it turned out that (it was in the dark, we couldn't see her) she had been recording our voices and playing it back to everybody, telling them it was a sex tape. I was angry, got up and stepped over the sleeping people, walked across the room to yell at her: "YOU STOLE MY EFFING EYELINER!" I used that as an excuse to yell at her, because I didn't want others to know why I was really mad. And she denied stealing my eyeliner and so did the guy. Whoa, was he in on it? Was this some kind of plan to frame me? This was in the middle of the night, maybe 2 or 3 a.m. The train to take us all back to California left at 5 a.m., and I woke up at 6 a.m. As soon as I got ready, the train had already left. I found myself and a few other girls left behind, in England with no money or cell phones. Nobody woke us up in time to go back home and they left us behind.

Could this dream be a psychological warning, a sort of prophecy dream or something? What do you think it means?

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