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Dream About Daughter In Law meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this mean?

last night i dream,d my daughter in law was pregnent,what is the meaning of this dream

That you want a new beginning for your son & daughter in law.

A pregnancy or birth in dreams usually mean the start of something new - not necessarily a child is coming

Just like death in dreams means the end of something - not necessarily that someone will die.

Usually if you dream of fishes that means someone you know is pregnant.

Example: What does this wierd dream mean?

I had a dream, it's not the full dream but I had a dream where I was in my old neighborhood and tried looking for my friend on the other neighborhood and I rung the door bell but there was this lady and her daughter that I don't know and never seen before, they were Asian and the woman said her name was K/Conga (let's just call her Conga) and her daughter was named Taka and we shook hands. Later I returned to the house and I told Conga to give e a testical exam and so we walked in the bathroom and she told me to put her pants down and she grabbed my testies and told me to cough and so I turnt my head and cough and she told me to do it again, and I did it again and then after we were done and I told her to give me a prostate exam and so she laughed "lol a prostate exam" and so I gave her a fake paper to give me a prostate exam but then with her unwanting facial expression she tried moving away the paper with her hand but she put a glove on her left hand and I leaned over but then I woke up

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a very vivid dream last night that I had a baby. It was a girl, she was so cute, she was 15.6" long and weighed 9lbs4oz. I can tell you just about everything about the birth, and after. It was a very happy occasion, my husband and 3 other children were there, along w/ my MIL and some family friends. SO what does this mean? Its was just SO real and vivid.

Example: What does it mean when you dream that you fight with your daughter in law?

i have had this dream 2 times

Example: I had a dream my daughter, my son in law ,the baby and myself were in a car driving over a bridge .?

My son in law tells my daughter turn the bridge ends here. She looks at me like what ever and drives the car into the water. While this is happening I was thinking oh my God the baby is in the back .

Example: What does it mean when you dream about your sister and her daughter being homeless?

My sister

Example: I dreamed a red snake chased my daughter and I, what does this dream mean? ?

My 2year old daughter thought the snake was a stick and she kicked it then it started chasing her and I kept running holding her and hiding her then my cousin in law grabbed the snake in a bag and the dream was over.

Example: I had a dream that i was in alot of sluggish ice with my sister in law and her daughter which is?

my god daughter. anybody knows what this could mean?

Example: Do dreams mean the opposite?

my mother in law and her sister dreamed that my wife would give birth to a daughter on the day they had found out that shes pregnant...does that mean that she will give birth to a boy?...i dreamed that we had triplets... can anyone interpret?

Example: If I dream my mother in law died what do it mean?

I just dreamed that there was bad whether with thunder and me and my boyfriend went home by him where his mom live also and she was laying down on the bed dead. In the dream I didn't know what she died from and for some reason his family members came over and had food and everything and no one was acting like she died so I ask my boyfriend and he said "she ate one slice of bread and leave home who does that" and "she was malicious anyway". In real life this isn't the type of person he is and I like his mom so why would I dream this? In the dream I was the only one crying

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