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Dream About Dead Body meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream about dead bodies?

in my dream I was driving around my neighborhood and i think i was being chased by the cops or something, and i passed this semi going the opposite way. to avoid the cops i went around the block and when i passed by that spot again, the semi had crashed into a police car and the semi drivers bodies were on the ground next to the police officer but there were paramedics working on them... then my dream skips around a bit and it gets to this part where a friend and i are passing a very very bad accident. a lot of people died, and i was watching the workers throw bodies in these tubs for whatever purpose... anybody have any ideas as to what this dream might mean?

Dreams r highly subjective- so its not necesary tht my interpreatation will b just fully correct for u- but as per my own limited understanding i would try to make out something
Being chased by the cops and avoiding them, running away from them means that there is something that ur avoiding, running away from in ur waking life...ur car driving means the journey in ur own life..the semi could be one aspect of urself that is going on into another direction towards the police car-in one way you are running away from the cops car and thinking thats the way to avoid or be saved but in reality you are actually coming / have to come at the point where you have to confront the cop car.It points out that you are in a situation that might lead up to collision and even destruction.God knows or rather only you can tell who these paramedics are and what influence or aspect of your current life they represent.I am blank here

Then again you see yourself coming to face a situation where death and destruction takes place.Remember that each part of dream represents you and you might come to a potentially destructive situation in your life if you dont take charge of your life and move in right direction.Many times such dreams are warnings for us so that we can prevent the misoccurance/accident

In my view mayb you r doing a wrong thing by avoiding those waking life isuues- you must face and resolve them in right way.Running away is probably not in ur self interest

Be careful. Pray and seek Gods guidance and help.

Example: Evil black crow, wedding, dead body, bees what does this dream mean?!?

I was in a different body with an unknown family in France going to a wedding when a man walked up to my sister and asked if she wanted to be a photographer excitedly she said yes and followed the guy to the building the wedding took place in so she could practice, i instantly became jealous and ran after them the building was twelve stories high i went up a level tried the door it was lock as were all the others until i reach the middle door and tried the door opened and let me in then it shut and locked behind me i felt trapped at this moment and started looking for a way out i went up a floor and tried that door with all my might pulling and pulling until it clicked and opened and let me walk through. feeling relieved i continued upwards trying the doors until i reached the twelfth floor the door on this floor was much smaller white, rusted over with dents, the handle was an old forties fridge like handle. I considered opening this door but i was afraid then a voice spoke to me "if you go through this door you are going to die you are going to go to hell if you open this door" i then ran out of the building through all twelve floors and outside where i walked over to my truck deciding to ,pack some stuff up in the back and get out of there (apparently i lived really far from the wedding) when i was packing bees started buzzing all around me hundreds when i saw three children speaking to one another the jist of their conversation was the bee keeper had died this is when i looked up to the roof of the twelve floor building and saw the dead bee keepers body the black crow was hovering over his body not using its wings and staring right at me that's when i realized i was meant to die and go to hell but the bee keeper took my place. does anyone know what this could mean?

Example: What does it means to dream of blood, dead bodies, and killer?

I was at my campus. I saw the guy bombing and killing people (gunshot). It was scary. He then hide in one of my school campus. I was using a flying helicopter plane to spy on him. I think we (my mother and I) were waiting till morning bc that when he plan to kill a lot of people. My toy plane crashed. It was morning when my mother and I got into our car and drove away. We went down a hill, it was a dead end. There were other cars stuck down there too. Next thing I know, We were laying with dead bodies and pretend we were death. He came in (he was tall, black, handsome but scary). Then he saw that we were dead so he left the scene. Then rescuers came and save us. It was very bloodily and scary.

What does this means?

Example: What does it mean to dream of dead bodies and...?

someone close to you has died but in a dream?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a dead body?

Last night I had a dream of someone I know . I was at my house with my mom , and laying down next to us was the dead body of her dead ex boyfriend who recently died in April . He didn't move or anything . He was just laying down on his stomach . And we were all acting all casual .
What does this mean ?

Example: What does dead bodies mean in dreams?

I had a really creepy dream where my family and I went to Mexico to visit my aunts. Then I discovered that there are dead bodies under their house. After I had that dream, I told my dad about it and he said that it could be true. He said when he was a kid, he heard stories that his father(who's also my grandpa) had a relationship with another woman before he met his mom(also my grandma) and he got her pregnant. She gave birth to the child in their house(which is now my aunt's house) but the child died right after it was born. So my grandfather and his girlfriend buried the baby under an unfinished part of the house which later on was finished building.
After hearing that story, I felt creeped-out. But in my dream, I didn't see any children-sized bodies, just adult-sized and also, none of the bodies seemed to be familiar like if they were dead bodies of my relatives and so on. Also, I been to Mexico a couple of times, but I never heard that story while I was there. Not only that, I think this was the second time I had this dream. Is that dream trying to tell me or is it something else?

P.S. I had this dream while living in the U.S.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about frozen dead bodies?

I had this crazy dream about me coming home and there being 4 frozen dead bodies in my living room. Then when i went to call 911 one of the bodies woke up and looked at me then got up and was about to wake up the other bodies. What does this dream mean?

Example: What do dreams about dead bodies mean?

I keep having these nightmares in the past week every night since I opened up a deep personal issue.

There are dead bodies everywhere. Almost everyone is dead, the streets are full of them. I am sure people I know and care about are among them somewhere but it's pointless to look for them now. I somehow feel this is my fault, that I should have been able to do something. And that it's actually quite pointless to live with how things are, anyway...

There are variations. Sometimes there's a deadly disease so the bodies need to be carefully avoided. Also in more than one dream I've been watching the sea that's washing them up on the beach among garbage as if they were just that...

Usually I don't find myself in danger, but the dreams are terrifying anyway.

Example: What does dreaming about dead bodies mean?

It's such an eerie dream. I was eating out w. my friend and her boyfriend and the next minute I'm at my parents house having a house party...and it was a halloween party or a costume party. Either way, I had alot of people come in through the door (this was significant). Doorbell would ring and there were nice and fun looking people that came inside (and I seem to know and like them but not close with them). I would go upstairs and see bodies on top of each other and someone would tell me how they drank so much, they died of alcohol poisoning. The less people there became in the house. Dawn came and people from my past (like in high school) would come to the door and be so "happy they came to my birthday!" (guess it's my birthday now). In reality, I don't see these people or talk/hang out w. them but they're still in the area. They eventually drank, died of alcohol poisoning and their bodies would be upstairs as well. The only people who stayed there were like 2 or 3 people and my family...it just seemed so gloomy, sad, dark, and that feeling of hopelessness.

It's such a weird dream but i'm not a morbid person. I'm a happy go lucky gal... also, I was never one to party or really be too interested in it. I'll be 25 and I don't know if this dream signifies the ending of "fun" or "youth"? I have been feeling a bit down bc I've been so worried about not living up it up in my 20's but this doesn't mean partying. I just got into my nursing major and as happy/grateful as I am, I'm afraid all my time and energy will be towards that, I won't have time to "have fun" - travel, wine tasting, soccer/baseball games, hiking (that kind of fun). Maybe the dreams I can't grow up because I'm stuck in my parents house? It's also a big worry for me. I'll be able to be (completely financially independent) when I graduate next march but I would like to continue in higher education but I'm worried I'll waste my youth focusing on school :/ my parents are very old fashioned, ASIAN parents who believe I can't have a "life" til school is done. Your life is school and when I expressed this worry to my mom, she disagrees that you can't have fun and go to school. :/ so that's been stressing me out...yes, though I am 24 now (still young), the time goes by so fast...

Example: What does dreaming of dead bodies mean?

I had a really disturbing dream last night that I was in a dark, muddy cemetary in the middle of nowhere, and some of the graves were open with the bodies laying at the bottom, no coffin or anything, but most of the graves were closed. I can only remember two bodies. They were both headless and decaying. I kept trying to get out of the cemetary, but the more I ran for the gate, the muddier the ground was and the further the gate seemed. Somehow, I managed to get out, only to find myself at another similair cemetary with visible bodies.

I don't even want to sleep again.

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