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Dream About Dead End meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream that I'm dead?

I'm big on dreams and resolving then but this one stumped me.
In my dream I'm opening my eyes slowly and there's a rocking feeling like waves. Later I see small fish (minnows) below me. When I was little I used to catch those with my hands, and I'm thinking about reaching out to catch them but I can't move. The fish swim into my hands and I think oh sweet I caught them. But the entire time I feel like I'm drifting in and out of sleep. My face is down in the ocean water the entire time and the water is become shallower. I guess I'm like a dead body floating to shore. So like I said I have one fish in each hand, I see like this eel and it's really close to me I got scared (but didn't move.. I'm dead lol) and the fish in my hands died and rotted away instantly. The eel wasn't really doing anything it was just chilling... Then this eel is sitting in rocks of course by the shore and so I get like caught by the rocks? and I'm just floating there for a while until someone comes along and picks me up out of the water. That's when I realize I'm a child. You can see my blue veins all over my body and how pale I look because I've already drowned. The person says "You should stay away from there there's sharks in that corner." I always was one to go after the dangerous animals just to see them so I wanted to see the sharks this person spoke of but I couldn't see anything anymore once the person had picked me up. I just hung limp seeing the water drip from my face and my hair hang down. (they kinda grabbed me like around the belly with my face down.) Ugh I dunno I just never had a dream where I was actually dead the entire dream and couldn't do anything. It was just strange to me. Any ideas on what it means?

Dreams of death represent the ending of one phase so that a new one can begin. It can show forthcoming finalities such as the end of a marriage or career. These are symbolic dreams and are unlikely to forecast an actual event. If the dead person is someone you know, consider what aspect of yourself that person represents. For example, if you dream of your mother dying could it represent the 'death' of the motherly side of your own nature. Perhaps you should try to be more caring and maternal or perhaps plans you have should be nurtured rather than killed off. Alternatively, you may also be expressing your hidden feelings about the person shown. Do you have a secret resentment towards them or desire to be independent of them? Dead animals may also represent aspects of yourself. They indicate that you may be rejecting or repressing your instinctive side.

Example: What does it mean to dream of dead and living friends together?

What does it mean to dream of dead and living friends together? Some of the living ones I haven't seen in a few years.

Example: What does this dream mean where I was dead?

I had a dream last night that began with a talking and some what friendly Lioness biting my neck and killing me very quickly. This is obviously metaphoric. Immediately I was out of my body and watching the Lioness go after my sister next. I was briefly anxious but became calm realizing death wasn't anything to fear. I was in a big house when this all starts. I began to go through the rooms of the house we were in and it became apparent that I was in my parents bedroom. They were much older and it was in the future. I was there with other dead relatives and I recognized we were all around their bed watching them. I became very calm realizing that even though my parents had missed me greatly they have all these spirits of loved ones waiting on them. Then I went on in the house and was surrounded by more spirits and people. It was busy like during a party or family get-together. I could tell the difference between the living and the dead, the house was full of both. The people except for the babies were not aware of us. I even saw what I thought was my child (I don't have kids yet) who seemed to recognize me as I passed through the hall. At first I was anxious about not being there then I realized my child was taken care of, loved and I felt ok. Then I went to the roof of this large house and saw all kinds of spirits some familiar and some not so familiar. To be honest it was like the whole property was the site of family reunion some people I knew better than others. Everyone was socializing or doing their own little thing. It was a very happy place. When I got outside I realized I could fly a little or more like jumping really far. I kept jumping trying to really fly and another spirit began pushing me up towards the sun from below. I began to wonder if I was flying to heaven as I began to get so high above the house it was hazy below and it was almost like I was in a fog but I could feel the heat of the Sun above me still. At some point I decided to stop accelerating upward and took a huge swan dive back towards to ground. That's when I woke up.

A little background... I have been very happy lately and met someone I am very much in love with. She has some issues but I have really surprised myself with how unselfish and patient I am being with her. I said it about a week ago and woke up thinking it today that I am really the happiest I have ever been in my life. Not necessarily because I am in love (the relationship is still young) but everything else in my life and my sense of who I am.

Example: What does it mean to dream of your dead tia(aunt)?

I had a dream that I was in my great grandmothers house that passed away last year & my mom pulled up in this old lifted truck with my Tia(who had passed away from breast cancer 7years ago) driving and they hopped out the car & I started crying & telling her it wasn't possible that she was here & my mom told me that shes a counselor & my Tia was trying to tell me to listen to her & that she had something to tell me but before she could tell me we heard a noise in my grandmothers house. My dream just had nothing but dead people in it that I knew and spirits and these guys with this sun tribal looking mark on their cheeks.

Example: The meaning of dreaming dead people?

Example: What does it mean to dream of driving off of a dead end bridge?

In the dream, it is Christmas Eve. My Father is driving the car, I am in the passenger seat, and my sister and a woman I have met twice and don't really even know was in the back seat. It was night time and there was a terrible snow storm occurring. Because of the storm, we kept having to take alternate routes on unfamiliar back country roads. The woman in the back seat that I don't really know had given me a Christmas gift which was vintage china that I was holding in my lap in the passenger seat. I distinctly remember the clinking of the china and it was starting to stress me out. We all began to get stressed out, especially my father who was driving. Finally, after what seemed like hours driving in the treacherous snow, we made it into town towards our destination. We were so relieved. Then all of a sudden it was like the road just vanished beneath us and the car started to nose dive down into blackness. We were all screaming that we loved each other and I was yelling for my son. My dad kept saying he was sorry and I truly felt such deep sorrow because I knew I was going to die. Of course, before the car hit the ground, I woke up. I have a lot of crazy dreams, but this one is really haunting me for some reason. Any dream experts out there know what the symbolism of the dream may be?

Example: Dreaming off my dead granda meaning ?

I was in a chapel and my granda was really you in his 20's and he came running over to me and I smiled and he said "I thought you never saw me" I never spook next think am talking to my granny who is still living and I was telling her how much I miss granda then we both where crying I woke up then and I was crying please answer do dreams mean anything ?

Example: What does it mean when you dream that your dead?

i dram that there was a man looking for me to kill me?
then suddenly i saw my self get killed and i saw myself in a coffin & i was trying to get myself outt & nobady would help me?

Example: What do dead rabbits mean in dreams?

I am walking with my one year old daughter and I am barefoot... I end up in a vaccant lot full of trash which I have trouble walking through since I was barefoot. Even though there is alot of thing on the floor I notice the dead rabbits the most... What can this mean?

I started walking in the first place because I was looking for my daughters pacifier...

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a dead relative?

my grandmother died exactly a month ago and we were VERY close. Last night i had a dream i was with her, and she took me up to the stairs of heaven with her (i guess they were?) and then i opened the door to heaven for her and she left. What is that supposed mean?

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