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Dream About Dead Relatives meanings

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Example: What does it mean when you dream a dead relative's head?

I dreamt i fell and his head appeared next to me. He was not Beheaded

To fall down in a dream represents a misstep; a failed attempt that one needs to get up and recover from. Seeing a dead relative’s head appearing next to you, means that it would help you to look at the problem like your relative would. For example: if the relative used to solve problems from looking at them from a practical point of view, then that is what is being recommended for you.

Hope this helps.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a dead relative?

my grandmother died exactly a month ago and we were VERY close. Last night i had a dream i was with her, and she took me up to the stairs of heaven with her (i guess they were?) and then i opened the door to heaven for her and she left. What is that supposed mean?

Example: What does it mean When you dream about a dead relative?

My great grandma or "granny" died 8 months and something days ago and I had a dream about her last night. I don't quite remember that she was saying I just remember that in my dream I was the only one who could see her. She seemed perfectly fine and healthy, almost as though she wasn't dead. I know it's just a dream but what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about dead relatives?

My mom told me today that for the pass three weeks she has been dreaming about her mother, grandmother, great cousins, and a neighbor of her grandmother's who have been dead for many years. She would be always staying at their homes or in one case her and her grandma got the same car and her grandma hit it and left a scratch.

Example: What could my dream have meant (saw dead relative)?

Last night I dreamt of seeing a dead relative of mine who had died a few years ago (who I was not that close to) was being taken away on a gurny by either the morgue or paramedics. I saw him flinch, they were trying to conceal it from me but it frightened me and they knew they couldn't hide it as he started moving more and more and lifted his head to look at me. His face looked disfigured and in pain like he was trying to send me a message, his body red and bloated.

Suddenly he transformed into my deceased grandmother (their relationship is that he is her brother's son all of whom are deceased). She had a large face and would not make eye contact with me but had "dead" looking scary eyes that were downcast and looking at a baby who I was trying to warn to not get near her out of my own fear of the baby being looked upon and in close proximity with a dead person. I think the baby was either my brother when he was a baby (he is a grown man now) or my sister's current baby. What could this dream mean?

I can't stop thinking about it, as it felt so real and the dead relatives physically really did look dead which was frightening but their movements and the fact that they were not burried in the dream is still on my mind all day!

Example: Meaning of dreaming about dead relatives?

last night i dreamt of my dead grandfather,he died when i was 5,i just about remember him(i'm 19 now) my mother says when you dream of dead relatives it means they need you to pray for them,is this true?

Example: Meaning of dreaming dead relatives?

During he past three days, while I was recovering from the flu, I dreamed of my deceased father, husband, and a friend. This never happened before, Can you help me interpret the meaning?

Example: What does it mean to dream about hugging a dead relative?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of dead relatives?

My 67 year old mom has dreams of her deceased sister nearly every night. She also frequently dreams about deceased brothers, and her mom and dad, who have both long passed. She has become very disturbed by this lately, thinking it means she will soon join them.

Example: What do dreams about dead relatives mean?

Well, my uncle's wife died about a month ago. She was like a second mother to me because my family and their family lived together long ago for a while. So she was a really important person in my childhood; she was like a second mom.

See, i keep having these dream. all of them are different, what they have in common is that I know that she's dead.

for example in one of them, she was in her house i was hugging her but i felt really bad because i knew she was dead and she didn't know she was. so i had to tell her and i cried. As it turns out i was crying in real life too.

another one for instance, i was also in her house and when i went into the kitchen, there she was just standing there and she just kind of walked away. in my dream, i knew that she was dead and i started to cry. as it turns out i woke up crying too.

there have been more dreams of a similar fashion. what do they mean? how do i interpret these?

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