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Dream About Defeat meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What dose my dream mean?

okay last night i had a really weird dream
i was swallowing razor blades
i was sitting at this desk and sitting on a wooden chair
i think it was dark...
i remember as the first razor blade was slowly going down my throat
bloody started dripping out my mouth :S
it was horrible

and that's all I remember
i would like to know what it means and why i was swallowing razor blades
because its a really strange thing to dream about.

Owie.. I'd call that a nightmare. I found this dream interpretation article; the link is below.

Blood is life. This statement is true in both waking and dream life. Sadly, dreams of blood are usually of the spilled variety, which often signifies some sort of loss of life. Blood loss dreams may symbolize feeling drained, rundown, or defeated. Dreams of this type may mean one is investing too much energy in useless endeavours, or that a relationship has turned vampiric, or that something is sucking away one's life.

Life often equals power and therefore it is important to look at who or what is causing blood loss in dreams. Are you the blood loser or the blood lettee? Are you giving away your power or are you attempting to gain power by taking it from others?

Example: Weird dream?...what does it mean?

O.k I had a dream that God and Satan were fighting for me, every time God wanted me i would rise up. and every time Satan wanted me I would go down and scream an ugly low scream. What does this mean?=/ I was listening to music right before this happened. Is it the kind of music I listen to? I listen to metal..

Example: What does this dream means?

I dreamt of a lot of snakes staring at me one by one and some chasing me, while i run away from them. What does it mean? And my dad dreamt that i had plasters on my forehead like 2 days before and he told me today.

Example: What do theese dreams mean?

i had a dream about a guy named akutsuki i had tied him up because he was going to do something stupid but i saw sakura so i left for a moment because naruto was hurt i care alot about people i came back and akutsuki disapeared i asked everybody where he was and i finally found him he was fighting pain he had defeated him and became naruto and then sasuke came behind him and gave him a hug and fell to his knees abd started screaming sorry the rest was a blurr

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Ok so one of my best guy friends and his girlfriend, who is one of my closets friends, broke up. My girl friend is with another guy already and my guy friend is crushed and heart broken. He's been having the same dream over and over again, Can you tell me what they mean?

Dream one: He is walking towards his ex-girlfriend, me, my sister, and my other friend. he has cuts all over himself and can't stop bleeding.The girls noticed him but then he blacked out.

Dream two: There are the 4 girls from the last dream plus another girl who he's friends with plus 3 of his best friends and we are sitting my a fire laughing but he said he doesn't know why. It's really cold out and everyone has jackets except him and his best friend.

Any help?

Example: What do falling dreams mean?

I used to have them almost every night. Sometimes it would be an intended suicide or for some reason I would walk backwards off a cliff, not knowing there was a cliff there. I've never hit the ground. I wake up right before hitting the ground in my dream but in mid-air in reality and land on my bed; panting and sweating. I guess I would say I'm slightly depressed but does the suicide dreams mean something more severe?

Example: Meaning of dreams ?

i have had about 4 dreams about aeroplanes blowing up in the air , doea anyone no what these could mean

Example: What does my dream mean?

Please don't answer this if you don't believe in dream interpretation.

This is the dream I had:
I was in my aunty and uncle's field, and there was a battle going on. But the only weapons were bow and arrows. Anyway, I was running hand-in-hand with a boy I loved (I don't know him in real life, he was just in my dream) so we could get away from the battlefield. Suddenly I got shot by an arrow, and I died in his arms while he sobbed. But then I was suddenly alive, and we were running again. But then I got shot in the leg by another arrow, so I fell, and a tree fell on top of me. Then it ended.
What the hell does this mean?! Lol!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that a jet crashed and almost hit me and a group of people (I was waiting at a bus stop) what does it mean?


Background Info: I have this teacher who we will call Mr. Zeem. Mr. Zeem has zero personality and is the wrestling coach at my high school. Mr. Zeem doesn't really seem to like anyone but the wrestlers, he doesn't say hi to anyone or look them in the eye. Overall, not a personable human being. He has attempted to flirt with me; Always sits me in the front row, uses me as an example, smiles toward me, uses his very dry sense of humor more and more. Mr. Zeem is married and has 2 kids btw.

In my dream: Mr.Zeem had taken away my phone and as my punishment he took me to the upstairs commons and had sex with me. His point was to embarrass me but nobody paid attention. So basically he and I were having really pleasurable sex in public.

IDK what my dream means! Does he like me or something?

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