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Dream About Delirium meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: The Gates Of Delirium?

What songs actually make you feel as if you're on some sort of magical drug?

Ladytron... I have never ever tried any drug...occasional Vodka/Tonic is the only stuff I introduce into my system.

Music that transports me elsewhere ...many. Here a few examples...

Pink Floyd- Echoes
Genesis- Ripples
Yes- Tales from Topographic Oceans
Dream Theater-Space Dye Vest...

Example: What is your opinion on Delirium by Lauren Oliver?

I think it had a very interesting concept, but... It was just soooo boring for me! Im not saying it was a bad book, but i guess im not a fan of books crammed with fluffy romance. Believe me, I'm not one of those people who think its "gangster" to bash popular things. The reason I asked this is because literally everyone, EVERYONE I know who has read Delirium is in love with it! I mean, I can see why of course... Its dystopian, a romance, and young adult, which is very popular at the moment. Opinions?

Example: Hi, Can Christians Tell me About my Dreams While I go Through the DT''s?

I like how lotsa people like to get religious interpretations for their dreams. So recently I went through the DT's and if you don't know about that it basically means having nightmares for like 5 days straight and denouncing the fun of vodka.

Basically in my dream, my family got together for Christmas. Many dreams were spent with me waking up night after night staring down my niece (i.e. unholy Jesus brat who keeps telling me I'm going to Hell.) After nights of, "Not just going to drink a few glasses of wine so I don't have sleep paralysis and imagine that my niece is the anti-christ.

But even when I got sober she was still in my nightmares? IDK what to do, should I get more xanax or should I just go back to the vodka? :o

Example: I''ve been a having a very disturbing dream...opinions are all welcome.?

I've been having two very disturbing dreams lately.
One is me walking into a room with a closed coffin right in front of me with a clock over it with a blurry picture in the middle. Also on the left side of the coffin is a dark room with a figure standing in it. It is a face with no mouth, it looks almost alien and it has wings. Almost like angel wings, but black.

The other dream is of an old man with no eyes or mouth and he opens his mouth as if screaming but nothing is coming out. I start to run away and he starts chasing me. I feel so scared. I feel that if he were to touch me I would die. I feel as though it is the angel of death. I wake up heart racing and disoriented...every night. I'm afraid to sleep.
It's worse now. I'll be driving at night or during the day and I'll glance to look at a sign or maybe a quick look into the woods and I see his face. It scares me like you wouldn't believe. The first time it happened I looked out the window and saw him standing within the trees I got so scared that I almost swerved off the road. I'm afraid to look into the trees. I can't stand this I don't know what it means. and I'm afraid to tell anyone for fear of them thinking I'm crazy. I also have a blood disease among congestive heart failure and diabetes. I've never had any problem with any medicines up until about 3 months ago. Nothing is different, no new medicine or anything. Everything is stable except my dreams please help.

Example: What would the term "to be hung up on someone" be in Japanese?

Example: Is it possible to be awake and dreaming at the same time?

I read a little bit about how your brain acts the same during REM sleep stage as it does when you are conscious. So can someone explain why they think it is possible or impossible to be awake and dreaming at the same time? Would you see imaginary things that aren't really there, like if you brain created a dream while you were awake. What would happen? Is there any scientific basis to support or refute this idea of being awake and in REM sleep stage at the same time?


Example: Dreams about someone I''ve never met?

Last month, I had a dream about someone. A guy. This guy in I already know SO MUCH about each other from our dreams. Like we already know each others habits, family life, school history, and a lot of secrets too. Its..intriguing? haha, but its like, I already have a connection w/ someone from my dreams.

My friends have seen him in person. I didn't say anything to them either. He's seen all of my friends except me. The day after they see him, they ask, Do you know this guy? He kept glancing at me and mumbling, it sounded like he said your name."

In my dream, we were at the beach w/ ice cream. Neapolitan to be exact. Then I asked him, "Jeremy, how did you know who I was? Like you already knew my name and everything about me." He said "I had a LOT of dreams about you. I learned who you are from my dreams. And I kept looking for you." Then he hugged me, then we went swimming in the ocean.

He told me to meet him somewhere. I wanna go there, but I'm not sure if I CAN. Like I have no problem getting there, its just I'm not sure to trust my instinct.
I've had these dreams since January. So..help please?

This week, I had quite a few dreams about him. Him and I were in a Japanese shop. It had sliding doors, and in each room was things on sale to buy. We went into a room w/ pens. He was standing and I was sitting looking for pens. I asked him to help me look for one. He went into each basket and found one. It was a pen that, he thinks, says who I am. Like you click it then it changes words on the side. Then he kissed my lips. In my dreams, it feels like..he would if I saw him in real life. Like the feeling is just amazing.

Then I had another dream of him robbing a bank, then he had a gun. Then he told me to get the money, but I didn't know what he was talking about. Then he handed me a gun, I was like O_o But then someone ELSE came in w/ a gun. He dropped his and so did I. It just fell out of my hand. I didn't feel scared. at all when I was standing next to him. He was telling me in my mind, how to get out of this. Then I woke up. Help?

He is filipino, bboy, and a year older than me. And he plays piano.
I've never met him in my life. Ever. I would remember if I did.

You know what? I keep having memories from a past life, and it was him. Not how he looks now, but it was still that same spirit. I feel a REALLY strong connection with someone through my dreams. Maybe he's telepathic? I have a feeling he's had these dreams longer than me. Like a year, I've only had them for 6 months

I haven't had any dreams with him lately. Should I just wait..?

Example: Can you guys fill in the missing lyrics?

Crushed by Collide
In your revelation
in the symphony
there you stood
in your own delirium
and all your satelights
are fragments here
i feel a little crushed
and out of control
and all your gravity
it's meant to bring you down
makes me feel so-------

Touch the flame by Lullacry
But please don't

Touch the flame that-------

Never Enough by Epica

It was,
All of the horror that -------
(Never enough)
How can I make up my mind this time?

Cassie by Flyleaf
Do you ----- in God?
Written on the -------
Say yes to -------

Deliverance-After Forever
Have You Ever Thought About Your ------
Can It Be Saved?
Or Perhaps You Think That When You're ------

Lithium, don't want to-------
Lithium, don't want to forget how it feels -------
Lithium, I want to stay in love with my ------

more in details section

Example: Which of the following would you like to get your hands on?

1. a fellow co-worker or classmates neck
2. a winning lottery ticket
3. chocolate
4. your dream vehicle
5. ice cream cone
6. the opposite sex...=)
7. a rare collectible of any kind
8. new computer
9. new cell phone
10. huge screened TV
More than one answer is cool...=)


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