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Dream About Demon meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream of demons?

I cant really remember everything from my dream but this. I remember there where these demon like creatures with sharp tails in the shape of or the symbol of fire. There was bunch of people running in fear. These demons where chasing them and killing them. I remember seeing people being strung up onto the walls while this demons impaled them with there sharp tails. For some weird reason these demons where not attacking me but acted as if they where following my orders. Hey maybe dreams dont mean anything at all, but maybe there is some kind of message in them. Anyone have any idea what the message of this dream could mean?

im not sure wat it means but i have been getting dreams in the intensity of wat no human being can even dream of...but in my dreams i am surrounded with death or im close to death or i am very badly wounded... idk y but if u have a religion meybe it has something to do with it? like if ur christian maybe god is trying to say that u have sinned so bad that demons are willing to listen to wat u say? idk

Example: What does it mean to dream of demon baby, whose head you have to cut off?

I have never this type of dream... well its a two parter. The first dream was that my cat gave me worms. (and in real life, i think she may have worms, but not sure... I know I need to take her to vet!) So then, the second dream was, I was at some sort of school. I found this this baby whose head looked reattached. I thought it was dead, but slowly it woke up and tried to bite me. I realized it was a demon baby and had to cut off it head. And I did! with a butcher knife a clean sweep. So afterwards I go into the next room congradulating my roomates cause they helped too. Then this man walks in, almost lecturing us about clean living. He seemed really intimidating but turns out he really liked us. I go back to the room where the demon baby was and find that it reattached its head to it body. So again, I had to fight to cut its head off, this time with a fork. And succeed, then the intimidating guy's wife (whose a psychic) comes to me, to help me keep the brain and head and other appendages from reattaching. wtf!? i'm pretty good at figuring out my dreams but this one is too much.
(i guess i should also mention i had a bite of a "brownie" and was baked all day... but umm... yeah, lay off the brownies is also a given)

Example: What does a dream about a demon mean?

few days ago i had a strange/disturbing dream i was in the living room with my mom and dad michelle(my lil sister) was upstairs in my moms room and i saw michelle (it ended up eing a demon that just looked like michelle) through the blinds looking inside and i said Come inside, so invited “her” in, she came in and she walked through the table so I noticed something was wrong she stopped and laid down on the border between my living room and the kitchen next to the fridge I didn’t know what to do so me my mom and dad followed her and I couldn’t say anything but I managed to blurt out the word Jehovah. Then I heard praying then michelle disappeared so I think it was a demon that just looked like michelle then my mom and dad looked at me and asked me why I said Jehovah and I panicked so I said its gods name I saw It in the catholic bible too then I woke up :/
what does my dream mean.?

Example: What does it mean to dream about demons?

I have had a lot of dreams of demons chasing me and in some cases I have to fight them to protect either myself or a loved one. I usually have dreams like this several times a month and its always the same scenario. What does this mean?

Example: What dose it mean to dream about demons?

i was in my own house and i was in the leaving room sitting down in the sofa with my mom we got cold we got this chill like if a spirit passed us. And we suddenly got red dots in pur sking it was horrible i started to feel dizzy and wanted to fainth then my mom told my grandma and they started to pray and i was teying my best to pray but i couldnt i couldnt rember so everything was normal my grandma was cooking in the kitchen and my mom was in the leaving room i came to the leaving room area and everything suddenly turned dark y sat in the sofa scared i knowdess that my mom sat next to me but it wasnt her anymore i started to pray but every time i stoped cuz i couldnt remember then in the middle between of my mom and me i saw something appear and jump into me my mom grabbed my hands and she wouldnt let go they all started to laugh but with that demon laugh i was closing my eyes super thight and holding my moms hands super thigh and i was screaming nooo nooo. Amd i tried harder to open my eyes finally i woke up and i was holding my blanket real thight what dose this dream mean? Anyone?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a demon?

A few nights ago I dreamt my 5 yr old daughter was talking to someone I could hear her from my bedroom but I couldn't get out of bed so I asked her who she was talking to. She said she was talking to her imaginary friend. I finally was able to move and rushed to check on her. She was playing barbies and was fine but a horrific looking demon was standing over a crib looking at my newborn daughter. ( I'm pregnant due in December so my daughter isn't actually born yet which freaks me out even more)

Example: What does it mean to dream about demons?

I keep having the same dream, where I will either meet a new person... or it will be somebody I know and then they will turn into a demon and try to rip me into 2 pieces (by putting his hands in my mouth and trying to rip me apart). I had another one where I was walking in a building of my university, and every room I entered he was standing there... I finally found my boyfriend in a room, and he was facing the wall. When I approached him it was the demon.
The next night I had a similar dream, I found my boyfriend and turned him around but he was faceless, and a voice told me I was going to die before october 25th.

Example: What does it mean to dream about a demon?

okay i had a dream about a demon and usually i dont dream about things like this and i want to know what it means. Okay the dream starts off with me in a cave like tunnel place i then get grabbed by the demon and he looks to be in his 20s very handsome and he looks kinda goth like with all the black and all so anyhow at first i try to get away he then puts a knife or something sharp to my neck till i started to bleed and tells me he will kill me if i try to get away so of course i stop and its funny cause i dont feel scared of him.so we continue down the tunnel and i see people there but we keep walking and enter into this auditorium thing so we sit down and he then starts to be very nice to me and gives me a huge telling me hes sorry so for some reason i hug him back and forgive him and for the rest of the time we were in that auditorium hes be very kind to me so anyway we leave he then takes me to this place out in the middle of nowhere but its sort of a pretty little meadow and its really dark because its night time and there is no moon so he holds me close for a while then tells me he want to make a deal with me and my first thought is no so im about to tell him then out of no where a yes comes out , so a iron cross appears and its looks kinda weird like the bottom is really long and the top were the horizon bar is really small so anyway he tells me to hold it so i do and it burns really bad so he takes it away from me and he holds it and the palm of his hand starts to burn really bad so i get mad because i didn't want a deal with him and so i start walking away and every thing looks a little bright but its still night so he lets me go and after a while i get really dizzy and fall to the ground then this other demon comes he looks like an old man but he just stares at me and i dont want to ask for help because im really scared of him and for some reason i could tell hes a demon so the demon i made a deal with his name pops into my head (sorry i cant remember his name) so anyway i think of his name and soon after he appears he stands in front of me so the old man dont see me and they start talking about some war or something but then i wake up

so what do you guys think do i have an over creative imagination or did i actually make a deal with him or was it just a dream

Example: What does it mean when you dream about demons?

Ok i had a dreams last night that there were alot of demons traped in cages but they looked like people (people i dont know) and all of them had different powers or w. e it is, one of them could give you everything ypu want and another was a beautiful women etc. but the most i remember out of all of them was the one that could grant you everything you would want because he put something of dora and my 3 year old daughter tried to go near it ( shes crazy with dora btw) while i was pulling her back and the whole dream was about how i had to try and not give them what they wanted so the demons dont come out what could this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about demons?

i dreamed that i woke up at night and this invisable demon was trying to pull my covers off so it could get me and it's powers was strong lifting me off the bed but then i started singing a church song and i woke up

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