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Dream About Diapers meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Had a dream about a horse who had "irritable bowel syndrome"and had to wear diapers?what does this mean?

you should be a comedian ...i think this is what your dream is telling yah...a lot of people would love your twisted imagination...friggin hilarious
...as a matter of fact thats a great opening line for a stand up comic...mind if i borrow that line...thats so hilarious

Example: What do you think this goofy dream means?

I dreamed that my boyfriend was at my house. We were sleeping and I woke up and found all these dirty diapers on the floor. Some of them were open. Then there was a blonde baby boy who was about 1, and he was running around the bedroom. Then all of a sudden my boyfriend looked like this guy that I work with and he was crying. He said, "You have hurt me so much." Then I looked at the ceiling all all of these black birds were on the ceiling. I wondered how they got there. Then I noticed that my bedroom walls looked like mesh and there were all these holes. So I thought I need to call my landlord about that. Do you think there is any meaning to this dream at all? So here is reality. I haven't hurt my boyfriend, since our relationship is new. We don't have any children.

Example: What do you think my dream means?

I had a dream that a lot of old friends from high school had babies. These were babies in diapers and could not talk yet, all of them younger than a year old. There were at least 5 different babies. I don't remember which friends were in the dream, just that they were my friends.

I have been in touch with a lot of old friends lately, but none of them have kids. I am married but do not have kids. I do not plan to have kids until I graduate from college. Any ideas at what my dream means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that i was being put in diapers by my future wife and then she had a baby and it was a girl and i loved her very much. What does this dream mean? and i dont have a girlfriend yet either.

Example: What does this dream mean? diapers?

in 2011 i thought i was possibly pregnant so i took a test and wasnt.i was scared too. i had a hormonal imbalance. well last night i had a dream that i had diapers and my grandpa found them and said you need to either move or get rid of these diapers. in the dream the diapers were from around that time and i still kept them. i had toys in my house too. i was at my grandpas house in the dream and there were lots of people in his yard i didnt even know them. in this dream his house had stairs and i was upstaires looking down at people. in the dream i was thinking about babies. why am i having this dream?

Example: What does it mean to have a dream where your boyfriend wears diapers? Lol?

In my dream last night, I was at this place with my boyfriend and he eventually was like "I'll be right back baby, I need to change diapers." I was like "Whaaaa?" He was 18, in the dream like he is in real life and he still looked the same. Anyways it was so weird though lol. What does it mean? :P

Example: I had many dreams of me wearing Huggies or other baby diapers. What does that mean?

I am in my 20

Example: What does it mean to dream poo?

i keep dreaming of baby poo or dirty diapers, what does it mean?

Example: What does it means when you dreamt that you were wearing a wet diaper and was emberassed about it to others?

I had a dream last night that I had friend wake me up and told me a girl that I liked was coming over and then I went to get up and realized that all I was wearing was diaper. Then I realized that that the diaper was soaked, and the tried to cover myself in the blanket. I tried to change out of it but could find a place to change or hide. I was so embaressed and then I woke up. Just trying to figure out what this might be interpited as.

Example: What do dreams like these mean?

Lately I've been dreaming that I'm pregnant, that I want a baby, that I'm changing diapers, and me holding a bby.
What does this mean?
Help please!

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