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Dream About Diapers meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream that I was wearing a diaper?

Last night I had a dream that This very sexy girl was in my room and I was wearing a t-shirt and a diaper. She then asked, "Are you wearing a diaper?" and I said, "yes" While she was talking to me I then wet my diaper. When she saw my diaper was wet she said, "aww your wet do you want me change you?" I then woke up and dream was over. What does this dream mean?

Depending on your emotions in your dream it could mean several things, but the fact that you said she was a very sexy girl, I'm going to make the assumption that the dream was a pleasant one, even your experience wearing the diaper and wetting it. You sound disappointed that the dream ended.

I would think that maybe you have a secret desire to wear diapers and be babied by a good looking "mommy". That you would like to have her diaper you and feed you and possibly make you use your diaper so you can be changed again.

If it wasn't a pleasant dream and you were not liking being in a diaper then it could be a desire to be forced into being a baby and treated like one.

Either way it tells me that you may have a diaper fetish but only if the dream continues to reoccur or if you have similar types of dreams where you are diapered. Otherwise it might just have been something you saw on TV or something that might have triggered something from your past or whatever to create this "different" dream.

Go back to sleep and see what happens, tell us more.

Good luck.

Example: I have dreams that i wear baby diaper and wet them and somtimes get change?

Example: What does dreaming of babies mean?

I had the weirdest dream last night! I dreamt that I had 2 kids - a toddler boy and a baby ~ like nothing special even happened in the dream - I changed a diaper and I went shopping and picked out a cup with the boy ... Seriously it was like really normal (usually my dreams are totally out there). What's up with that?

I'm female-23-in a serious relationship

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I dreamt I opened up the coat closet and my cat had pooped on some of clothes. The other night I dreamt I was trying to change my 6 mo old niece's diaper and she kept taking another poop. I couldn't find anymore diapers to change her with. Does anyone know what these mean? They were so vivid!

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I have had many where I have had a baby. Sometimes I know the sex of it and sometimes I don't. Last night I had two twin boys. One night I was buying a diaper bag for a baby on the way. These had occured in the past 2-3 months.

Example: What does it mean if I often dream that I'm wearing diapers?

Example: What does This Dream Mean?

Well I dreamed was a toddler and I was riding away from home in diapers and in a little toddler car. And I wasent looking back.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

What do my dreams mean?
I have had many where I have had a baby. Sometimes I know the sex of it and sometimes I don't. Last night I had two twin boys. One night I was buying a diaper bag for a baby on the way. These had occured in the past 2-3 months.

My boyfriend had one where we had a baby sleeping in between us.

Example: Wat does dreaming about a baby mean?

I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I can't get out of my head. I normally don't remember dreams so well of for this long so I'm assuming that maybe I'm trying to tell myself something.

It was a baby boy, maybe two months or less, wearing a green and light green striped onesie. I knew he was mine and though I knew it was a challenege to take care of him (changing extremely messy diapers, trying to carry him into Walmart, closing a car door while trying to keep hold on him and grabbing a basket to put him in while trying not to drop him) I enjoyed it. I stuck it out no matter how difficult it was to me. I've taken care of my baby cousin mulitple times and that overwhelmed me so I know it's not telling me to have a kid.

My little sister enjoyed him being around and always asked questions and though my mom didn't say anything she supported me and I think even helped me out financially though I would never want her to. Around the end of the dream I was actually starting to enjoy it more then I woke up and felt kind of sad.

From all that I gathered so far there's some creative idea that I should probably put more focus on. If so, I know what the idea is, but I need more info. I've never had a dream that's stuck with me like this before.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream the other night and the dream was about me lying in my bed sleeping in my room, and i felt something to the side of me and picked it up and it was a to-go coffee mug, and i heard someone in my room and i got so scared that i couldnt talk and barely could breath, and i couldnt scream either, and so i ran upstairs and got my dad and told him that theres someone in my room, and he got a shotgun(he doesnt have one in real life) and went down stair and when he shinned his flashlight towards my closet this old woman walks out and just stares at us... I told my mom about this dream and she told me to describe the women and when i did my mom said i just described my dead great grandmother...

I had another dream the night after that and it was about how my sister had her baby(shes prego and due in a couple days) and my family and friends were outside playing around and my sister asked me to bring my nephew inside to change his diaper and when i walked out he was a toddler and my mom told me to bring him inside to give him his shot, so we walked up the stairs into our bathroom and he showed me where the needle and medicine was, and he told me to ingect it into his arm, but ew, no i hate needles and i couldnt do it, and then all of a sudden this nurse walks in and gives him the shot and i wake up...

i want to know what these dreams mean. and what im suppost to do about them.


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