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Dream About Dig Up A Grave meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does holding hands in a dream mean..and another dream..?

I held hands with the girl I have a crush on... And also today I had a dream that me and me friends were in a forest and we were camping however we dug ourselves a grave and slept there?

Well, the digging of the graves is a bit disturbing, but it may mean a pledge of eternal love

Example: Dream about me digging a hole and recollecting the dirt?

I was like a worker in a construction digging a hole and collecting it in a wheelbarrow, this dirt was reddish and i dug and was with a group of people(women) who were watching me dig, because i was the leader and the dirt was going to be worth so much money, i was to fill the wheelbarrow and give it to these other people for millions...what is this about? there were other things in my dream but i couldnt tell u about them.

Example: Dreaming of my x-boyfriends grave site. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of snakes on a loved ones grave?

It's coming up on the one year anniversary of my daughter Abigail's silent birth(37 weeks), and I know i'm a little emotional, but I think I've done well when it comes to the grieving and healing process, but I recently had a really weird dream.

I decide that I want to plant flowers all over Abigail's grave. So my husband and i buy bunches of beautiful flower's to plant, but when we get to the cemetery, we realize we don't have a spade, so we call the caretakers. When they arrive the skies get really dark, and as they start to dig holes for the flowers, snakes come up, hundreds of them.

The dream really scared me, and I haven't been able to sleep well since I've had it. It's definitely NOT something i want to remember when I think of my daughter.

Example: Please tell me what this dream meant?

AssalamuAlaikum, this is for my friend.
She says that she dreamt of her own grave, it was dug up and meant for her. A pin dropped into it, and she says that she thinks it was her sister that asked her 'what if that pin pricks you when you die and in your grave?'

I'm really concerned, my friend is 14, and i'm 15. she is scared, she's a good girl, we both go to the same madrasah.
i don't know what to tell her, please what it could mean, i know this is not the place to ask dream interpretations, but the majority of those sections are non-muslims so i had to come here.

JazakAllah for your support!

Example: What Does my dream mean?

Hello!My names Erin and I'm 15.
So my dream takes place at my highschool and I'm walkimg down the hall to my locker when I notice no one is in the halls. And I see this door I've never seen before and I open it and I see everyone from my freshamn class digging holes in a graveyard. And I turn around and leave when I see see these two guy,Cody and Brian who are in my fresh. class, and we stast to talk and we look around the halls.But the thing is I never talk to them in real life school. So as we are walking my algebra teacher Mr.M comes out and talks to us. So I walk away and I go through a door and I'm in my room again. I lie in my bed fall asleep in my dream but wake up in real life.

What does that mean?

Example: Dream meaning in islam plz !?

for the past weeks i have been praying to allah for help and guidance etc
someone that i know died some time ago and they were believed to be non muslim we were very close they were very interested in islam they studied the religion and found it peaceful they used to be very charitable and helped the poor a lot. that person has family members that are Muslim . this person died and it was a very sad time 4 me their relatives said they think he was a Muslim in his heart and was close to conversion like making it official
i always pray that the person did become Muslim and forgiveness 4 their sins if they were i know u can't pray 4 non Muslims and i cry a lot 4 them

last night was the night of power 4 muslims i stayed up and prayed, read quran read durood and prayed 4 forgiveness i asked allah to give me a sign in my dream if this person was muslim and if they are okay

i dreamt of someone (it wasn't the person that has died but this persons characteristics were similar to the person that died it's difficult to explain) this person was with my family we were all fasting and he said he wanted to fast i was happy that a non muslim was doing this and felt proud and happy in my dream my mother is in the kitchen and my dad and brother are outside my brother is digging a hole and i think it's a grave because i'm told to clean the house and make room 4 people to sit 4 the funeral i think ,i go into the font room and i think i can't remember a molvee says to the person well done for making this intention in your heart however it would be better if u made it official and public and the person replies i did

what does this mean is it sign that this person did become muslim thank u 4 helping in advance may allah bless u and grant u heaven

Example: What does dreaming of digging up a family members grave mean?

I used to be very close with my grandad he died when I was In my early stages of primary school. My dream went like this I was told that I had to dig up my grandads grave because it's almost 10 years and I had to put something in it again from me now to like let him remember me or see how I have grew up, but then once we digged the grave up I went to get my something I was gonna put in and when I came back mum said that his heartbeat had started and that he was looking to see but when I went to see him he was just lying there and then I woke up. What does this mean? I have be some frightened of the dream

Example: Digging/Ploughing Dream?

Dreamt me and a friend of mine were digging (more like ploughing) a field and my friend was able to finish ploughing her lane and somehow i was struggling with mine, the hoe i was using seemed to be blunt and not doing any damage. It was hot so i decided to visit my cousin for a drink of water and he poured me a glass but it wasnt enough so I started drinking from the bottle and turn out it had some sand in it, I also saw that he had a bigger hoe which I took to go finish ploughing and when I got back it turns out that we were actually digging graves and there were many graves except were I was digging mine was unfinished. I then saw 2 coffins in 2 of the graves and all of sudden there were a lot of people there saying that the Presidents children were dead and we were waiting for him to come.

Example: Can someone please tell me what this dream might mean?

i had a very strange dream last night. and the only part i can remember is digging a grave. what could this mean?

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