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Dream About Dip meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I'm playing in high school football and I take the handoff and sprint down the field, easily beating the last man back for a touchdown. Side note: in one of my recurring dreams, I can never run, I try to but I always go slow.

After the touchdown I walk back up to this pier and I see my Mom. Then there's this magician who tells me to climb on this bear, which I do. The bear jumps into the air and starts flying over the water, dipping down and flying back up again as I cling onto it. This goes on for about 5 minutes until the bear lands on the other side of the pier. As I get off, the bear tries to attack me me, but I push it into the water with a chair and I just run. I run into this building to see if it's still chasing me. As I leave, I walk out with Kelly from Saved by the Bell. As I walk out, Slater is sitting down, I look at him, kiss Kelly on the cheek and walk down the stairs, and me and her start looking at watches.

What exactly does that **** mean?

When a dream last this long in you remembrance, it is usually because your waking mind fills in the blanks. Possibly your dream is more of a vague football game in which you would like to impress your mother. Bears can represent lots of things, like a father or other things competing for your mothers attention. Kissing a girl on the cheek, instead of lustily, still hinges on your possibly mixing thoughts of your mother to hopeful girl friends. The watch thing I think was just waking thought. Sounds like a healthy dream.

Example: Does This Dream Have a Meaning?

Last night I dreamed I skinny dipped at a public pool. I don't know why, but there was dirt at the bottom of the pool, so I dug down a bit and found a chest full of treasure. Did it mean something or was it just a weird dream?

Example: 10 points for winning answer! What does this falling dream mean?

What does this dream mean?:

i dreamt i was going to fall down a hole an i was tiring to stop myself, there was a man in the corner who was also tiring to stop me falling down this hole

Example: What does it mean to dream of my hands being dipped in glass?

Last night I had a dream that my hands were dipped in super strong glass to protect them for some reason. It didn't hurt my skin, my hands had that clear glassy look on them but I was still able to move them like normal hands. They looked freaky though so I was wearing gloves over them so people wouldn't notice. Any want to try and interpret my dream? Thanks!

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

I keep having the same dream, been having it for at least 6 months. Can anybody tell me what it means?

I dream that i'm going to a fair, the people I am with in my dream vary, but it's always people I know well, my mum, my partner, my friends etc. Anyway we're all really looking forward to this fair and we have to walk miles to get there, along this path next to a river and the path goes all the way around the bottom of a massive (tall and wide) hill. When we get to the fair we have to queue uip ages for this rollercoaster, and i start to get a bit panicky in the queue (in my day to day life I love big rollercoasters and never get scared by them). Anyway we all get on the roller coaster and it's not a scary ride after all, it's just going down this track with the odd slight dip in it And it’s just going in a straight line, out of the fair and keeps going. It’s like I don’t know where it’s going but it’s going somewhere scary and everyone on the rollercoaster (including me) is

Example: What would freud say my dreams meant?

what would freud say these dreams meant?

Dream 1) i had a dream that i invented wafer thin aero chocolate bar.
Dream2) i had a dream that i was stuck in a really thick bubble and couldnt get out and i was flyin in the wind.
Dream 3) i had a dream that i had bright blue eyes and bright blonde curly hair with really fair skin, (ratherr than my bluey green eyes and brown hair) i was wearing a white frilly dress and was sat in the middle of of a field that was full of daisies.
Dream 4) i dreamt that i was in year one again and had just moved to a new school, where i walked in and was automatically approached by a girl called maddie who said i could share her apple with her if i wanted and then we were instantly friends and then i met her friend called beckie and then me and her became inseperable for the rest of primary school ( and the scary thing is ...is that this is what actually happened to me when i moved schools in year one)
Dream 5) i had a dream that some incennt sticks that i was burning had run out of there orange smell and so i decided to dip them in my lemon bodywash
Dream 6) i had a dream that a ghost of my great grandma was sat on my bed reading me a story like she used to when i was 4 and that she read to me all night until i fell asleep in her arms
Dream 7) i had a dream that i was a famous author selling vampire novels aaround the world and had so much money that i took a trip to the moon.

could someone please tell me what freud would say to these... its for phsychology project.. i have to anaylse my dreams for a week like freud would have only i have no idea what he would of said to these dreams i have done so much research but cant find it out :/ x

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay, my dream was really sad/scary. I mean, it was half nightmare half dream. It's a bit long, but please read on:

I'm not very sure how the dream started, but I was a guest on this show, where the person throwing the party had to have some water feature(like a pool, beach, river, fountain, etc) great food, a nice landscape, and the grossest part was, they had to have poop on the grass of their parties. There was air dried poop, hydrogenated, and normal. It was really odd... Then, I'm at school. Except, the high school I go to in reality, looks a lot different then it did in my dream. It was dark, gloomy, and kind of depressing. I was in a biology class room, and there was abnormally LARGE tank of fish. It was the kind in which you could dip your hand in while looking down. It was laid on multiple desk because it was so big, but you sat down at your desk in your chair, and could have a perfect view. Then, I don't know where in the world have I seen this person, but out of the middle of no where this really incredibly hot guy who takes me out of the school and were wandering and eventually go to this park. I use to always go this park, but then I stopped due to lack of interest. We went in this library, I think it was the one they had at Barnes and Nobles before it went out of business, and we were trying to find a private spot. I don't know why we were trying to find a private spot, it could be for VARIETY of reasons, but we finally went up to the final level, and it was the children's section. There was some parent and child bonding activity, but then he asked the librarian where a certain book was. He left out of the middle of no where. I woke up briefly after that and I felt really sad and lonely. Like, the only way I was going to have intimacy(emotional, and so on) with someone is through a dream. I fell back to sleep and then I was at this weird, creepy version of Disney Land. I was there with my friend, her brothers, and her mom. Everything was really eerie and there was hardly any people there. Then, Chucky comes out of the middle of NO WHERE. I really hate those movies and horror filled events in general. I was really scared and there was a weird part where I'm at an opera, watching this guy on a rope acting out Peter Pan and Chucky is holding the rope. It was freaky. I was very nervous and I woke up from the dream scared. This isn't fake and made up, I hardly ask questions on Yahoo answers and would quite blatantly prefer serious answers, where the user actually analyzed and read what I wrote. Quick bits about myself, I'm 14, single, feel kind of sad at times, don't like the school I'm attending, and I'm social. Thank you for reading this! And why would I be so emotional after a dream? Best answer gets 10 points, but thank you to anyone for answering ^_^

Example: What can this dream mean?

MY girlfriend told me she had a dream where she learned how to cook (boil) babies?
could this mean anything subconsciously ?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i've had these dreams for a few nights, thats why i asked. I love writing, my mum is a play writer, and i am using one of the mysteries as a story, which i actually hold very close, because it is very similar to the disapearance of my step fathers uncle. Thats why when i dreamt of it, i found it strange. thank you all, will soon pick best answer.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

When I was like 6 or 8 years old I had a dream about this baby on a room it was all dark and like a big shadow tried to take it away from me,i took her in my hands but them the shadow tried to take it away from me and then I wake up.Other day when I was about 7 or 8 I had a dream about this old lady that lived next to a couple that had a little boy they had to go somewhere and they left the boy with the old lady,she takes him and kills him and like takes his blood to an altar with an estatue of jesus as an offer ,then I waked up all freaked up imagine an 8 year old dreaming about all this.So I calm my self down and get like this strange feeling of someone surrounding me ,but I go back to sleep and I dreamed again with the lady but this time she was passing across the street and I could see her image in the window but she didn't looked at me or anything she just passed across the street.I mean during my childhood I had so violent dreams and the big thing is that I live in a really healthy family relationship.

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