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Dream About Disbelief meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do you think this dream means?

Well, I had a dream where I was in my gym, in my p.e. clothes, and there was a long rope ladder all the way up to the ceiling. My gym is really high by the way. I started crying but I was not afraid as I started to climb the rope ladder. When I had reached the top I was still crying and I fell. Just like that I fell, I couldn't tell if I let go or I fell, hard to tell. I hit the gym floor REALLY hard and I thought I had died, but I got up and I was fine and everyone was looking at me all weird. Their was also a boy their who climbed it and fell and he was in bandages and a wheelchair. I WAS FINE THOUGH! And everyone was looking at me in disbelief! I want to know what my dream means, also, when I was little I used to cry when I was sad or mad and then all of a sudden something great would happen! Weird right? Oh well, can someone tell me what my dream mean in your OWN opinion! Thanks! <3

I believe your dream means that you are a strong person and even though you might fall down in life you can always pick your self up and move on with out a problem while others get up but still feel the pain they are still recovering from a situation and can never seem to move on the crying part is your fear of falling of making a mistake or even find your self in to trouble

Example: What does my crazy dream mean?

My dream last night: My family and I were in a car sorta late at night and we were driving to out house. There is a 3-way intersection near where I live. A man was standing in the middle of it shooting everyone in sight. My mom tried to run him over to stop the shooting but missed. He got angry and chased up our big lane to our house.

I must have been scared cause I woke up right there, what does that dream mean?

Example: The meaning of Dreams?

I had these dreams last night One was a dream I was getting married, I had on a veil, I was looking at myself in the mirror. I had a compact and the mirror broke, then I had another dream that I was in the woods with my cat and I saw an owl. I looked up these dreams and an owl means death or evil, one book I had said a wedding is a union and another said it meant death. Another said a broken mirror is a sign of bad news. Do these dreams mean anything? Help, I am starting to get scared!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I like this guy and I had a dream about him I was in a room with my friends then my crush walks in so I hugged him and I kept saying I love you and I kept kissing him on the cheek he didn't hug me back though and he kept saying what is she doing? I was kind of happy because I had the same dream about my grandma I kept hugging her but she wouldn't hug me back I've heard that dreams are vice versa so I'm and scared can someone please explain to me what this dream means

Example: I had a dream where I peeled off one of my eyebrow. What does this mean?

What does this mean in terms of symbolism. Is it any different from eyebrows falling off in the dream?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream today about my grandmother that passed away in November of 2011.
The setting was me sitting on a couch in her living room. I was on the same couch with my grandfather and a cousin (who are still living.) My cousin looked over at me and said "a baby died where you are sitting" I looked at her like why the heck are you talking about?!? I know that a baby has never died in this house! After feeling weirded out by her I got up and sat on anither couch in the same room. Then I looked over and in disbelief, my grandmother was right next to me. With my mouth wide open I said " but I know you died in this house" then she touched my face softly and just smiled. She also pushed my jaw up because it was open from being so surprised she was there. It also felt as though she put holy water on me with her fingers in the shape of a cross. Then I woke up.

I have been upset this entire day trying to figure out what this meant. It did not scare me however it made me feel sad and odd. Has anyone experienced this before?

Example: Dreams?!?!?

why do we have dreams,and when we do what makes us dream about what we dream about...

like last night i had a dream about eating nails (not nail clipping real nails), what does that mean, and what made it happen?

Example: ((Okay weird)) what does my dream mean?

Okay so I was standing outside my house with my friend and we saw a light that looked somewhat like a lazerpointer thingy in the sky, it grew and it began to go back and forth through the sky. Soon it became a line and was twisting in the sky, then it became like an atom design and still was going back and forth through the sky. It appeared to be late at night. So my friend went to her house and got her camera, by that time the atom like thing in the sky was huge and rainbowy. Like it was a huge atomy-rainbowy-satilite. So we took pictures and it kept evading the picture because it was moving faster than when it was an atom. So I took the camera and took an off center pic of it. After we took pictures my friend had to leave, so I still looked at the sky, the big rainbowy atom stopped and morphed into a tiger... then it split in half making a lizard... then they both turned into fish. ((This reminded me of an expierence when I was on my boat and we saw numbers in the sky drawn out and then was so a huge flounder... no I wasnyt high... I was 5 and my parents remember it too.)) (in my dream->)So after that I ran inside to see my dad sitting on our staircase in disbelief and angered at me. I showed him the pic and he didnt believe me. Then he yelled at me. I showed my mom and she didnt believe me. I showed my sister and she didnt believe me at first, but then I showed her the real thing... and she did... then I showed my mom and she told me it was an ad for a new band...sorry this is so long but I have more parts to my dream.

My 2nd part of my dream was when I owned a store. I owned a store in my basement and I had a lot of ppl I knew in it. I was talking to a boy I liked and all of a sudden my face started peeling off... like layers and layers peeled off. Then I went in my backyard, the thing in the sky was still there, bigger than ever and it was still late, I looked at my watch 12:55 pm... not am... pm... so I was confused at how it could be noon and its so dark. There was a rollercoaster and it was made out of wood, my bestfriend took me back to my shop and showed the paintings she made of her friends, she made a cartoon of me. It was tim burton style, I was fat, and had stringy hair. I dont remember the cartoon but I remember it was hurtfull, I looked at everyone else pictures and they looked beautiful. After that I remember getting a brand new car for no reason... and it was on my stoop for some reason. Then I took it driving, it was midnight and bright outside. all the houses on my street were covered in toys and the band's name that my mom told me about, finally I looked up at the sky and saw the atomy-thing and it exploded... then I woke up.

Example: Please help. What does my dream mean?

I have been having a lot of strange dreams recently, a little information about myself is that I'm an independant 19 year old, I work full-time during the night at Wal-Mart and mostly, I sleep during the day. But, the strangest dream, which I hope that someone could define for me, it's really bugging me. It was located at a gas station, in the small store where they sell food, beverages, where the cashier is, etc. It was during the night, and there was only one car parked outside, sitting there with two girls in the front. There was boy in the store in which I was talking to before the shot was fired, it missed my head and I looked up at the hole before shouted at him in disbelief, "Did they just shoot at me?!" Through-out the dream, the shots kept missing and I kept asking if they were trying to kill me or not. Eventually after the shots had died down, I had randomly found a gun of my own and emerged from the store, I shot the girl that had the gun, the girl in the passenger side and after, there was a boy running up to the car, that appeared to be their friend, I ended up shooting him too and that's all I remember then until I woke up. I really would like to know what this dream means, as I take the meaning of them seriously, I would really appreciate any sort of answer. Thank you.

Example: For intuitive people: what does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was in Downtown Charleston SC, a city I live near. I suddenly held a bolloon and it picked me up off the ground and I floated across the city. I liked it, it was fun. Once I landed I was near some buildings and I tried to hide from a cop that I think saw me. I then went in a store that was connected to a small city mall and I saw a bunch of Christmas decorations. I don't know what that was all about but it made me happy. I then went to a place with some of my friends, there I saw a scientist talked about something that totally went against what I believe in and what really drives my happiness, success, and qualaty/enjoyment in life and the scientific theory he stated basically disproved that believe and moral I have in life and I got extremely upset. I then yelled about how pissed I was to hear that theory to my friends explaining how this change in belief is going to effect my life negatively and how I wish I simply didn't hear what that scientist said. What do you think this dream meant?

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