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Dream About Discomfort meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do dreams mean?

if you have a dream about something what does it mean
like do they have some meaning to them
i was just wondering x

most thing in a dream mean something.
heres a few of them incase they help you:
DOG-Pay attention to dreams about dogs, as they often bring important messages. Dog dreams that are positive mean that the dreamer is lucky in friendship. A threatening dog signifies discomfort with large social groups
BABY-A baby signifies innocence, warmth and new beginnings. A love may be blooming for you in your near future. You will also make fun new friends. Babies may also symbolize something pure in your own inner nature. If you dream of a crying baby, part of yourself may feel deprived of attention and affection.
SEX-Sexual dreams are often straightforward representations of desires for other people. Sex in a dream can also signify our need to bond with or gain power over others. If you dream of having sex with a celebrity, you wish to be more popular or accepted by those around you.
KISS-To dream of being kissed often means the dreamer will realize something important that can help them to achieve success in real life. It can also mean that someone you know is not telling you the whole truth. To see others kissing in your dream suggests that you are too involved in their personal lives and relationships. You need to give them some space. To dream of a kiss on the cheek, whether you gave or received it, symbolizes kindness and friendship.
GHOST-In general, seeing ghosts in your dreams symbolizes aspects of yourself that you fear. This may involve a painful memory, guilt, or some repressed thoughts. You may be anxious about your ability to achieve something in real life. Or, you may be afraid of death and dying.
FRIEND-Signify aspects of your personality that have been developing and making you grow as a person. The relationships you have with those around you are important in learning about yourself, so look to the friends you dreamed about for signals of personality traits they have that you desire in yourself, and work on those things. Additionally, dreaming of friends sometimes foretells that you will hear happy news from them.

these are some means for those things. if you ever need dream advise email me at : dmdreamsandmore@fsmail

Example: What does my dream mean?

Hello, there. I've been having some odd dreams lately and the most recent is the most confusing of them all. I'll try to explain the best that I can but I don't remember all of the details; it was earlier in this past week that I had it. Anyway, I had had an ortho appt. the day after I had the dream. The previous night, as I was sleeping, I dreamed that I went to the ortho. However, nothing looked the same. The chairs for the clients were among the waiting room chairs and there were quite a few people walking around the area. No one looked familiar and the office area was different too. Everything was open and yet, still a building. I was immediately placed in an examination chair but instead of looking at my teeth, they told me that I needed an IV instead. I found this to be unusual and questioned them of this but instead of answering, they placed the IV in my stomach. Another odd thing was that instead of the IV putting fluids in me, it was drawing blood outward into the tube. I faintly remember someone telling me at some point after that that I looked lightheaded. I couldn't help but feel "No duh" but I didn't say anything. Another detail that I just remembered is that the IV didn't hurt to put in at all. However, when they eventually pulled it out, it did hurt. Again, I didn't really say anything but did show mild discomfort. The next thing I remember is walking up to the sink area to either.. wash my hands or my teeth. o_O Then my grandparents, whom are in Florida at the moment, appeared and told me they had some work done here too. I was confused as to why they weren't in Florida though. I asked them and they gave me some complicated answer that I don't remember. Oh. One more detail; I don't really (other than grandparents) remember seeing any family members, but I do remember 'feeling' as if they were there, sitting with me through that weird IV experience. Anyway, if any of you can help me find out what this all means, thanks. :) I really appreciate it.

Example: Dream... meaning?

Okay I had this dream about my grandmother about two or three weeks ago. It seemed like I was walking on the street and I saw and I approached her but she kept looking down and she didnt talk back and just walked away. The other day I got the notice that she had been very sick with high fever and things like that. Shes better now, and of course Ive talked to her and shes in very good health . COuld anyone explain why I had that dream and what it meant, did it mean anything other than her being sick?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I was talking with my friend online and she started to send me pictures of her self and some of them were very revealing. It was uncomfortable for me so I just complimented her. On the SAME night i had a dream about my old girlfriend from freshman year that had to move away.

It was a really quick dream but it went like this. I was in her room and she was wearing a red sweater. I had a camera in my hand and she told me to take a picture of her. So I raised up the camera and as soon as the lens focused on her I woke up.

Im not sure what this means but I think it's related to my friend sending pics to me. Can someone tell me exactly what this means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a very weird and scary dream last night. I was in some old house with some other people that I don't know. There were snakes everywhere. Big ones, little ones, they were deformed. Some of them had like 8 legs but the legs were other snakes. We were trying to kill them and get away. We would rip their heads off but no matter how hard we tried they just wouldn't go away. The snakes were also getting inside of people. They never went in me. I did get bit many times. I remember we were going to try and blow up the house but didn't. After we left the house I was in a truck and trying to leave there were snakes in the truck. I couldn't get away. The snakes were everywhere. In piles, ugly and slimy. They seemed to be trying to attack. At one point I seen a cat walking outside and it seemed to have like 8 legs that were snakes! I woke up feeling really irritable. Anyone know what this dream could mean? I am going through a lot of emotional stress right now. My Mother committed suicide a year and a half ago. I have a lot of anxiety. Not too long ago I dreamed of Jesus-- He came to me in my dream and told me that it would not be long... I don't know what that means either.. anyone know? Thank you.

Example: What did my dream mean?

Earlier today, I had fallen asleep because I wanted to get some rest before the football game. Anyways, I suddenly drifted off to dreamland and it was just a mix/mesh of dreams.

In one segment of my dream, my friends decapitated my barbie doll and cut off it's hair and showed it to me. For some reason, I cried and told them they weren't my real friends. My friends were being mean to me and doing crazy stuff to me.

In the next segemtn, me and some student that I knew, but don't remember who it was in the library and my classmate, Ryan, was reading us A Christmas Carol dressed as a preist. Does anyone know what those dreams meant?

Example: Any meaning to this dream?

This is the first time a long while that i can remember one of my dreams so clearly.

i was at my old high school, and there were old friends there... and for some reason i was holding a snake (did some research, it was a green, horned adder) that was about to evole (think pokemon, lol)... so when it did.. i was still holding it... so it bit me a few times in my hand and arm... first thought that came to mind was: it doesn't hurt... second was: poison, lol? :P
so then.. we entered a classroom... and all of a sudden i feel a sharp pain on the palm of my hand.. so i look.. and i see this centipede coming out of my hand.. about 3-3.5 inches long. so i pull it out.. and then there's like.. 4 more of them. I probably should have freaked out but I didn't.
After that I woke up and I could still feel stings and a faint sense of pain where the centipedes were pulled out.

So~... is this just a load of crap or does it mean something? XD

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have had this dream a few times and I am curious to know what it means.

I am in a deserted car park and turn around and there is a man with tanned skin and an afro heading towards me. He doesn't look scary at this point but i speed up walking. I glance around a he is a lot closer and his t-shirt which was white is now ripped and has blood on it. I run and get to my car and get in and look behind me and he is catching up on me. I lock the doors from the inside and look in my rear view mirror and he is sat in the back seat of my car. He pulls out a knife against my throat and then I wake up.

I've had it a few times and I really want to know what it means.

Thanks guys


Oh and i don't know the guy, and I don't think it's anybody from a film.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have been dreaming of getting a ring of some sort that whenever I put it on I change bodies into that of my girlfriend. And I guess she becomes me. But when I look in the mirror I see myself as I normally am, not body changed. But when I looked down, or when any one else sees me, they think I am her.
Saying all of this the rest of my dream consisted of me trying to figure everything out, for some reason using the restroom, and going shopping with my girlfriend's gal pals. What does this all mean? Because I know I still really love and find her attractive, so I really doubt being gay.

Example: What does this dream mean?

well i was dreaming and this is what i remember what does it mean ( so i was walking down the street and the world was weird looking like the sky was a weird red color my whenever i saw some thing it was kinda of dark for some reason but this is were it really gets weird i was getting close to my house then i saw a figure it looked just like me but it was in 2D form almost like it was made of paper and it was walking with a pist off look on its face it kept walking and then my 2D version of my self bumped into some guy and knocking all of this guys papers out of his hand. My 2D version of my self was having a stare down with the guy for about 2 minutes then out of no where my 2D version picked up a stick that was near it and continue to start stabbing the guy after every stab it would get more violently and rapidly stronger i blinked and out of no where it was like i took the form of my 2D version and my hands inflated back to 3D with the bloody stick in my hands i was on top of the dead corpse and i was just sitting on his body for like a few minutes the a tusk of wind blew and i heard a really dark deep voice saying"humanity is weak to do this act will be a good thing to end some ones suffering " it also said some other stuff but i cant remember what it was but here is the scary part i actually felt relaxed when i woke up and bliss WHAT DOES THIS DREAM MEAN

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