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Dream About Disobedient Child meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: White Deer in my dreams?

Lately I've been having a lot of trouble with being unable to analyze what my dreams are trying to tell me, regardless of how real or meaningful they feel.

Last night I was having a lot of trouble leaving what was to me, a terrifying dream where I was lost in what seemed to be an endless forest at dawn. While trying to find my way I continued to see a white deer with dark brown human's eyes. It seemed to follow me but I never saw it actually moving. Towards the end of my dream I was very flustered and running quickly when I noticed the deer opening it's mouth until its jaw came loose and fell away. I was quickly surrounded by many white deer and even though they only stared at me I was petrified and woke up in tears.

I've been flustered about this dream all day, like it was trying to tell me something I needed to know, and I couldn't figure it out. I'm open to hear whatever interpretations others can come up with about this dream, because I'm totally baffled by it.

Deer Dream Explanation — A deer in a dream represents women and children. Capturing a deer in a dream or receiving one as a gift means prosperity, an inheritance, marriage, having children or overcoming one's adversary. Slaughtering a deer in a dream means deflowering a young girl. Bringing a deer inside one's house means finding a bride for one's son. If one kills and skins a deer in a dream, it means that he will rape a noble woman. A deer jumping at someone in a dream represents a disobedient wife. Owning a deer in a dream means marriage to a noble woman or it could represent wealth which is earned from lawful sources

Example: Dreams about mother and knifes?

well, i had a dream the night before last night andi only remember bits and pieces. one part i remember was that i was in a public bathroom and there was a man in one of the stalls. I was tryng to get away from him but he found me and we ended up doing some weird things. Then i found myself on a school bus and my friend ran screaming my name and gave me food telling me i forgot it.

last night my sister had a dream my mother had a knife and was following me with it. that same night i got rid of a "friend"

Example: Dreams/Religious ties?

Hello. My name is Zech, short for Zechariah. I am very religious, and I was named from the bible. I wanted to find the background of my name, why I was named this, and possibly who Zechariah the profit was. I researched this a lot, and Zechariahs name means “God has remembered.” Also he had a son, by the name of John the Baptist. You guys may call me crazzy, but I have been having dreams about… god. And his remembering, and I can say that the dream was like a flash back, to times of him, then flashed to my old child hood, and I started remembering things. Remembering things? God remembers? But other than that the John the Baptist part. I am not lying in any of this either, but before this research Jonathon was probably my favorite name, if I could name a child anything, it would be Jonathon. Is this weird? What are your guys imputes?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about scripture?

I already know that God speaks to me through dreams. but lately i my dreams have been lining up with scripture stories like my last dreams was related to the ark of the covenant. God gives me the scriptures for a reason. I am a teacher at my church but am i suppose to be a minister/preacher.

Example: Freaky dream please help me out!?

Ok I had a dream that I had a kid at 17. I will be turning 17 in a few days. But I had the kid closer to my 18th bday. In the dream I had no idea of what happened that year and I kept trying to figure it out. I didn't even know who the father was. I seriously hoped that I was raped because I thought about the person I love and how a kid with someone else ruined everything. And I didn't want to be unchaste, or be disobedient to God. In real life I don't kiss, cuddle, any of that stuff, I don't even date. I just want to be with one person in my life after marriage lol. Anyways the kid didn't look like a newborn for being a newborn in the dream. It looked like it was 1 maybe. And it changed in the way it looked. First it had blonde hair then it was brown haired. Oh and it was a girl. lol sorry. But also last night I was thinking of how my kid would look if I married a blond-haired guy, or a darker haired guy. Anyways in the end of the dream I asked my mom who the father was and she gave me this weird name. And I asked why it happened and she said you know this happens and something about demons controlling. My mom in real life and I guess dreams too lol is very Christian and she believes in all of that stuff. I'm don't, I'm Baha'i. Anyways I got freaked out so I went to reach for her hand but as I did that someone on tv starting saying a Baha'i prayer for children and I got all excited. And I was like that's Baha'i! And my mom got all pissed off and she gave me a mad look. Because in real life she is against the Baha'i faith. =/ So I'm just wondering what this could mean. Also, my family embraced the kid, it was kind of weird. Is it just my imagination? Is the kid a metaphor for something?

Example: Dreams... Is it ''''just a dream''''... Or is it Fate...?!?

I don't know if it's fate or if it's ''just a dream'', cause the past few years, every month I'd get a dream three times frequently of me running away from my father... Him holding a gun in one hand and a sword on the other swearing on his grave that he'll kill me... Sometimes I find myself standing and awaiting his attack. Then, unbelievably, I'd find myself tricking him and twisting the weapons to point at him. In all of these dreams, I find myself always winning the game! But the worst was when I found myself then hitting him on the head repeatedly until it was as soft as sponge! How come these dreams always come to me all the time? What could they mean?!

Example: Did Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) celebrate his own birthday, or that of children?

please can some one tell me if it's permissible in Islam to celebrate birthdays. if so, why? and if not, why not? answers with references from learned shuyookhs requested only. kindly do not post your personal opinions. i only want an ISLAMIC answer with ISLAMIC references. Peace.

Example: What does cunning in concealment mean? It was based on Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.?

On the book, it says:

"Lennie has no discrimination, drinks water regardless of whether it is bad or not, wants ketchup with his beans, craves stories from George despite the latter's tiredness, forgets that George has his work-card, and sacrosanctly guards his dead mouse until George removes it. He is always vulnerable; has a certain cunning in concealment (the cunning of a disobedient child perhaps); and, despite his windswept memory and inability to concentrate, a certain capacity to play his cards right with George. He threatens to go to a cave, to leave and fend for himself, knowing full well that George will put an end to this talk, albeit with flamboyant severity of tongue, by reverting the vision of their joint future. Typical of this childlike cunning is the statement:

'If you don't want me, you only jus' got to say so, and I'll go off in those hills right there- right up in those hills and live by myself. An' I won't get no mice stolen from me.' (p. 17) "

Example: Where are we with mild punishment of our children ?

My two sons misbehave in a strange manner sometimes, and I would not dream of lifting a finger to them. I love them.

We sit down and have a chat.
I am no perfect parent, but surely talking to your kids about bad behaviour is the thing to do.

In a temper, my eldest threw a cue ball at me once, hitting my back, and once only.
The temptation to thow it back was strong, but I would have been a bad dad.

Oh, the kids are fine, but I used to get a small slap if I misbeheaved.

Where do we draw the line ?


Example: Help with emotional abuse as a child?

I don't actually know what category my problem or the answer that I'm searching for fit's into. I may as well start from the beginning.
My mother was married to my dad for a total of 10 years. They divorced when I was 2. During the heat of an argument, I was for some reason or another carted off to live with my father by my mother.
For the next 2 years, I was raised by my grandparents and had a really really lovely time. My mom was present a lot of the time. I don't really know the depth of the story, I just know that this was where I was.
I lived back with my mother when I was 4, I think I remember there being slight upheaval. I suffered (I don't know if this is the correct word) from a range of behavioural problems in my infancy, I was mainly hyperactive, disruptive and disobedient. I can't actually remember that much, but whether this is relevant for your case study, I'll leave that to you. When I was 10, my mom met her present husband, I think we obviously know what they are like at first...nice etc. Things started to turn nasty about 3 months in, I remember an invite for a party I received from a friend. One morning, I've no idea what happened, but I'd done something wrong. However, after this minor interlude, I was then accused of using foul language, which to this day, never happened. I was then stopped from going to the party. This, in my mind was the first major incident. It was it this point in there relationship to which he had become increasingly volatile. Mood swings, sometimes there was violence. My mom suffered 3 black eyes and one missing tooth at the hands of this man. However, this happened sporadically. The man in question is a heavy drinker at weekends, he rarely utters words to anyone, mainly me and my mom unless he's intoxicated. He's also very rude.

As one can imagine, things didn't get better, only worse. Various arguments, fights, slapping, punching, doors broken, drunken rages, accusations of incest, he once also urinated on me, at the age of 11...when he was drunk and we also happened to be on holiday. After this, they married. A week after the wedding, my dad was called around and effectively told that I was to be sent to live with him, that I was too much of a handful, it later turned out that her husband had developed an 'it's me or him' approach. So there I was, rejected by my own mother. I remember how she didn't even see me on my first day of high school, there was a 6 week gap in between us seeing each other, sometimes, if i was lucky, she'd sneak me into the house in a morning to see me, or sometimes I'd stay over night, but she'd have to pretend that I'd came by in the morning as he didn't like me being there. Okay, I admit that I was never ever the best behaved child but I wasn't THAT bad. I was a bright, intelligent, inquisitive little boy who loved knowing things and reading books and talking to adults. After her partner had moved in, I wasn't really allowed to talk much about anything and when I did, I'd probably get smacked. Most of my future dreams suddenly diminished. I began to smoke. I began to drink alcohol as well by the age of 12, mainly on my own. It was during this time that I had become a rebel, as some people call. My grades at school dropped and was subsequently placed in all the bottom groups. I'm a huge believer in the fact that a lot of things need to be done on your own, but I feel that I should have had some encouragement. I have to hand it to my dad, he really tried his best, but after years of being on his own, I think his parenting skills weren't amazing. My mom eventually discovered that my dad was claiming various benefits which he was entitled to, however, she then accused him of only having me for the money (like he even had a choice), that the affair she'd had whilst she was married to him meant that he wasn't my biological father. So, as one can imagine: hell broke loose. A meeting was held with my parents and head of year, my dad isn't the best speaker in the world, so she eventually had her own way. And there I was, back at 'home'.

I understand completely that this probably isn't the worst case anyone has ever heard. I just now feel that after years of unresolved issues, things are taking their toll on my health.

The verbal abuse that I suffered was also notable, I don't think I need to go into specifics. A lot of the time I was called 'queer', or my homosexuality was talked about or ridiculed in a manner that was totally unacceptable when my mothers husband had drank a lot.
He is also known to smoke marijuana on a regular basis.

What happened at home would depend on his mood or how much he'd drank. One time I was dragged out of bed at 3am, my bunk bed was ripped apart after this had happened. He then hit me repeatedly and encouraged my mother to join in as well. He would often taunt me verbally and also encourage my mom to do that as well. If I didn't 'behave', 'you'll have to go into care' was also something that wa

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