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Dream About Disrespectful Child meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: The meaning of this dream, please?

The dream started when the oldest man of the family, a son, not the father made a plot to kill every member of the family including the servants and maids. He killed everyone so that he could inherit the family’s wealth. He has two goons with him.

I am a servant in the family, they were living in a mansion. I was able to save the youngest member of the family, it was the youngest son. I was running and carrying a boy about 4 years of age.

We decided to cross the river and pretend that he was my own child. I placed the both, we rode on it and started to sail… then someone told me that the river is made out of people’s spits. I was shocked… spits? The river is indeed muddy but… how could you gather that much spits to create a river. We had to cross the river, we are halfway there when I touched the water… the water pulled me down the river… and when I came out, I have become a vampire. I, myself, has been a threat to the boy.

I went back to the shore and then went inside a cottage; I was resisting the urge to hurt the boy. I told the boy that I am going to change his name, and then I am going to change his hair color and eye color… I am going to change his facial features so that no one could look for him. He has to be alive and grow up to be a good man, and after that he could claim the inheritance of their family. The boy was listening to me and he did notice that my eyes becomes dark and my skin starts to pale. I carried the boy and with my new vampire strength I crossed the river immediately, this time I used the wooden bridge.

I have met a woman at the end of the bridge. I told her to take care of the boy, and two evil men are looking for us and I had to deal with them first. I had to kill them, then if there is a cure I am going to heal myself. The old woman agreed to take care of the young boy. So then I woke up.

Yes, I agree that this dream feels like an epic tale!

The family in the opening is really a reference to your own family. No, your actual parents were not standing in for their roles, but the killing of that family is symbolic of your own family being "brutally murdered". Not actually, but as a symbolic exaggeration. Your place in that family - a lowly servant. That is not who you really are (because you become a heroine in this saga) I would take is as a kind of symbolic reflection of how you feel in that family, perhaps with no control of how the family functions (since you are the servant, servants just take orders).

A boy, and 4 years old. You might think about your own life at age 4, or something significant, possibly threatening, that may have happened about 4 years ago. Or, it could be 4 months ago.

A river made out of spit! Spit makes me think of disrespect, spitting on something (or God forbid - someone) is one of the most disrespectful things one can do. I assume that is similar in your culture, because it seems to be common to many cultures. So an entire river of spit - that is an awful lot of disrespect (or disdain, hate, something like that). This is all about you, so touching that disrepect (or hatred, whatever you feel spit might represent for you) "infects you" and turns you into a vampire. Vampires are destructive, they suck the life-blood out of their victims.

So because the dream is all about the dreamer, this is a story of how you are heroic, doing the right thing (saving the boy at risk to yourself), but how you yourself become a threat to the boy. Now even the ending - an old woman will take care of the boy. This is still you, its all you. A wise old feminine figure is going to make sure the boy survives, and will protect him even from you. This is to say, that a wise part of yourself is protecting this young animus character from a destructiveness within yourself.

There is always more to your dreams, but not enough room here!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I've heard that dreams can say something about you, you're situation, how you feel, etc. So I was curious as to what this one meant.

I'm walking to my neighbors house and for some reason the girl I like (who, by the way, barely knows I exist) now lives with my next door neighbors. I make an excuse to enter the house, saying I am in dire need of a bathroom. She comes into the bathroom, while I am urinating, and walks into the living room. When I'm done I follow her in there, and my hair is now wet for some reason (I have rather long hair, almost like a lion's mane, so the hair goes straight down rather than like the mane it usually is when wet). She starts talking to me about some sort of grammar issue- I'm somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to grammar, so she wants my input about something. I answer her question, we flirt a little, then several other guys come into the house and sit down next to us on the couch. One of their names is Jack (And I don't know anyone named Jack- but right now I am reading Lord of the Flies so maybe that has something to do with it) and Jack is a real jerk. He, apparently, likes her too, and starts flirting with her, only his method is essentially the "Treat the girl like dirt and act like a jerk" method, whereas mine is the nice guy method. I tell Jack that he shouldn't talk that way to such a nice girl. The scene shifts- Now the girl and I are at a restaurant where they're filming a movie- apparently on a date. We eat, then we go watch the filming of the movie. There's a kid- I'd guess about 5-6 years old- who says something the audience finds very funny (One of those moments where a small child says something disrespectful to an adult- in a cute way- and the audience is like, "Did that kid really just say that?"). I ask her to take a picture of me with the child actor. I kneel down and hug him (He was so adorable), but she says that the picture would be better if I put my hands on his feet (I don't know why) so I do that instead. Now I'm running home, and I feel like I'm being chased, probably by Jack. I get the sense that if Jack found me he would beat me up because he felt that I wasn't worthy of the girl (Who, to clarify any potential misunderstandings, is a real person, and I do really like her, but Jack is not real). I dash into my house and lock the door. I hear Jack's voice in my mind saying something- I don't remember what. My mom asks me what's the matter and I don't respond.

Sorry it's so long, I just thought any details about the dream might be useful.

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Example: Had a weird dream duse anyone know what this means or is it just nonsense?

well every once in a wile i have a dream that means something idk why or how but i do i am not shure if this is one of them well i was dreaming are youth director at my church was late meeting us at kennywood park ( we are going there next week ) we where on top of a rollercoster that got stuck at the top we saw them walk in a fire truck was down below and it was spraying water on a building next to us and i saw the number 39,429 i think it was . then i told my friends who did not see it then we went down ( it was fun ) then a guy that was behind me on the coaster said i was a sear that i can see stuff others cant ( which is sorta true ) and the numbers mean something important but i don't know what then he told me i should not be avoiding my math work ( and i am doing that ) ugh i need help...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream lastnight where my mam and dad where getting cosy. He was nice and friendly to my half siblings (my mams and stepdads children) and he was making himself at home in our house. It was late in the night and I had to go to work. My mother was drunk in this dream. My dad went away to the shop and then I went to work. The children were in bed. My dad came back so it was just him and my mother.

Anyway way before this dream I thought about what it would be like if my parents got together. I was the result of a one night stand. Well I honestly don't know, my dad says that then my mam says they went out for like a month. I am 19 years old and I only met my dad last year for the first time. I am not too sure how my parents feel about eachother. I guess they don't really like eachother but I don't know. They haven't seen or spoke to eachother in years. My dad and his wife a getting a divorce. My stepdad was around from when I was like 7 years old I think but he died almost a year ago. I think it would be kind of disrespectful to him if my parents got together. What do you think? What does the dream mean?

Example: I had a dream with a new born child of mine that dies a few days later... whats this all about?

I had this dream a few nights ago... I saw myself holding my child... enjoying the moments of being a father... then the next thing, it dies... i dont remember feeling hurt... next thing I'm headed towards a holy town to perform the last-rites, on the way, the baby's body keeps falling and people keep stepping on it again and again... i still did not feel a thing... it was like i was emotionally numb... i dont understand why i was feeling what i felt or even why i was seeing what i saw... can anyone help me make sense of that bad dream...?

Example: Please help make meaning of this constant reoccurring dream!?

I was seeing a guy for over a year ,on and off , not on/off by my choice but by his , we would spend time together which was amazing and then every five to six weeks he would completely cut me off, no call, no explanation just as if i didn't exist but he would always come back after 2-3 weeks and i would carry on with him like nothing happened because I had fallen for him so badly ,(i'm laughing at myself because I never thought I would be one of those silly girls to put up with that treatment)... kind of like 'we want so bad what we can't have' so when it comes back we would rather have it that risk losing it again by asking any questions. so anyway, this man is 15 plus years my senior with 3 kids who I have met many times and got on great with ,thing were starting to go great no more disappearing acts then three days after xmas he goes and this time dose not come back , he will not answer my calls or reply to my texts. I went through a bad patch of feeling rejected and lonely after having placed so much hope in him, I have since been feeling a lot better and have tried moving on convincing myself that he wasn't worth it anyway but would be fooling myself if I said I was anyway near over him. As much as I am trying to move on I am having constant reoccurring dreams where I am driving by this big house and there is a big celebration of some sort going on inside music laughter so on...when I stop and try to go in I realise I know lots of people there ,when I try to get in I'm not allowed so I have to pretend I am working as a waitress to get inside when I get in I nobody seems to know me even though I know lots of them , or at least they act like they don'tknow me ,then from a distance I am looking into a room and this he is sitting in the center surrounded by lots of girls all paying him attention ,laughing at his jokes ,I can never seem to see his face, it's like he knows I am there but will not look at me ,as I try to make my way into the room they all move into the next and I can never seem to catch up , some rooms I am not allowed into , when I finally give up I am standing at a bar feeling once again rejected , when he comes up behind me says dont you love me, when i turn to answer in an angry questioning manner he says 'fine if your going to be like that ,without even giving me a chance to reply, then with a bottle of champaign in his hand he walks away and I still at no piont have seen his face , I have been dreaming this dream about three nights a week for over three months now just in different situations in different locations , never seeing his face and always chasing him but never having a conversation...please help ...is this dream trying to tell me something or should i just get over it ,thanks.

Example: What does it mean to have the same dream over and over for almost 3 years now?

I moved in with my boyfriend about 2 and a half years aqo...everythinq was qoinq well for a minute because his mother lived there. Everythinq that happened at this house is his moms fault and my ex friend at the time. His mother told my ex friend at the time that she could stay there (note; the qirl and I weren't friends anymore) she said she can stay there as lonq as she can qet custody of her.(receive money for takinq care of her) She was 17 at the time, she would walk around the house with little boy shorts on and just a towel sometimes. She was just disrespectful, of our space. Its like she wanted my boyfriend to look at her . I became preqnant the same year, and more and more drama was headed my way. His mom was treatinq my ex friend like she was the dauqther in law to be. So after awhile I couldn't take it..I would hear them talk bad thinqs about me.(one of the thinqs I heard was from his mothers mouth, that she wished that my ex friend was the one preqnant with his child).Then I moved to my moms house. His mom would leave them at home by themself sometimes on purpose, even thouqh my boyfriend had a job at that time he didn't have to qo to work till 10-6am. (While preqnant) & now I feel like they did somethinq . I always felt like that when I was qone. But because I would have a dream every niqht that they did somethinq. The mom told me that the ex friend and my boyfriend qot drunk.(the mom bouqht the alcohol) the mom told me that the ex friend took her clotheds off and she was runninq around askinq for me.Then my boyfriend said he went in his room. His mom just told me this year she admited that my boyfriend picked her up and took her to the room. But that's the only thinq that happened? I don't believe it. Someone is leavinq a biq chunk out of this whole story. The mom constantly out of nowhere tells me that he would never have sex with her . But I never even show or tell her or ask . So it seems to me that his mom is now thinkinq that whatever happened was wronq because now ...she tries hard to be cool with me ..I'm just had a dream that they told me everythinq...what does that mean? Sorry story so lonq.
Ps: I'm so insecure about this situation and happened 3 years aqo. Somethinq happened with them , and I think the dream is tryinq to tell me somethinq.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was in my room with my brother, and a man with a skeleton mask and a black cloak was hovering by my window on a broom. I ended up putside running to get inside again, little people with red heavy cloaks surrounded us.

Then I was blasted with the rest od the world out of a whole like volcano out of the ground. African black drawings of people were being blasted out throughout the sky. And there I lay on the ground staring up at the devil. He was on a hill of grass watching me, my family was lined up off the hill watching me. I knew what I had to do, I said my goodbyes to them lettign them know I loved them. I took the arm of the devil and let him lead me back under the volcanoe into the ground. And i had to fight my excitement, because in my heart I felt like I was supposed to be with him. I felt like I should act afraid so I did.

Then we entered the most amazing place I had ever witnessed. More a palace, dark reds, with lost souls hovering above fire intaking them, as they just watched me and the devil. Demons chased each other on the ground moving out of our way casually watching us. Fire and the high pillars, I wanted to melt into the ground, I never felt before the sensation of home. He lead me to a throne as i tried to turn to him to ask him his name, he told me not to that it was disrespectful to the demons to look at him while speaking. so i looked infront of me and talked asking his name. "lucifer", he said. you are to be my wife" i asked to check on my family but knew i had to leave them alone or they would never forget me. though i didn't care for them, and lucifer seemed pleased. a bed lay in the middle of this palace a demon sucking featsing on a body. lucifer bansihed asking me to give him a child. i told him we must marry first, though i would have given him anything.

Everything changed, i was older, had a kid, outside and someone with a spear tried to kill me, lucifer threw himself infront of usm and i realized then that he did love me.\\

i want to know what this means for i dont feel scared im not even christian, so please no pray to god comments. i just need an answer of why i had this dream, and why i wish this to be true.. i try to dream it again but i just get different dreams. sometimes without remebering them at all.

Example: What does could it mean?

I'm not going to put a lot of details because people are very rude, but for a week now I have been having dreams about my unborn child. I am not pregnant currently and my boyfriend and I are waiting on getting married and going to college before starting our family. But it's weird to me because we aren't planning a family now because we are too young and aren't ready. But in my dreams we have a baby boy and we call him "Aiden" and we still look young. What could it mean? please don't be rude, because i posted a question about this earlier and the first answer i got was very mean and disrespectful..My boyfriend and I just would like to know what you think it could be or not...thanks...

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