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Dream About Distinguished meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Whats the meaning of this dream?

seeing your father that is sexually harassing you and is also married to you.(I havnt seen my father for years)

Most likely, it means that, that when it comes to men, you have a problem distinguishing the difference between sex and love. It's common with girls who have had strained relationships with the fathers (that's most of us, I'm sure). When you have a sex dream about your father, it can mean that you craving a father-daughter connection, but don't really know what that's like because the important relationships that you have with men involve sex, or at least romance. It doesn't mean that you are crazy or want to marry your dad, but you might have a few things to work out in therapy, like the rest of us.

Example: Do dreams mean something?

Or do they come true?This is quite important,because my friend has feelings for one guy (he doesnt know) and she keep having dreams about him being rude to her,refusing going out with her,etc...And she fears that this might come true.Interesting is that hes never rude to anybody,he has very distinguished manners,dresses very differently from other boys in his age(hes 17 and wears white shirts,suits to school),his favorite genre is classical music and composes pieces for piano.Worst is that he almost never shows his emotions,so we cant even guess if he likes her or not.Can you help me please?

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok so i was at school and we were going through like a search thingy and they made me take out my nose stud but when i took it out i dropped it and it fell in with a bunch of others so i started look for mine but then i knocked over the table with all he nose studs and they scattered on the floor so then for the rest of the dream i was on the ground frantically looking for it but never finding it

Example: What does Poe mean when hi is distinguishing "those who dream by day" from "those who dream by night?"

It's suppose to relate to something about American Romanticism

Example: What does the dream mean?

well i was just sleeping normally i cant rember the exact dream but the i banged my head on the wall (in real life was asleep nd that woke me up). when i thought bout the dream i was having i seemed to be in bed nd was turning over to see my bf as it were but then he disappeared nd i banged my head on something (didnt see what it was in my dream)

Example: What does this mean?!?

tragic flaw as an inability to distinguish dreams from reality?

what does it mean please help!

Example: Dreams have meaning. True or BS?

Is it true that dreams have subconscious meanings or is that just some false belief?

Example: What does having a dream about dreaming mean ?

i had a dream last night and when i thought i woke up i was talking to my friends and boyfriend about that dream, but it turns out that i was still dreaming/asleep and later on i finally woke up ?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I always have these dreams after having sleep paralysis.
I feel like when I wake it's total darkness. I can however distinguish certain things like furniture but there are no people around. I try turning on lights but they seem to don't work and Darkness overwhelms me. I have already had 4 of these dreams in the past few weeks.

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