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Dream About Dog Fight meanings

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Example: Dream about fighting demon things meaning?

I had a dream where I was surrounded by people who in my dream were friends but in real life I don't know who they are. Then suddenly I saw this strange outline of an invisible figure with silver with rainbow shimmering eyes creeping up behind the group of friends, so I went up to it and hit it with a bat or a sword. Then they were coming from all angles but all starting off invisible until i noticed them or hit them. I was fighting them all off but they never hurt me. They were like big dogs or wolves and were black. Their eyes stayed the silver rainbow shimmering way when they stopped being invisible.

I'm just wondering what this dream could mean?


To dream that you are in a fight indicates inner turmoil. Some aspect of yourself is in conflict with another aspect of yourself. Perhaps an unresolved or unacknowledged part is fighting for its right to be heard. It may also parallel a fight or struggle that you are going through in your waking life. If you are fighting to the death, then it refers to your refusal to acknowledge some waking conflict or inner turmoil. You are unwilling to change your old attitudes and habits.

To see demons in your dream indicates that you may be experiencing or inflicting fear, emotional distress or physical abuse in your waking life. Demons are also symbolic of ignorance, negative habits, and of your shadow self. Perhaps you are being overindulgent and letting some negativity give way to your better judgment. Alternatively, the demons may represent a past secret that is still haunting you.
To dream that you are possessed by demons indicates ultimate helplessness.

Example: What does it mean if you dream about dogs & bears or dogs & wolves?

Example: What does this mean? dreamt of dog trying to attack me, cutting my hands with blunt knife...?

I dreamt last night of being at work and one of the guard dogs chasing me trying to attack me and another dog got into a fight with that dog so i got away.. i woke up then went i went back to sleep i dreamt i had people leaving my mums house (i was young again) mum started yelling i made a mess i told her this knife is blunt.. doesn't make sense i know.. but to prove the knife i had in my hand was blunt i started cutting my hands and it cut in deep.. i was suprised.. then woke up.. went back to sleep dreamt of being in a car someone jumped into my drivers seat so i jumped out of it while moving (2nd night of dreaming of jumping out of a moving vehicle) .. i was running away from them and hiding, they kept finding me but i kept running.. then again second time of dreaming bout this i dreamt these bad people came into my house and i was hiding from them calling the police..

is this alot of crap? or does it have some meaning..

Example: What does this dream mean about a huge black dog?

My family and I were in a cabin or something,it was in a small circular clearing,I went outside and I heard growling,I looked over to find a huge black dog,it hag shaggy fur.It jumped out of its place and lunged toward me,i quickly dodged it barely,but I was cut on my shoulder.I ran in to the woods trying to escape the black dog,but I found myself in another clearing,but this time about forty of black dogs stood on stones,and branches.I was surrounded.They lunged for me,I was attackewere ripped and I was covered in my blood.The dogs looked into a different direction,and ran into the direction,and I followed,and When they stopped,I was at my house.It was on fire,I saw my mom and dad and brother dead in the flames.Then something happened,I was shaking,then I ran and tackled one of the dogs.I fought all of them,but more and more kept on coming.Then I was standing on my knees,And I was laughing,my teeth began to become fangs,and I transformed into a huge white dog.What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean about my dog?

I just woke up and I had a horrible dream about my parents telling me that they are putting my dog lady to sleep. There was no reason for putting her to sleep she was so happy and healthy. I was severly angry at them both in my dream , now I mean I was crazy angry I was screaming and roaring right at them and especially into my dads ear because he suggested on getting a new dog after we put lady down. I was shouting calling him selfish and a killer and asking him was he going to put the new dog to sleep for no reason at all when we got it. They said we would be taking lady to the vet at 8pm to put her to sleep. I went up to my room crying my eyes out I was so depressed, I mean I had never felt such a sadness it was worse than being at a funeral crying. I was reallydepressed and didnt want to be in the world at all knowing my parents would murder my dog for no reason at all. I was crying non stop and panicking in the dream I went into shock. Before I died I woke up and my heart was beating so fast.. It still is. Can someone explain my dream please ? I have to know what it means?

Example: Dream of bloody dog fights, meaning?

I had a dream of dog fights in a public area ( market street). They are Chow Chows. One was bitten very badly and had open bleeding wound everywhere on its body. The other three dogs were chasing and biting him. They went crazy... My reaction was yelling at my husband," where is my (seven year old )son? Let's get out of there before the dog bite us". I was scared and waited up. Can some one interpret my dream please? Thanks!

Example: What does fighting demons in dreams mean?

So I have always had really weird vivid vivid dreams; when I was younger I had dreams about the second coming of christ that I can still remember with tons of detail.
Recently I had a dream I was fighting a big black dog thing and in the dream all I thought was it was a jackel. I don't rember how this came to happen but It was tryin to get me an next hing I know I have it by the bottom jaw but he was kinda bitin me to and I'm swingin it around and its head was turning around like the whole excorcist thing an in the dream I was so scared I started praying(this was the first time I've been able to pray in a dream) and I said in the name of jesus christ let me go and the minute I said it I woke up
Maybe like a week or two after that I had this dream where I was in this house with all the people (I knew them in the dream but nobody I actually knew) and it was a like cloudy overcast day and idk there was just this weird feeling in the air like a really bad one and I kept askin evryone if they felt it too an somebody told me it was demons day(wasn't exactly called that but its wht I felt was closest when I woke up) the day when demons like wreak havoc on the earth next thing I remember I have this crazy awesome sword all of it was gold and I run up to this guy and put it to him and I get a demon out of him and I then open the door to walk outside and I woke up

Example: What does it mean to dream about fighting off a dog that's foaming at the mouth and biting your penis?

A friend of mine had this dream. He is facing bankruptcy, a failed lawsuit, eviction, relocation across country and beginning a new job after 12 years out of the labor force. He also recently gave up hope that his girlfriend of 9 years would become more in his life. Any insight would be much appreciated.

Example: Black cat fighting dream meaning?

I I had a dream yesterday, I was in a forest at midnight it was a very creepy forest I saw ghosts and lights moving through the trees and i heard animals crying sounded more like a women crying. and i saw this big fruit tree in the middle of the path and I got out of the van and went to get this fruit it was a red big fruit like grapefruit suddenly a male black with the longest fangs i have ever seen( like in vampire movies but much longer) jumped right at me it didnt puurrr or anything just made its furr go big(like cats does when their fighting) making the cat seems even larger, it had dark green eyes, and it was kida like shrieking at me ( the black cat was relly angry with me and wanted to fightme soo badly) after a while when i figured out that it wanted to fight me i kinda had cat characteristics and started shreiking at it making eye contact ( like cats do when they fight) so basically i was fight ing it like a cat. but suddenly the cat stopped and calmed it self and became friends with me( suddenly the haunted creepy forest just dissapeared and midnight became day time) the cat came under my feet and started puuurring and stuff and then it started following me sticking up to me it would attack anybody who did wrong to me and we started becoming really close friends. but then the cats fangs,green eyes, long fur had dissapeared and became a regular cat and later in the dream i also saw the cat had little kittens and a female cat beside him.

what does this dream mean?
please dont tell me this is a regular dream and dreams doesnt meananything
can someone with a spiritual understanding about cats ghosts and dreams help me

thax, and this dream was really creepy i cant explain it in words.

Example: What does a dream about turtles/butterflies/dogs mean?

I havent talked to my friend in awhile because she has been mad at me, I dont like how she bosses me around and whatnot. I also got into a fight with the guy who gave me my first kiss. We were just friends when we kissed, never went out, and the other day he told me he doesnt like me in general, doesnt want to be my friend, thinks Im ugly. But anyways my dream was I went to my bossy friends house and she was making me take my cloths off, then we were talking about 6 flags great adventure, then her brother was being rude to me while I was getting pizza because he found out I said he was annoying. She forced me to walk to a petshop with her and was going to make me get a cute orange/brown dog, medium sized and in my dream I knew my mom wouldnt allow me to get another dog because I already have one but somehow it was at her house waiting for me. There was also a turtle, in a dirty tank, looked sickly and was eating so slow it looked dead. Then someone tapped the glass and it started moving faster and looking healthier. Lastly there was someone purchasing a butterfly but it escaped its cage so i pointed my index finger and landed on me, it nibbled me because it was hungry and was looking for nectar so I began pulling flowers and letting the black buttefly drink the nectar. What could my dream mean? What are some symbols? Thanks in advance(:

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