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Dream About Dog Star meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

used to go to a small school of 200 kids and it was a cathoic school everyone there was very conservative, not the kids tho.I went there K-8.I was so sad to be leaving the school and it has been three months since i have graduated and I started having these dreams they were very weird.So my first dream was that I went back to the school to volunteer and I went to a friends mother's classroom and when I finished the work she gave me two pictures of cut out butterflies as a reward which offcourse woauld be useless to me.Then what happened was i went into the hallway with her daughter and then saw part of my class and our old teacher who was a total * pulled us into the classroom and i was lyk wut? but anyways then she starts talking and teacing and brings my friend up to the board but in real life she moved a week ago.Then she took one of my friends fones away and i started talking to my friends and she called on me and i had no idea wut she was talkin bout then she said wait 10 seconds and give me the answer I was thinkin that I should * slap her but my dream ended.In my next dream I was in a dorm room and there is this lyk stress releaver thing my teacher gave me and me and my friends drew aa penis on it then the principal of the old school came in and found it and got extremely mad and she said il have to keep that and she was lyk keep it next to the sexy lotion in my office,but the thing is she would never say that and her office looked exactly lyk my dad's office room.Then I tryed to find the lotion but couldnt so I put it in a random spot and she started to scream at me.


wut do these dreams mean?

where it is starred it is the other word for a female dog

b i t c h

Dreams are a fragment of your imagination, experiences, fears or desires and usually don't mean anything. There are all sorts of claims and conjectures about what dreams mean, mostly based on wish-fulfillment or fears. It's intriguing to think about because the events of our recent lives seem to play out in our dreams in odd ways, but the "theories" of interpretation are merely someone's opinion and not based on anything substantial or objective or scientific. Your particular dream is a reflection of your thoughts, nothing more.

Example: What does my zodiac dream mean?

I had a dream i was walking on a path of stars, and then i was stopped by a lion (i'm a Leo). I was surrounded by a big fish, a seahorse, a goat, a horse/person, a scorpion, a dragon, a spider, a crab, a dog, a bull, and a ram. a different person rode each animal except the lion. I looked into the lion's eye's and he looked sad. I looked down and then grabbed a single star. it glowed white and then i woke up. what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

1) Its a very dark night, not even the stars can be seen in the sky. I’m looking my way out, I don’t of what. I’m standing at the end of the road. Ahead of me, lies a jungle. And suddenly I see an airplane hovering over me. I can hear its noise but I see only its lights. It’s coming down and going up. Then I come inside and I see somebody’s footprints at the door. They are dog’s footprints. They are appearing and disappearing. But no animal or human being I see.

I don’t recall what happens next. And I dreamt another one in sequence.

2) I am walking on the road. It’s a daytime. I see a railway-track and a farm nearby. The track is running parallel with me. I enter the farm. There I see a man who asks me about my education progress. I say that I score about A grade and he says it’s good. Then I ask him an advice for my sister. I say him that my sister is learning the same profession he is in so his view will help us.

Then I don’t recall middle part, but I see a big-red-color bull with abnormally tall and sharp horns coming running towards me. I get frightened and get aside but the bull returns. Then I see two light brown-color cows lying flat on stomach on a wall in front of me. Maybe they are killed. I get frightened and run away from that place. I enter the railway track but it’s a tunnel filled with darkness and I don’t know where it opens. I find another way and I run out from there. There I see one eunuch who tries to talk with me. I get even more frightened and run faster. But He follows me and says, ‘This is what will happen to you if you listen to such people’s advices.’ I don’t look back at him and I see a road which head to a bridge and head towards it.

I don't recall anything after that. I woke up. It was 5.33 in the morning.

I feel that it means something as I never had such a frightening dream.
I seek insightful answers. Please help.

Example: Running Over a dog dream. Meaning?

Hi so I had a dream last night that my mom ran over a chihuahua. Well it started with me, my mom and my lil brother we were all in a hurry trying to get into the car cuz it was like 4:35 am and my mom had to be at work at 5:00am. So we are all rushing then we go outside getting ready to go into the car but my mom looks at the sky with stars and just stares. We are now like at 4:50am. Then all of a sudden I a little brown little chihuahua it looks so much like the one I have. I ask my mom if we could keep it but my mom said no get in the car. So as I get in the car I see the dog strolling with joy coming to me. Then I covered my ears and shut my eyes. Then the dog was ran over. Started crying and as I looked in the rear view mirror I saw a big puff of smoke from the dog. I look back at my mom and slap her and say why did u do that it reminded me of starbuck ( the dog I have that looks like it). My mom says I didn't know there was a dog. And that's when I wake up. Please help me what does this mean

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dream of a dog, in the middle of a twilight desert with some vegetation. There are stars in the sky and a huge whole moon. Can anyone help me interpret this dream? The dog even bit me once and then ran away.

Example: What does this dream mean? 10 POINTS/5 STARS!?

my sis dream were a fisherman(the guy from the rocket fishing rod commercial LOL XD!) and when the fisherman openedthe door it scared my dog and it jumped into her hamsters cage and thedog shrank and the hamster got huge and if it bit you your skin would turn pink and flesh would fall off the area. what could this mean?

Example: Meaning of my dream..?

i had this dream before that i kissed a guy..what does that mean?and last night i had a dream that i was beaten by a dog..is it bad or good..would you guys please tell me the meaning of my dreams..and last question..what does it mean when in your dream you are naked..my friend is asking it to me yesterday..tnx in advance^_^

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I keep dreaming that people I know turn into cats and dogs. what does this mean?

Example: What does a guy i don't even know the yellow box and the dog mean in a dream?

i had a dream last month that i was out on a date with a guy i don't even know we were looking at the stars and the moon he told me he wanted to show me something very important it was inside of a yellow box he said that the stuff inside the box was very important to him and he have never showed it to anyone before but my brother girlfriend came to pick me up to take me home so i have no idea what was inside of the box he told me he was going to show it to tomorrow i told him ok so i went to the car and he lived a block down were i lived so i was already home when i got home my mom told me were i was i told her that i was on a date then coupler minutes i saw this guy who went out with he saw me with my mom and told my mom something that i cant i told my mom that it was a joke i told this guy that he had to go because my mom was giving me a stranger so once he had left my mom told me to break up with him i told her why all she said was i don't like him very much she said that my dad wanted me to break up with him too so i told my mom that i will i didnt want to break up with him but i felt that i had no choice so i called him over and told hime that it was over he was upset about it then he went home... a few muitents later i was about to go to bed then i hear someone knonk on my window it was the guy i had broken up with i opend my window and he told me that he loved me he sonded if he was drunk then i told hime to go home he said no and i saw a beer bottle in his hand and told him that he was drunk he said he wastn but i knew he was so i told him that i will take you homw so i walk hime home then i saw a dog it looked i a german sheperd it was just following us back to his house then when we were at his house i took hime up to his room so he could get to sleep he wanted me to stay but i told him i had to go then i said that i was sorry and then i saw the yellow box i wanted to open it to see what was inside of it but i decide not to then the dog kept folloing me so i told the dog to stay with him the dog kept barking and crying beacuse he wanted to come home with me.
can anyone tell me what does this dream mean i dont know the guy and i couldnt see his face i dont want to hear people say its just a dream it dosent mean anything because their wrong PLEASE HELP i need to know

Example: I had a sick dream about a dead dog, ?

it went like this:

I was at the grocery store, and a group of guys hid a dead dog in the fruit section under a bunch of watermelons, they got a way, and i was sorta just starring in shock, the store clerks later found the dog and saw that his insides were all taken out, and i woke up sweating and teary eyed?

what the hecl was all that about? i dont have any dogs.

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