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Dream About Donation meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about eating your baby?

Can anyone interpret a dream I had last nite in which I gave birth to a baby which I had to give to friends to look after and when I came back to get it, i realised it was pie (although I knew it was my baby) and that i'd accidently eaten its head! I felt very guilty but its head grew back later and it looked like a baby again. Throughout the dream I felt worried about telling my boyfriend and parents about the baby and also bitter that i couldnt spend more time with my baby and that my friends were. Any ideas!?

You have a dream... a goal... a project... SOMETHING that means a lot to you. This is your baby.

Your friends have looked after this for you, or have encouraged you, but you've somehow compromised your dream by "eating it". Perhaps you have spent money that should have gone to support your dream on immediate gratification or needs. Perhaps you are having difficulty making enough time to put into it. Anyway, SOMETHING is eating into your dream, your baby.

Thank God, your dream has recovered and not all is lost. However, you are going to have to make some hard choices. Will you be firmer about how you set your priorities, spend your time, spend your money, allocate your resources?

NOBODY is going to care for your "baby" like you will. It's amazing how "easy come, easy go" people can be with your business, your quality control, your supplies, your time. Everybody is going to want a "piece of your pie" and that is the quickest way to lose what you have worked so hard for.

For instance, I had a bookshop for 3 years. Everyone in town wanted me to give them a discount, especially friends and family. Everyone wanted a place on my counter to put their business card. Everyone wanted a job, a donation to charity, a place on my shelf to sell their product (at very low profit to me). I lost friends over it. It cut into my time with my family, because I was trying so hard to offset the losses.

So, no matter what your "baby" is, you have to decide what it will take to nourish and support it. You have to decide how much you can keep for yourself. You can't give everyone that wants it a "piece of your pie". Otherwise, the baby dies, the pie is eaten, and you are left with only crumbs and regrets.

Pray for wisdom. Decide if you can pay the price. Decide if you will always regret it if you don't "go for it".

People will be jealous of you. Your family will resent you. It will SHOCK you how many people will attack and accuse you. It will SHOCK you WHO will be angry, jealous and critical and want a piece of you.

Make up your mind RIGHT NOW that you will not get the support you expect and decide to let it go... or you will become bitter.

Explain the facts to your friends. Your REAL friends will eventually get over it or come around. Nobody else is worth worth worrying about.

Pray for wisdom in making choices and setting priorities. Be prepared for a battle. Be careful not to devour your own resources or inheritance.

God bless you.

Example: What does this mean in my dream?

So I took a little nap earlier and I remember me dreaming about how i was staring at these trees at a park and all of a sudden all the trees in the middle just fell down. Then I remember my family and I getting into the car to see the sunset, and i kept telling my dad to go forward but he wouldnt listen to me and instead he started driving sideways. Then as we drove sideways i seen a whole bunch of light colored tombstones, one with my brothers name on it piled on top of another with my friends name on it. I also remember as I got out the car, i was in a flee market my dad put money into a donation box and i went to ask a lady in a white lab coat about why the tree's fell. then i woke up. What could any of this mean? Would it have something to do with college? I plan on being a biomedical engineering so im guessing thats why i seen the lab woat... idk please help

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I owned two dogs and somebody was trying to kill them. I was by the docks where the water meets the land and I kept swimming underwater to hide from the guy who was trying to kill my two dogs and in my dream I could stay underwater as long as I wanted to so I was never able to get caught by the people who wanted to kill my two dogs. Then I dreamed that I was trying desperately to find my bible verse but I wasn't sure if I had put the internet look up device which was shaped like a nano game in my little bag and I had too many gadgets in there that I wasn't able to sift through it all to find my bible verse. I stepped into a grocery store so that I could relax my foot and mind while I was looking for this bible verse online or trying to find the gadget that could locate the bible verse online but the grocery store that I had stepped into (I got in through the backdoor) had two filipinos from my old church one in the centre and one on the right side who were trying to collect donations to keep their church alive and because I dissed their church I wasn't willing to go there so I left.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a voodoo doll with my picture on it?

Last night i dreamed of seeing this voodoo doll and it had my picture on it.
i am getting really freaked out because my family deals with black and white magic and my dad is in jail right now and has tried casting spells on my mother (they are divorced) but it goes back to him. Could this mean something?

Example: DREAM:what does this dream mean?

I dreamed that i was buying a dog it was gold but not the gold that we know it was about to turn white or yellow dont ask me how, then one of the workers who who works there told me that is not a dog that is a sanke i told he how she told me this a sanke, i didnt believe her and i bought the dog, after this i ve noticed that the dog's tail was not a dog tail it was a snake after this i was sitting behind the dog then he left me and crossed a street, i ran after him but i was paralized when i was about to catch him, then there was a garden he lied there in the soliy part,( i wasnt paralized at this part i moved after he lied in the garden, ) then i couldnt catch him cause he was like the jelatine, so i left him, then when i was coming back home a white dirty dog ran after me and cought me, he didnt move away , he came with me home, and i showerd him then he was so dirty , he had insects in his fur, i gave to a doctor he stayed with her for 2, 3 days then i went to see him, he had some insects left, so i took him a left him in the street

Example: Can any one help me to give the meaning of my dream?

Dear Friend, I had a beautiful dream yesterday night. I really enjoyed that dream and still I feel the bliss in my mind. Let me tell about the dream for your comments ….. My native is Kerala. Now staying in UAE. From my childhood I am a devotee of Lord Krishna and Lord Ayyappa Swami. In my dream, I was in one temple compound and coming back after my prayer. In the compound there were many trees and plants with flowers. Among those trees…I was near to the Araliya tree. In the ground I could find many white Arali flowers. I took one flower from the ground and thought to keep it in my hair. But I realized that, those flowers are not mine and that all for Lord Krishna. Then I felt sorry and looked at the top of the temple. There was one statue of Lord Krishna. Suddenly that statue formed to normal and was telling to me some thing continuously but I was not able to here any thing. I was confused and thought whether he is questioning me for why I took the flower from there or he is telling me to take the flower. With so much humble I asked him what he is telling. And I thought to keep the flower back to ground. Again he was continuously told me something and I was not able to here anything. Then I thought that he is telling me to take the flower for me. I took the flower and I could see he became to his previous form. I don’t know what he meant with this dream…but I was really very happy…

Example: What does my dream mean? The McCain camp pretended they were giving me donations free then they demanded that?

I give the money back knowing i was poor and did not have it.

Example: Heart donation in a dream, what does it mean?

I had a dream that the doctor told me that my heart was not functioning fine and that I might be needing an implant so my name would be entered in the list for any possible donor. I saw this boy, I didn't know who he was and he was just staring at me and said nothing. He would walk up to me in an intimidating way but I would be scared that I run away. Finally he walked up to me with a knife in his hand and opened a cooler and brought out a beating heart, which appeared to be his!
I was scared but collected it from him and he asked the doctor to hurry and put it on me then he disapeared. I later learnt in the dream that he was sick and dying so I began looking for him and when I fould him, all he said was that he wanted me to live that's why he gave me his heart. Then he died in my arms. I cried until I woke up.

Example: What does my dream mean? The McCain camp pretended they were giving me donations free then they demanded that?

I pay it all back knowing i did not have the money?

Example: What does this dream mean?

So some reason in my dream all of a sudden Im on a doctors chair on my stomach getting shots in my back for some reason. It felt so weird. I was very tired in my dream half sleeping in my dream while I was getting the shots so it wouldnt hurt as much. I felt it inject into my back. I had a lot of feeling in my dream. Than all ofa sudden they were to take my blood. Since in person I recently had my blood taken for donation, in my dream I thought I just did. So I already had plenty of blood out of my body already. I thought they were only gunna take a lil bit in my dream. Althought they started takin a lot and I didnt notice till i started feeling like ima black out and pass out and die.. My heartbeat, I could feel it beating slower...than all of a sudden i tell the doctor. The doctor was a big tall lady with orange hair in a bun. and she was like oh no yuhr fine, and she had some assitant too. and I started crying saying Im going to diee! Because there was so much blood they took outta me and i was about to black out and pass out. and there was a little bit more left that thy wanted. and the assitant was like come on theres only a little bit left. I felt it in my dream, it was so painful. I was crying because i felt like I was literally dying. I felt like I was gunna pass out faint and die. my breath was short. I finally got the machine to stop taking my blood and than I remember at the end the doctor called me a baby because I wouldnt finish it. I was crying so bad though because I literally felt like I was gunna die. It was so realistic..

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