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Dream About Double Date meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I was with my family and we were going up the CN tower, for some reason while I went up there, I lost all my senses and was unable to know the difference between sleep and reality, but once we got to the very top of the tower, I regained my senses and was able to see things very well. All I remember from that dream was that there were a lot of people with tanned faces and dark hair who were also at the top of the tower with me and were making a lot of noise.

I also dreamt that this really good looking, skinny and polite guy I met at bible study was talking to me but that instead of going to a college of film and design like he said, he actually had a degree at Harvard. Him being so shy, insecure and annoying, I couldn’t really view him as a Harvard candidate since Harvard candidates are usually people worthy of lots of respect and I couldn’t imagine myself revering or honoring somebody so weak. I think I might also have been dating him in my dream, but I had the option of surrendering everything to God or having a little bit of ego and pride inside me and for some reason I choose to have the ego and pride stick inside me because I thought if I let go of that, I would die and lost my relationship with this really weak guy.

I had a dream that I was at a bull fight or auditorium only the stage took place outside and only have of the bull fighting right manifested itself... the other half of the bull fighting wring was non-existent. It looked like a cross between an auditorium and a bleechar, withing only about 6 - 15 layers of seats in each row... I saw in the center row and watched in fear as a bunch of people came on the stage and started flinging their fishing hooks everywhere because I was worried I would get caught. Somebody started a commotion far away, as a method of protesting against the government and a bunch of people had left the bleachers to go see what was wrong and what kind of protest was occurring, and I felt like something had gone terribly wrong. The fisherman had a double bachelors in field art and in the art of teaching.

I'll try to add something to the wisdom that has come before me.

We are mainly asleep compared to who we really are, but we think we are awake.
We are sorting out truth from fiction in our dream and that brings healing and awakening.
Who you see by appearances is not who people really are. All people in our dreams are parts of ourselves. you fear being weak but try to put on an appearance of being strong. We all do that, it's part of our sleep walking.

You want to love that part of you, and thus love your mate and everyone else, but the only way to do that is to hold on to the pure, kind, intelligent people that we are down deep.

Our thoughts catch us and pull us into whatever ring we let them. You protest against seeing people as the credential that they hang on their wall but you haven't yet made the jump to see people who they are beyond appearances.

Example: What Do My Dreams Mean?

So the past few nights i have been dreaming some weird stuff with common themes:
1. i was in a warehouse with my best friend (lets call her Jane) and i got back together with my ex-boyfriend. In my dream, he was best friends with this guy (let's call him Matt) but he has never met him before. We were hanging around the warehouse (which was kinda like a toy store almost) and i had to take a quiz about the the sports that my ex plays.
-i dont want to get back together with my ex at all. we go to different schools now anyways.

2. I was at this really cool mall with "Jane" again. I really only had one store in it in my dream and that was Victoria's Secret. We were about to go in but decided to go into the woods instead. We were walking in the woods when we came across this ditch (or trench between two hills). "Jane" jumped first and made it. I jumped next and missed and fell on the edge. i got up and saw this giant fox standing in front of me. We started to follow it...

3. I was at this giant white and glass school with "Jane." It had lots of stairs and different types of levels (not floors). We were walking when "Matt" and this other guy (we'll call him Alex) come up to us and ask us for a double date. We say nothing, implying a yes, and walk down the stairs to a long glass aisle. We sit on the carpet floor and "Matt" and "Alex" were sitting behind us. They move up next to us and we all start writing down made up anatomy of a bug that doesn't exist from a screen right in front of us.
Somewhere later, "Jane" and i find ourselves in a library type place (all white again, with more wooden tables then books). We walk up the stairs and we are in a theatre. We watch some sort of mini set of skits (maybe christmas themed).
-"Matt" and "Alex" both go to my school. I don't have a crush on either of them. "Alex" is my friend and "Matt" isn't really.

So any idea as to what my dreams could mean? I have had a dream like this with a guy and a pizza place before as well if that matters. Any advice or idea is appreciated. Thank You!

Example: Dream interpretors what does this mean? i had a dream me and my ex double dated with our new dates.?

what does this dream mean? the guy that was my date in the dream is a guy im kinda seeing now.

Example: Dream interpretors what does this mean? i had a dream me and my ex double dated with our new dates.?

what does this dream mean? the guy that was my date in the dream is a guy im kinda seeing now.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where I was in my house. Somehow it ended up that I was going out with my sister. It was kinda like a double date situation. Only she set up the date for me. It was one of her guy friends.

I can't remember what happened after that but I remember being surprised in the dream because she usually never lets me hang out with her and her friends.

What does this dream mean?

Example: Dating older man in dream means?

I had a dream 15 minutes ago, one of the bizarre dreams I ever had. I went on a double date with my best friend who is also 19 as me with two older guys. It went well and we all had fun. Her date was 45 and mine was 51. I was just suppose to be her wing woman at first.

Example: I had an all-night dream about going out on a date with my ex-girlfriend I haven't seen in 14 yrs. Meaning?

I was not thinking about her anytime recently and we weren't doing anything sexual in the dream. Went out on a double date with my best friend and his wife.

If it's important, I have been in a long-term relationship with someone else for quite some time.

Thanks for any insight.

Example: Dream interpretors what does this mean? i had a dream me and my ex double dated with our new dates.?

what does this dream mean? the guy that was my date in the dream is a guy im kinda seeing now.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about you and a famous person dating?

I've had a few dreams about a singer from a very famous boy band (wont say name because it doesn't matter), and I only remember two of the dreams.

1. He had asked me out and then I said that he would first have to go through a "boot camp" to see if he was worth dating. then it felt like a little while later and we were on a red double Decker bus and I said that the fans would flirt with him and that they would try to take him away then just as I said it, fans came and he looked at me, I said: "(his name) please don't." then he bent down to sign and hug girls. Then I waited for him to finish then I ran with my friend and he ran after me screaming my name. I tried to hide from him behind a wall and he saw me. I then hid my face near a ATM (which was sticky) and he said: (my name) Come on, speak to me babe. Their my fans, I need too. Then he said "your acting as if we had sex or something like that".- The dream felt so life like and my heart (when I woke up) felt so sad because it wasn't real.

2. I don't really remember that much of this dream but (the famous singer) was staying at our house and we were spending lots of time together and we went to the mall and stuff. But in the dream it felt like he had thought I was 17 but meanwhile I'm younger (even in the dream). We had gotten really close and we were like bestfriends, but then I woke up I felt as if we had loved each other -Obvisouly this dream was shortened a little bit because it wasnt as important as the other one.

If any of you are dream translators or you know what it means.. I could tell you the rest of what happened in the second dream :)

Thanks SO much for your help! Oh and just so you know, I haven't ever met him or anything like that, but I have read a lot of "imagine" things about him and quotes and facts of him!

Example: My brother wants to double date...with an escort?

My brother is 19 and fairly unsuccessful with the ladies. I joked that he should call an escort...and he did. Now he wants to double date, Me, Him, The Escort and my girlfriend on Friday night.

That's not what bothers me:
1. He's paying $15,000 just for a night of sex and in his words "possibly finding his soulmate".
2. We share an apartment and he's bringing her home while I'm with my girlfriend...and we have paper thin walls if you know what I mean.

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