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Dream About Dough meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream interpretation: What does it mean when in a dream you share fried dough with a drag queen?

Like, specifically, a Mexican drag queen who is the most beautiful woman in the world? I wish I was kidding...


I means you are FIERCE...or as the Mexican Drag Queen would say, "Eres Muy Muy!"


Example: Dream about bread dough?

I had a strange dream about bread dough. It was a yeast bread and I was letting the dough rise on my kitchen counter. There was a ton of it. I think I was going to turn it into pizza dough or crust. What do you think this means?

Example: I have a dream meaning question?

Not to long ago my aunt passed away from an accident. Ever since then I've been having these strange dreams in which me and my cousin are Power Rangers and we are fighting the puddy men when raptors come out of no where and begin to chase us. We run for several minutes until my cousin trips and a raptor bites his head off. After that the dream shifts to me as sailor moon throwing my tiara at villains who instantly turn to jelly glazed dough nuts. I begin to eat the dough nuts when my aunt appears in front of me telling me everything gonna be alright. I cant make sense of this dream can any of you?

Example: Insanely weird dream! what does it mean?

So i like this guy named Chris a little bit, and he likes me a little too, but not quite enough to date YET. so yeah. please tell me what you think it means!

i was going to be an actress/model thing, like america's next top model but with actcing not modeling. The people there were really strict and i couldn't talk to anyone at all, no calling and no facebook. i didnt even know if people knew i was there, but i did want to be there. We werent allowed to swear at ALL or we'd be kicked off and yeah. thats beside the point.
SO, i gues it was on like a boat? inside it was like a normal big houseand i thot it was at frist but outside it had a huge deck and it was like on the ocean and was like a boat. So the first elimination i almost got kicked off or whatever, but didnt, and all of a sudden chris was there? like on the boat part? and we hugged and talked wihle we hugged and everything and it was awesome and then it like skipped a few years in advance [idk why i was still on the show]
and the main lady was like evil and i went out side and chris was in likea tux and stuff and she was like 'ok now this is going to go exactly how i planned it ok? everything will be great and perfect and good tv and yeah so do what i said and itll be great'
so he like proposed
and i was in a wedding dress already idk why, but i turned and ran inside into the bathroom to cry--the fake one where the walls could come out, for TV---and then sat on the floor and cried, than one of the other girls called for me and said i had a message? and handed me a container of sugar cookie dough and said i had a message from chris or something?and that i shud listen [with the cookie dough]? i didnt think it was weird kuz i was dreaming but yeah i do now, of course. so i went into the other--real--bathroom and ate the cookie dough and everything and was rly upset kuz like he didnt rly like me, he just said so kuz someone told him to.
so yeah.


Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

my grandfather who is dead visits me in my dream and tells me my grandmother who is my primary care taker cries when no one looks and that i need to take care of my little bro and boyfriend and tells me "everyone thinks they know what they have... then its gone sis. we need to figure it out now"
then my best friend (guy) who is dead tells me that no matter the pain no matter the worries just fake a smile and then it turns out to be real. and told me to hold the hand tight and never believe its okay to let go cause letting go will never be okay

Example: I had a drean that my boyfriend got me cookie dough icecream..what does this mean?

Example: Does this dream have a meaning to it and does it sound sad?

Well back in late march(this year)i had a dream that i was back n my old neighborhood and i was playing with friends.the next thing i know, we ended up underground somewhere, this time not playing but just wondering around then the next thing i know things changed. All the ppl i was playing with went away and there was a few of us left. Still underground. The next thing i know i ended up in this white bright room.nOw that i think about it, i was in a hospital and outof nowhere there was these indian(india)men and they havent had no food 4 a while. They looked real sad and dazed out. They was very filthy and all they had to eat was this piece of dough. After they ate that, they was still hungry and looked even more sad. I was just standin there looking at them and they was just standing there dazing out. One of them was staring at me and he looked like he was about to cry. There was about 9 of them and they looked like they threwed up and left vomit all over there mouth. They was quiet and

Example: My friend's random dream, what does this mean?

just this day I got one, with elements like my crush,
a jeep turned into boat when there's a flood of like coffee coloured water,
a small deli that turned out its owner kills someone everyday, then we ran
out of if that deli, we left a woman with maybe her kids there,
then i think the last part was something like I'm standing on a
high platform in a corner of some room, like where TVs are supposed
to be placed or like where saints are placed, then there's something
I'm pressing that would sound like a guitar and I'm making something
like a guitar lead solo on it,
it's like a piece of a table plywood, then there's this nasty gang,
they were like so envious of that guitar-like sounds that I'm creating,
one of them approached me in that room full of other people,
he put out a small dagger or a knife or somethng that could cut one's skin,
he asks me how do I do that sound because he or his gang wants to have it,
I refused to answer for the first asks, then he staked that dagger into my
left foot when I'm just about to tell him how I do that, it seems like I'm
Jesus in the cross and my feet/foot were nailed in it, plus the factor that
I'm placed in a high platform, and remember that soldier that wounded Jesus
on his side with his spear? It's like him who wounded my left foot. It feels
like it's all connected in a way, then because of my anger of what he have done,
and also to save myself from further damage and maybe eventual death,
I got this big knife like chefs/butchers used to chop bif potions of meat,
and I chopped off his body parts until he was reduced into like a
donut dough of human flesh. And I remembered before that last part,
apparently the scene where I and I think a friend were running away
from that deli because the owner/butcher/chef would be killing someone for the day,
I thought and said to myself "would I be saved? is this what I'd get for being a sinner?
is this it that would lead me to hell? if i'm gonna repent then would I be immediately saved?"

a very weird one right? i got some other more dreams like this, but Paprika (an animated film that has some elements of dreaming too),
i've downloaded it months ago, then it came to happen that I've just watched it today respectively after dreaming and woking up.

Example: What does my dream really mean?

So it started off... I went to town, and I walked into a dough nut shop. I casually was looking at the dough nuts and then this guy, John, walks up behind me and tells me to do something... He wants me to get dough nuts for a poor/homeless guy who is outside the shop. He points and tells me who: homeless guy was wearing a nice, yellow and red athletic jacket. It was like, really, nice. He had blond hair.

So I did... And John gave me a lot of dough nuts, like 15 for free! FREE!
I walked out and talked to mr homeless/poor guy, and we walked off to a table. We just casually chatted and soon got into more in-depth stuff. He wasn't really poor or homeless... he wanted to stop being a burden to his parents, so he left. He gave me a hug... sometime I guess we split up and met up again later. We were watching a music video channel. A video of a shark pops up. It's like katy perry's teenage dream mixed with California girls. It was just the shark attacking the camera... really close up. hammer head.
then it switchs to a video of me and him at the table we were at earlier, and we were making out.

first off, when we had dough nuts I never saw us making out.
he whispers "that's us up there"

I go to school, and I kept hoping he'd pop up somewhere, and he never does. Then I get to walking to Walgreens across from school and he's there. We hug and hold hands ect. I'm not really clear about what happens here... I just remember missing him, then finding him...

I also remember texting him a LOT. but no number, name, ect.

Then I had a family gathering at a bar-ish thing. We were playing pool, and i was all excited about him. We had our first formal date planned for after the family gathering I had...

So, later it happens. It's a concert in a hot topic store. Kaile Goh. And I talked to her with him... I think he is like her brother... or something...
and it's like a rave! It was great
suddenly I took out a camera showing me n him n the rave. Then I turned into Clare from degrassi, taking a picture to prove she's over Eli... (they didn't break up though! ...will they? D:)
then I woke up... ):
When I woke up it really felt like it was real. I woke up and was all, confused. I thought it was real, I almost went into my phone looking for his number. (He was so damn cute... and had a great personality!)
I have a bf, but he doesn't live anywhere near me ):
I miss kissing, and whenever I see a couple in the hall at school hugging and kissing, I am like, I want that to be me... My bf at school with me, there for me to talk to and hug/kiss. There is a guy who is a good friend, and I really do like him... but he looks NOTHING like the guy in my dream. most of all, the guy in my dream looks nothing like anyone I know.. He didn't have a name...

...any opinion would be wonderful...

Example: What dose my Weird Dream Mean ?

I have some dreams where its has Action and im either fighting or some one else is. the most recent is weird i think i was a boy but I AM A GIRL. the First part i can recall i was in a big building and something about my age the 2 ed part was well i was fighting a girl i knew and she hit my hand and mouth my hand bled and the next day .. or something she knew it was me something like that weird.could some tell me what its about it was kinda like a anime oh and there was a bid dough nut in there some where too i want :)

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