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Dream About Down Syndrome meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do you think these dreams mean?

I've been having some vivid and bizarre dreams recently

In one for some reason I'm in the middle of a local housing estate and I get into a fight with a bunch of clowns. Wigs and face paint but really badly applied most are wearing t-shirts and jeans. One runs up to me and I punch him as he falls his wig falls off and I realise he has Downs Syndrome. At this point my friends turn into cats and run off leaving me alone, distraught trying to explain myself to a growing army of irate clowns (who also seem to have been drinking quite a bit)

The other involved my inability to care for a dolphin made out of ice. It had a handle on its back where the fin should be so I could carry it round vetinary surgeries while it slowly melts

Any ideas?

According to the Dreamcrowd web site

To see a clown in you dream, symbolizes absurdity, light-heartedness, and a childish side to your own character. The countenance of the clown is a reflection of your own feelings and emotions. Whether it is a happy clown or a sad clown, that will help guide you through how you may be feeling. The actions of the clown signifies your uninhibited nature. Alternatively, it is an indication of your thoughtless actions. If you have a fear or phobia of clowns, the clown may represent a mysterious person in your life who mean you harm. Somebody you know may not be who they appear to be. Or somebody may be pretending to be somebody they are not and are hiding under a facade

Try posting your dream on Dreamcrowd for a free interpretation.

I hope that helps.

Example: Had a dream about a horse who had "irritable bowel syndrome"and had to wear diapers?what does this mean?

Example: What could my "lactation" dream mean?

I dreamt the other night that I was suddenly lactating. However, there was no baby! It's very weird, but in the dream I just grabbed my right breast (which felt very full) and emptied/squeezed all the breastmilk into a little trashcan! This is so disturbing to me!

A little info about me. I am a 27 year-old female with no children. I do want to get married & have children very badly someday, though!

Does anyone have any insight to the possible meaning of this dream?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Back in October I had a dream of a guy I like and I was laying in bed with him looking directly in his eyes, it was soo real looking as if i wasnt dreaming but I knew I was dreaming. It was one of the realistic dreams I ever had, I never met him but Ive seen lots of pics of him on facebook. What does this mean?

Example: Can anyone explain the meaning of this weird dream. Please read every word carefully Preferrably doctors.?

This was very wierd and a disgusting dream. In the dream I saw that I had a huge sofisticated factory with lot of machinary.
Outside the factory there was a huge pit to which a lot of people were willfully jumping. They included men, women and very little children (even tiny tots).

The moment they jump into the pit I used to crush their heads using a big log as a preliminary crushing before they get into the machinary of my factory, where they used to get compleately crushed and come out as somthing like a milk shake.

The seen was so horrifying. surprising thing was that each person was happily getting crushed & they were jumping into the pit volenteeringly.

It looked like I was the owner of the factory.

Also I heard me muttering something like Down's syndrome.

What the heck is all this disgusting stuff. what could it mean. I have heard that every dream has a meaning.

Example: What does this dream mean.?

I had this dream last night. I felt like I was falling but I wasn't. I herd creppy whispers. I felt like I was awake but I wasn't. I also felt a hand grab me. I tried to scream but I couldn't move any parts of my body. It felt so real.

Example: Cheating husband dream what does it mean?

I had a dream last night that my husband met a woman and planned to meet up with her at 2:30 pm at a lingerie shop to buy her lingerie and cheat. In my dream I somehow talked to the woman and I showed up instead! and reamed him a new one.I woke up shaking and angry and terrified. It seemed so real! I am worried now and in need of dream interpitation. Does anyone know what this dream might mean if any meaning at all?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night my wife, Hannah, dreamt about a perfectly staight banana - about 6 inches long and very yellow, with a red sticker, saying : "Fly me to the moon". What can this possibly mean? Hannah would like to know before retiring tonight. So would I.

Example: Okay wtf does this dream mean?

okay i need to know what this means or if there is a meaning to it? i have asked a question about my dreams before but i really dont get why i would have this dream at all it was really random and pointless (at least thats what i think)...i had a dream last night that there was this dude with down syndrome (sp?) playing with a battery and that was all that happened haha i think its kind of funny cause i dont get why i would have a dream like this but can anyone help me understand it? : )

Example: What do these disturbing dreams mean?

I have aspergers syndrome and I've been having these disturbing dreams that I'm walking and everything is off balance and I keep falling and everyone is laughing at me, I then get up only to fall again I've been having these dreams for the past two weeks. What can these disturbing dreams mean and how can I prevent them from happening again?

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