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Dream About Doze meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this reoccurring dream mean?

K so I've had this dream ever since I was little!its changed a little but has relatively stayed the same. It's always where I wake up in the dream and there's some issue ( when I was a kid it was my bears trying to kill me, now it's humans, or once it was my bed suffocating me ) but in these dreams I can never scream for help , I can't talk or anything. Now I usually can indemnify it's a dream & wake myself up, which is weird!

What does this dream mean? & why does it keep happening ? All the ought my life .. And why am I able to wake myself up from it!?

When I was a kid I was plagued by nightmares of large animals trying to kill me. It was apes, horses, cows, bears, and lions. I would have these recurring dreams constantly. I was a kid that suppressed a lot of emotions, fear being one of them. Naturally, it would come out in dreams. Is there something that you are afraid of but not ready to confront? I think you are afraid of something either happening or you fear not being perceived well by humans. Either which way, you have to move past the emotion.

Try a hot bath before bed. It will calm you and put you in a better sleep state. If you have any books you can read before dozing off, read them so your mind can be on other things. If all else fails, I would keep a notebook by your bedside and just jot down all the fears you had in the day. Doesn't mean you have to fix them necessarily but you do have to acknowledge them for better rest.

Example: What did this dream mean!?!?

ok so the other night i had this strange dream that scared me half to death! ok so in my dream a guy is interviewing this girl who is sobbing and they ask her "what did you do?"
she said "at one point she was so scared of him i had to cut her fingers off" (i no that doesnt make sense but hey it was a dream) then i wake up 2 minutes later i doze off and sleep again. then in my dream im in a hallway isee this girl who is in a chair straped down with leather belts and she is trying to get out then all of a suden she look up at me...her face was so scary she had her eyes gauged out and filled with blood she had no teeth and no lips but just a hole for a mouth and a deformed nose she said please help me. then i wake up. then again about 2 minutes later i doze off and sleep again. i am in a hallway and i see another girl in a chair straped down. the girl looks up and its me! its me loking at myself in a chair straped down with no mouth. i am filled with blood. i hear a voice saying you didnt help me so now i wont help you. i wake up again and i see a african american guy in hawian shirt and shorts with a cigar un his mouth. he says i like to kill people. but he seemd so real...i no he wasnt but still...what does this dream mean?

Example: Could my dreams mean something more then just it being a dream?

Lately my dreams have been.. werid to say the least. Normally my dreams include me. and people i know. Now they with people i have never seen before. and i am sometimes someone else. or just a third person, or an entity. I get mental picture that i rememeber the next day. like a dream i had dismorning. i got a picture of triangles. and i seen a triangle tattoo on the back of a football player who was thinking thoughts of death, and killing. Also. a little boy. who was drawing the triangle tattoo in dirt.. and he looked at me.. or rather. where i would have been if i were there and said Happy birthday Canada. like.. what is this.

Example: Dream Meaning? Horses From Heaven?

Today i had a weird dream , it honestly scarred me :o
so this is how it went ,i had woken up to the sound of rain i lookd out the window and the streets where flooded i mean flooded of water,the water company men where at my door as soon as i open the door they askd if they could come in i said wait ill open the door, i went around nd it my front lawn lookd like a pool, i went inside closed the door , then i was looking threw my cabnet's and in the sky distancd i saw thos cloud of fire , it had 7 men , with 7 horses, i got a shiver down my spin un like no other , i ran when i saw them almost landing close to me and the time was 7:05pm
idk what this means , but seriously it scared me, do any of you know what this might mean? thank youu-Jay Alvie

Example: Can anybody tell me what this dream means ?

i've been having this dream every night for about a week now. its always the same and i want to know what it means..

In my dream, im in my front yard (its a sunny day, if that matters) and im petting a white dog. ( its my dog in the dream, but i dont have a dog in real life.) and all of a sudden, the dog runs into the street and away from me and doesnt come back. i always wake up right after this.

what do you think it means. ?

Example: Weird dream what is it's meaning?

I had a strange dream I was in a deserted city/town I had a house and I was in my backyard with 2 of my past pet birds. One of them flew over next door and over the fence a young woman peered over she had a large nose, white and she has ginger/brown very frizzy hair. I was scared and backed away but I managed to ask if I could have my bird back.
I woke up after and I dozed back for some reason something told me my previous dream was set in very far north Canada.
Ive always wanted to live in a cold climate place alone does this have anything to do with it?

Example: What Doze this dream mean?

its very nice dream , that i have for 6 months at least. i dream that i sleap and get up and see my body as i sleap (here it get cool) i start to fly to the clouds and see the stars i see angels that sing and i sing this beautyful song : ow what im seing im moments from heaven, i walk in silence with each step taken ,snow faling on me like angels in flight . on my way home i remember al good things , im on my way home... is this religious dream ?

Example: What does having weird dreams mean beccause when i doze off i have weird weird dreams and its freakign me out?

i need help

Example: Dreams mean what ?

i had dreams on & off about a man i lost several months ago
i wan in an elevator & he was calling me to come with him, that he missed me & wanted me to be with him
i woke several times in a daze like state where it almost felt real the dozed off & the dream seemed to continue
any interpretations ?

Example: I woke up crying from a dream and felt like crying even more,What doze that mean?

The dream i had was about my long lost dad comming back home,we started to got along
and afterwards he started to talk **** to me about my choice's about my tatoos and pearcings i have,then i told him"i wuz better off withoutchu!"
and my whole family sided with him.then i paused...and said ama pack my stuff and leave...then my dream went blank...and my dream took me to a graveyard were a funeral was taking place...someone died..but it wuznt anybody from my family..i didnt know who it wuz..i wuznt invited to the funeral..but i showed up anyways...and my mother,father,brother and sister tryed to say sorry and tryed to hugg me..but i backed away everytime they did and ignored them...then i came to my seances knowing i wuz dreaming but still feeling like i wuz awake..the more i pushed my family in the dream i had away the more hurt i became..and the more i cryed...
then my eyes oppened...and i cryed...but then stopped?...
was this a dream?...
or a vission?..

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