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Dream About Drilling meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay so last night I had this nightmare about this really creepy boy who likes me and since he asked me out the first time I've always tried to avoid him and not being horrible but he is just a really weird and creepy because he gave me a note in lesson one time saying "I need to talk to you (alone)" and since then I've just been avoiding him as much as possible but he would not just leave me alone and he was in my nightmare last night and what I can remember is I was standing at the top of the stairs at my old school and he was standing at the bottom and he had a white mask on and he just started drilling holes in his face and I was just screaming help and get me out. That's all I can remember but I was just wondering a nighmare where somebody I was tring to avoid was really scaring me meant anything? Sorry for the really long details by the way :L

He does creep you out! He scares you. But in your dream you were in the higher place. The top of the stairs is like your mind, your brain, your intellect. You were doing the thinking, but he was at the bottom, where the basement of darkness and raw emotion lies. Never mind, the stairs are between you and him. You don't need to be afraid. That is what your mind was trying to tell you. (But the drill is an indication that you see him as a possible sexual predator, so keep away from him.)

Example: What does this dream mean...?

I barely remember it but it had something to due with me being with someone I trust a lot (I think it was my girlfriend or someone else). Everything was blurry and dark, and for some reason I felt chained down and bound to one spot as they pulled out a drill and started making cuts, and holes in my arms, chest, etc... It didn't hurt, but I felt like I didn't want it to happen or didn't like it. So far that's all I can remember.

Any help on what that means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was on a school bus and a witch girl tricked me into letting her drill a hole into my left rib and making me bleed, and she would run around doing this to people, tricking them into giving her their blood so she could supposedly read their fortunes.

Example: What does it mean to dream your teeth fall out?

I dreamt I as standing in front of the mirror and just accidentally brushed one of my teeth with my finger and it fell out. Then I put my fingers in my mouth and as I touched my teeth, they all began to fall out of my mouth, leaving me with just gums.

I never dream dreams that I remember. Is this significant?

Example: I had a dream my ex boyfriend was a dentist and drilling somone elses teeth. what does this mean?

he broke up with me 2 weeks ago.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this strange dream the other day...

I was on an old fashioned train, somewhere in Europe, which had become a single state. I was in a crowded compartment, and it looked very cold outside, but I was warm in the train. I knew that Europe was under threat from a series of mysterious vampire-esque killings.

As we slowed into the station, the power cut out. I knew there was something wrong and people were muttering to each other in a Germanic language, seemingly oblivious to danger. I legged it, pulling my long coat up, and walking through the snow as I heard screams behind me.

I walked through the streets until I found a building with lights on, it was a lively, modern looking hotel. I went inside tried to warn the reception staff of the danger, but they wouldn't listen. I managed to insist on seeing the manager, but had to wait, so I went upstairs to a first floor veranda. I began to talk to a waiter, or porter or some sort of employee there.

At that moment a woman walked into the hotel, I knew her by sight, and knew that something was wrong. Without warning she transformed into a vampire. Me and my new friend legged it, on the way I smashed open a fuse box, and electricity repelled the vampires. We went down a fire escape accompanied by two other lucky survivors, of around my age and build.

We walked along a lonely, dark, cold road for what seemed like hours, until we came to a falk in the road. We turned to see the hotel burning in the distance behind us. There were two roads: one was a main road, leading to a city, the other, led off into a dark forest. We took that road.

A little while later we came to a boarded up shack. We were tired and decided to break the door down to spend the night there, but before we could manage that, an older man opened it for us from inside, and told us to come in.

We had some food, but then the vampires arrived, under their guise of normal women. We all knew what we were dealing with, but we couldn't run, and succumbed to letting them come right up to us. They then tried to make out that they were in fact prostitutes, but we were having none of that. Things turned nasty, I got bitten, and one of the others had to have a vampire wrestled off him. For some reason the vampires then left. We got some sleep.

I woke up in what looked like victorian London or something, and I felt rejuvenated. I then realized that my body was changing, and I became a werewolf. I ran the streets of London chasing someone, but slipped and fell into a river, or the sea. It was freezing cold and the last thing I saw were the townfolk looking grim, and hate-filled as I floundered.

As my head goes under, I wake up.

What could that strange tale mean?

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

i had a dream that my crush my five bffs and i were mice and had to drill a hole through the gym floor to go to the underworld and defeat lord voldemort

this is a real dream...i swear

Example: What does this dream mean?

okay so i had a dream i was in some locker room and some guy shot was going crazy and he shot me liek 10 times. but i wasnt dying or anything..but i pretended i did so he would leave.
well he walked over to me and knew i wasnt dead so he like took a drill and starting going through my head haha
but i still didnt die or anything, but i passed out or something.
when i got up everyone was gone and i went outside.
then some kid kept trying to run me over with his car and kill me and it still didnt work.

haha so yeah i know i sound like a creep
but does anyone know what this means?

Example: NBA basketball player is my dream job, who can help me get there, i mean drills and words of encouragment?

Example: What does my dream mean?

So last night I had a very unusual, horrendous dream that left me sweaty and shaky until school started this morning. I dreamed that I was in a dark room sitting criss cross at a wooden platform on the floor. The only light was illuminating from a candle in the middle of the platform. On the other side of the platform there was an old woman in a black dress. For some reason, I was holding a pentagram (not an upside down pentagram, which represents satan, just a regular pentagram) and the old woman was holding a cross. Then the old woman said in a hoarse voice "It's okay, we all know she is going to hell", and she threw her cross at me and I fell into a pit of fire.
I've wondered if this represents my conflicting beliefs on religion and my interest in becoming Wiccan (Wiccan is NOT evil). I've been a Christian all my life and don't feel fufilled spiritually. Does my dream represent my fear to convert? 10 points to best answer, thanks :)

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