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Dream About Drinking Glass meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream about drinking red wine? dose this mean anything a.s.a.p?

Dose this mean anything i had this dream that i drank wine like red wine it was at my wedding or a different wedding can't remember all i remember is drinking wine and liking it, i am not the one who would rink beer or wine. I am only 16 years old. I can't remember if i was thinking about anything that had to do with wine b4 i fell asleep or watched anything that had wine in it. This is all i remember sorry if its not much info it was in a wine glass.

Just thought it was wired.

well a dream is just a dream and underage drinking is bad so i wouldnt recomend you do to just cause of a dream lol

Example: Hay what does this dream mean?

I was like eating pizza, bread sticks, and marine sause.
drinking glass of rum.
What does this mean?

Example: I dream of a broken glass and I don't know what it means?

I had this dream: Me and my group of friends are having a party in my house. We are drinking and actually having fun. When I hold my glass of beer to drink, I saw that my glass was already had a cracked in half and some of the beer dropped gently into my lap. I stand up and went to the kitchen to get another glass. And to my surprise, the glass I picked has a crack, so I put the glass back and get another one. Same thing, the glass has a crack. So I decided to pick a glass made of tin and went back to the porch where my friends are. When I fill my glass with beer, I saw that the rim of my glass was cut unevenly, leaving a sharp edge. I looked at my glass and wondered why my 4 glasses have some kind of a damage.

Example: What does being offered a shot glass in a bar mean in a dream?

Someone that I like but don't talk to very often was behind a bar[but is not a bar tender in real life] I wasn't drinking but he slid me a shot glass, smiled and said I could have whatever I wanted. I denied. Then it went onto us sitting very close together somewhere else, looking at a map studying it kind of. And we both knew we liked and wanted each other but were reluctant to do so and felt intense sexual energy by having to hold back for certain reasons. Interpretations? THANKSSS

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where I was hanging upside-down and I had 3 identical pieces of broken glass in the back of my head that made the shape of a triangle. It felt real, too.

What does this mean?

Example: Glass of water in dreams meaning?

i had a dream that i found a glass with less drinking water in it. then i poured water to make it full. wat does this dream mean? thank u :)

Example: What does it mean to be drinking white wine and droping but not breaking glass?

Furthermore, dreamed of person I had crush on look down at my stomach being so ugly after a real life huge weight loss. In my dream I was believing you must me crazy he wouldn't want you.

Example: What does it mean when someone important to me gets drunk in a dream of mine?

I had a dream that my i got a call from my sister's friend that she(my sister) was drunk. So i went to go pick her up and was driving her car. We then wound up getting lost and going into some random person's house and for some reason we knew that person was on vacation, so we were looking around, it was a really nice house with glass windowed walls that and a big pool and jacuzzi with marbled kitchen counters. Any idea what this means? Especially the part about my sister getting drunk...

Example: What does dreaming that someone is drinking from your glass of water mean?

Ok, I can usually sense what most of my dreams are about, but this one baffles me. I just had a dream that I'm drinkink from a glass of water and the next moment all I know is that someone I know in real life , but don't see on a regular basis is drinking from my glass even though he knows it's mine. In my dream I'm just watching him drink all the water without doing anything, but I somehow felt that he did it on purpose and even enjoyed it. What could this dream possibly mean?

BTW..The man in the dream is someone for whom I have feelings for but our relationship is strictly a professional one and I've never really acted on these feelings.

Example: Can someone help me interpret a dream about a drinking glass breaking?

In the dream I was with a very pretty girl and we were at party or wedding; or some festivity I don't remember. We were both sitting at a table and seemed like we were having a good time, and then we grabbed a couple of glasses of champagne from the waiter. All of the sudden I accidentally dropped my glass on the floor and the glass broke everywhere. No one saw me do it but I felt bad. Everyone was looking to see who dropped the glass but I didn't say anything.

Any ideas on what that could mean?

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