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Dream About Driveway (House) meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

It was about my boyfriend, who I'm going to break up with tomorrow. This is what happened:

Last night I had a dream that I was with my boyfriend playing video games at this house I've never seen before, and I guess he wasn't supposed to be there because my mom pulled up in the driveway and he ran and hid in the cabinet (lol). But then she came in and he made a noise by accident, and mom went over there, pulled him out, and starting beating him up. She called him a perverted b.astard and kicked him out, even though we weren't doing anything. XD

Idk if it means anything, just wanted to see if anyone would come up with a creative answer. I rarely ever remember my dreams (if I even have them) so I just found it weird.

A great dream with certain meaning.

To dream that you or your family members are in a fight with some known person and found fault with them indicates the inner turmoil you have. Some aspect of yourself is in conflict with another aspect of yourself. Perhaps an unresolved or unacknowledged part is fighting for its right to be heard. It may also parallel a fight or struggle that you are going through in your waking life.(lol. It may be rather with your boy friend and for this reason you want to break with him)

To see others fighting in your dream, suggests that you or they are unwilling to acknowledge your own problems and turmoil. You are not taking any responsibility or initiative in trying to resolve issues in your waking life. You are unwilling and refusing to change your old attitudes and habits.

Hope you are satisfied with the intrepretation. Best wishes -

Example: Dream involved: Leprachaun, my old house, my mean neighbors, my cousin. Please help me c what it means?

Last night I had a dream that I was in Chicago with some friends and I left to go tell my father something (im not sure what). Then out of no where I was sprinting and I ended up running across my old neighbors front porch which was oddly huge, as I was running down their steps they saw me and i waved, but all they said was "those who live on the left side always try to sabotage those living on the right..dirty bastards." And as I was running to my drive way I saw my mom's blue car parked very crookedly in the driveway. And as I got closer to the window I saw my cousin sitting in complete darkness smoking.(note: usually my brother would have been there which is odd. it's like he was there in spirit or something. i felt his presence but couldn't see him.) So he let me inside and my perverted cousin chris made some awkward comment about my ***. And then in the kitchen there was a cage of small puppies that looked exactly like the one I have. I heard some one with a very odd voice walking up stairs so i went over to my cousin chris and he told me it was a leprechaun. So I looked up and saw her. She was calling me over to play with her so I followed, she led me to the kitchen and was mumbling something, then all of a sudden the cabinet below the sink opened up and i saw a baby's legs hanging from above. I ran away to ask my cousin wtf and all he said was "she's just playing with you".


Example: What does my dream in a driveway mean?

I'd thought about it for a while on my own and I'd like to see what others think it might mean. I had a dream I was back at my parents house and a few years younger. Not much younger but also with gelled hair forward like I used to wear it and my clothes were brand new. I was in the driveway and it was fall, all I could hear was wind and tree leafs moving. I had 4 important cars in the driveway which I owned in the past (1 current). I sat on the trunk of one facing my current car and begin to lay out photographs on the hood in front like playing cards, there were a lot of them. All the photo's were my 4 long term ex girlfriends laughing with good memories at different places and times. The photo's then lit fire and burned in front of me and I just watched. There was no smoke, just a blue and red flame on the hood of the car over them individually. I woke up pretty upset. What does it mean?

Example: What does this dream that my ex girlfriend had mean? (she was walking down her long driveway with me and we...?

...ran into this pack of wolfs. So we kept going to the house and they kept following us but before they could get to her I pushed her out of the way and told her to run and let them kill me so she could get away.)

Example: Whats these dreams mean?

dream 1...i was in some strangers house. and they were letting me stay there because someone was trying to find me and kill me. then they found me they were in a white jeep like car. they kept throwing knifes at me and the family i was staying with. does this mean anything?

dream 2... i was sitting in my house i was home alone with my dog in the floor then this white jeep like car came up in my driveway and started throwing knifes at me.

do these dreams mean anything i have saw this car in real life drive by my house kinda slow but i never thought anything of it does this mean anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was sitting at my house in my dream and i was with some of my family and a few other people that i didnt know when a serial killer came in and someone said "thats the killer!" then he said " oh now i have to kill you all" then he said"ladies first" and started to kill all the girls there and then he killed all the guys and i was left for last. i ran outside and found my little stepbrother outside crying. i picked him up and then the killer started coming after me from the garage, i ran back inside and he followed me and said "don't worry i'm not going to kill you" so i was sitting inside with my bro and the killer and i looked outside the window and there were 3 of the guys that were killed mowing the lawn with all this snow everywhere and as zombies. then the parts that they mowed were blood red. all of a sudden the killer is trying to attack me and so i open the door and let the zombies in to attack the killer. i get out with my brother and i run to a building down the driveway to tell someone what happened.i was put into a car and was crying . there were 4 people at the building and they told me to stay in the car as im screaming for them to call 911. they all go towards the house and then the killer goes behind them and kills them then he comes after me. he attacks the car but cant get in and then i woke up.

Example: Meaning of dream of falling off a driveway in a car with a friend?

I had a dream of driving up a hill on my way to a friends house for a party gathering in my honor. Another friend jumped in the car with me. I am driving, the road led nowhere And I went to turn around. My rear tires went over a curb and there was a cliff there. My friend open the door even though I told her not to move. I was fumbling for my phone to call emergency help. We went over the cliff in the car. I could see it was very far down, I could see green trees below and the stone cliff wall (made). I prayed all the way down - Jesus help us. My friend was SCREAMING and crying. I woke up but I did not have that familiar 'pounding heart' but I was curious what does that mean!

Example: What could this dream mean?

In my dream I was on the second story of some huge beautiful house. I was in the bathroom but the entire right wall was a huge window looking out.

Important Part:
Well my grandfather and a friend drove up, down a dirt driveway then got out of the truck and saw me up there. I was getting out of the shower. Well for some reason they climbed up the roof (taking less than a minute) so they could look in on me? Why?

Example: What does this dream mean?

It started out that I was at my grandma's house and then suddenly black cloaked figures with scythes were coming up the driveway. My grandma couldn't see them but I could. I told her I needed to hide. She just laughed but I finally convinced her and I hid in her closet under a lot of blankets. I had seen them before so I knew they were after me and not her. They came looking all over for me and never found me. (I've had this dream many times in different places and they never find me.) Then a black cloaked man I knew in the dream came and told me I had to go with him for protection. I agreed and then I ended up talking with this man of about 18 and I was talking about my baby. (I don't have one in real life) And then I was talking to my boyfriend in real life about the baby (It was ours) and then I was sent out for war. (With swords and such not guns) I was running away from the enemy and then I woke up. What does that mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

okay, the other night i had a dream that i was runnning down my street and i fell in my old bff's yard, there was a wheel chair ramp which usually isnt there. i heard someone saying from her neighbor's house "they were expecting this, thats why they built the ramp." i got back up and in the car in the driveway was her aunt and a man, she was crying, and she got out of the car, i went to hug her but she just walked right past me like i wasnt even there, when i looked back to the car my great-grandpa was sitting there, he got out of the car and i started to scream "GRANDPA, GRANDPA" then my friends brother woke me up and i had tears streaming down my face. my great grandpa has been dead for almost a year and a half. what does it all mean?

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