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Dream About Driving Away meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this driving dream mean?

OK, so last night I had a dream about driving. I suppose it's because I'm currently learning to drive (in real life, anyhow).
So, in the dream, I'm on a blacktop (I think next to a bridge). There's a blonde woman who's kind of...well, overweight (sorry I'm NOT trying to be mean). So the woman was sitting in this fold-able chair and she was apparently the driving teacher. I'm surrounded by other teenagers who are apparently learning how to drive as well. They're older than me though, like 17-ish (I'm 16 haha). This class was basically how to pass your permit test. So, we're all sitting in these fold-able chairs as well and she gives us each a driving handbook and tells us to do some worksheets based on the information that's in the handbooks. It doesn't take long until I realize who these kids are: they are the friends of this guy I used to like (let's call him Shane). I don't want to get into it, but there was A LOT of drama between Shane and I and we haven't talked for many months now. Shane was across from me, but there was live seven kids between us but I still saw him. It struck me as weird because they all live in a different state than I do. I start getting all freaked out so I get up and go to the teacher and ask her if I can be excused. She starts shouting at me to sit back down. I start getting really upset now, so I throw a tantrum and start crying and grab her ankle and yelling that I wanna go home. Everyone was staring at me as the teacher was struggling with me. Finally Shane gets up, and he's really pissed off. He was all like "I wanna go home too."
The next thing I know, I'm walking away from the class and I see Shane about 100 or so yards ahead of me. He was walking in the sunlight, the sun was setting down and all and I was thinking "was he gonna delete me off of Facebok?"

In real life I actually took an online course to get my permit. And Shane took a regular course. I'll admit, I probably still like him and sometimes I worry if he's gonna delete me off Facebook. But, what does this dream mean?
And why did he say he wanted to go home too? Thanks...
PS I've already gotten my permit a long time ago and I know how to drive pretty much all I have to do now is wait until I take the test..

Well you probably just miss him. Your subconscious is afraid that his is going to hate you and he won't want to ever talk to you. Yes, according to what I know from the dream, you still like him, even if you haven't realized it yet! Try getting in touch with him. If he talks to you and is friendly, it will put your subconscious to rest on the matter, but if he is rude and mean, the little voice in the back of your mind which is so quiet you can't hear it unless your sleeping was right (it might be it might not). If the little voice was right, he is not worth it!

Example: What does it mean to dream you're driving but not in good control of the car?

Last night I had a dream where this boy who used to go to elementary school with me but now lives far far away came to my grandmas house while I was there. It was odd, but only really weird part was when he was getting a ride to his house (or wherever he was going) I was getting into the passenger side of my moms car and the car just yanked and started to chase him. It didnt go far at all though only to like the next driveway or two down and it slowed down then I turned the wheel to try and do a U turn but it started going fast again. This struggle happened for a little while until it almost crashed into my mom, and was about to crash into another car when the dream ended

Example: Dreamt that i was looking for car and after being drove away I realized I had lost my backpack that contain my jeans and laptop. Meaning?

I told the driver to drive back so i can look for it, but couldn t find it. I said to myself **** it. Our goal was to get home and before we even came near home I realized I was crossing a bridge. Then i woke up.

What does this mean?

Example: Does anyone know what it means to have dreams about driving?

I have been having dreams about driving even though I avoid it. I don't even have a license. Does anyone knows what it means to have driving dreams almost every night?

Example: What does my dream mean? It's driving me crazy?

I keep having dreams about my current boyfriend and also my ex boyfriend. When I have dreams about my current boyfriends, they usually involve us breaking up and me or us wanting to get back together. However last night, I had a dream about my ex. This was a man who I used to be madly in love with. He broke up with me just before valentines day several years ago now. In the dream he kept telling me he didn't want to be with his current gf and that he loved me and missed me. He was trying to kiss me and I just kept telling him no and pushing him away. I told him it was too late for that. What is going on?! My current relationship seems to be doing well at the moment. We've had our up and downs but always manage to work things out. What is my mind trying to tell me?

Example: Dream meaning, running away from home..?

i had this dream last night that i ran away, and i ended up staying in this apartment-like room, but it was just one room, i was sitting at a table. then my sister picked me up in her car and drove me back home. she knew my mom would be upset, so she told me to go through our cellar and up the stairs to the inside of our house. i forgot, and realized i had forgotten when i made it to the front door. my mom looked like she'd been crying, and was mad that i supposedly stole some of her candles but i had no idea what she was talking about.

what's all this supposed to mean?

Example: Dream meaning? (driving car with smashed window)?

Hi, Last night I had a few dreams that I remember, but the same thing kept happening in each dream. I had a car, an older dusty looking car (that drove fine) it was a different make and model each time, I had a few people with me, dark shadowy figures, I didn't know who they were but that didn't seem important, one person would say they're driving, and each time I would insist that I'm driving as it's *my* car. Then as we're about to get in, a person would come out from nowhere, and smash a window (each time it was a different window) and run away. The people I was with would be all "oh no, now what are we supposed to do?" and I would say, "So what!? Let's get in and go!" and off we went. I remember driving in one dream, with no windscreen, and being really happy.

Thanks for your insight :)

Example: Any meaning for dreaming of my passed away grandmother?

I dreamt of my grandmother and I were sitting in a car ,possibly belonging to my uncle.
My grandmother whom wasn't able to drive got behind the wheel and drove the car .
I was amazed that my grandmother drove the car and said to her that I did not know that you could drive.
The other part we found ourselves walking through the streets of Egypt my grandmother and I were both born and raised in Egypt and we both immigrated to the uk and lived the last 20 years in the uk.
While we were in a station or possible an airport I had my hand bag attached to a surface ,a tea age girl tried to steal my handbag but I pulled my handbag and asked her to give it back ,after she refused to give me back the handbag she said it is ok she ll give it back to me but she wants some money ,as I looked in her face she looked like a kind and innocent person ,she was difinitly a tea age egyption girl and she could have possibly been my childhood friend nada Samir who passed away at the age of 13.
Another part of the dream my grandmother and I got stuck in the traffic and as my grandmother tried to go through another direction she got squashed between two vechiles or buses .i pulled her but she fainted and was dieing.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about driving away the grim reaper from your house with the cross of jesus?

Hi Everyone! i have been curious about my dreams lately. Ever since i have been baptised over Easter, including the days leading up to that day, i have been having dreams about things in relation to Jesus or God. in my recent dream, i dreamed that i was at my fiance's house with my little nieces. i saw the figure of the grim reaper outside at the door and i quickly told everyone to get down, but my little niece went and open the door. The Grim Reaper came in and i told him to leave my nieces alone and take me, since it is me he wanted. he pointed at me and i suddenly grabbed at the cross around my neck i had gotten for a baptismal present. i started reciting the 'our father' prayer and 'holy Mary' prayer as well. i held it up to the grim reaper and he started backing out, looking really scared. and so i kept walking towards it with the cross in my hand. the grim reaper had turned into a ladybug and i tried stepping on it. so i was just curious as to what this might mean. any suggestions?

Example: What does my dream mean? Also running away?

I had an emergency and I borrowed this souped up WRX (fast car). I knew I was drunk but I had to get somewhere. It was fine for awhile, but after a bit I couldn't stay on the road at all. I was spinning by the end of the drive and knew I was on the verge of being pulled over. So I got out, and found out the car belonged to a mafia style gang. They invited me somewhere and I knew it was a trap. I had a huge revolver with lots of bullets. So the guy who was supposed to kill me found out I was loading a gun and waited for me to shoot him and it went off but he was fine. After that I started running away and was being chased. I went far and hid well but he was right behind me. I confront him and shoot him again, but my gun, as the dream goes on looks less and less effective. By the end the gun is rusted and the bullets don't fit. The chaser mocks me. He then draws his gun and I wake up.

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