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Dream About Dropping meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I had this dream.. I don't really dream but ok here it goes, I dreamt that someone was dropping gold rings. A bunch of them what could this mean? Thanks.

Hi! I am going to tell you (the asker) what I tell myself when I freak out about a dream... Not all dreams mean something it could mean you feel trapped and like you want to be let go emphysising on the dropping of the rings or it could mean something like a rule that is golden that will help in your life; I dont mean to sound sappy when I say that stuff but it is to be helpful. Worrying about these dreams is only going to cause bad luck and in my opinion what will appear realistically may repeat itself from the dream and and that is only going to cause paranoia. Dont worry! Dreams can mean something but they dont necessarily have too.

Example: Weird dream...need the meaning...?

OK well...I had this dream and me and my friend were in Auburn NY and the crows were rebelling because we exterminated all the groups in 2006. Ok, by rebelling they were taking the streetlights of the wires and they were dropping them on cars and people. But...the streetlights weren't all green, red, and yellow lightbulbs. It looked as if hey were cut in thirds because some crows had the green light bulb section, some had the red, and some had the yellow. Me and my friend went into the mall to be safe and we went into the toy store and we both love Betty Boop and we found Betty Boop figures. But...the whole set wasn't there. It was missing like one doll or one dog. After this I woke up. But here's what I think, my dreams might be telling me I'm not complete or I'm missing something. Does anyone think I am right and possibly if I'm not could you tell me what it's telling me. Also what I'm missing if I'm right. Thanks!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this cat that i loved, iggy. We have looked at ever shelter put up fliers but no sign of him. Almost every night since we lost him i have a dream that he comes home. In the dream i drop every thing I'm holding to run to iggy. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about planes dropping bombs outside of a house you used to live in?

I have had about 5 or 7 dreams similar to this one. I'm in my first house (that i haven't been to or lived in for about 5 or 6 years) and I am either with my family or with friends or both in the house. And after doing really nothing in the house I begin to hear bombs being dropped by planes and exploding and me being scared and not able do anything. I've also had many dreams of people trying to break in that house and me having to defend myself and sometimes kill them.
If anyone knows what this could mean I would very much appreciate it! Thank you! :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

What does my dream mean?
This morning, just before the alarm went off I was dreaming about my boyfriend, sister, his imaginary older brother and his girlfriend. We were all in this kitchen of an old farm house my sister was in there cooking getting ready to go out - all I could see was the bakc of my boyfriend wandering around the room like this ghostly figure, not really interacting. His imaginary older brother and his girlfriend came in to the room. He was really disapproving frowning upon my sister, asking her sarcastic probing questions. She dropped a dish and then went to walk out the room he follwed really closely and proceeded to ask me really probing intense questions as though he didn't trust me...all this time my boyfriend was floating in the back ground completely cut off from the situation - does this mean anything or do I just have a really vivid imagination?

Additional Info: I'm not concerned about my boyfriend liking my sister other than platonically - my boyfriend has been really down recently ( really infectious) as he's not feeling particularly stimulated or challenged by his work.We've been together four months challenged by his work

Example: What does it mean when you drop a glass of water in your dreams?

I have been having dreams of this nature for quite some time...not everday but certainly every week. About two days ago I dreamt I was on vacation on some beach or other...I was in a hotel lobby and knocked over a vase with flowers and water. I´ve also dreamt that I´m getting married at a church and when the priest hands over the wine, it looks like water and i accidently drop it. By the way I´m not married nor is marriage a life goal

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well I am currently unemployed and I had a dream that I was a Cashier at a grocery store, and I was screwing up a bit, by dropping things like drink beverages that I was dropping by accident. And it was weird cause as the items were coming as I had to beep them, they were already bagged. So that was weird so what does this dream mean?

Example: I used to dream a huge boulder would materialize & drop quietly to the ground over & over. What could it mean?

I had this dream throughout my childhood and every now and then as an adult. In the dream(nightmare), the sky & landscape is dark and grey, and totally silent. The giant boulder would just appear about ten feet from the ground and drop with a dull thud that for some reason horrified me. The next boulder would materialize in the air, drop, and cause the previous boulder to dissapear right before the two hit. The new boulder would then noiselessly hit the ground with the same horrible thud, that I could feel more than I could hear. This would repeat over and over. I would wake up as if I had had the most terrible nightmare, but never could understand what oppressed me so much about this dream. If anybody out there is into dreams/nightmares, help me out. What could it mean and why would something so absurd be so terrifying?

Example: What does it mean to dream of your cell phone dropping in water? ?

I continuoulsy dream of my cell phone getting wet or dropping in water but then after I dry it off, it still works. What does it mean

Example: I keep having dreams about dropping my cell phone in water what does it mean?

every night i have a dream that my phone falls into water and i freak out and i try to save my phone i dry it off and i always believe that it real this is my worst fear to drop my phone in water what does this dream mean?

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