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Dream About Drunk Driving meanings

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Example: What do Flying, Tornado, Driving, Dreams mean?

lol whats kinda strange is that I've had Driving dreams when I was like only 11 or 12

-To dream that you are driving a vehicle, signifies your life's journey and your path in life. The dream is telling of how you are moving and navigating through life.

If you are driving and cannot see the road ahead of you, then it indicates that you do not know where you are headed in life and what you really want to do with yourself. You are lacking direction and goals.

Dreaming of driving a car in reverse suggests you have set unrealistic financial or career goals for yourself.

Driving in the wrong lane means that you are taking the wrong approach to a real life situation, or you are heading down the wrong path. Rethink your choices and don't let yourself be influenced so much by others around you.

To dream that someone else is driving you represents good fortune - you will profit from your superior knowledge.

To dream that you are driving a cab or bus means you feel stuck in your life.

Also see "Breathalyzer Test", "Car", "Driving Lessons", "Driving Test", "Drunk Driving", "Road Trip" and "Speed Bumps".

Flying dreams are often a very exhilarating and joyful experience. Flying with ease and looking down in the landscape below signifies that you are prepared and on top of a situation, or that you have risen above something that once bothered you. Flying dreams and our ability to control our flight is representative of your own personal sense of power. If you dream that you have trouble staying in flight, you are feeling a lack of power in controlling your own circumstances. If you run into power lines, trees, mountains and other obstructions you run into while in flight, they stand for a particular obstacle or person who is standing in your way in your waking life. If you are feeling fear when you are flying or that you feel that you are flying too high, then it suggests that you are afraid of challenges and of success. Also see "Broom/Broomstick" and "Airplane."

Tornadoes in dreams suggest you are very angry about a current situation and are afraid to express your feelings - which you need to do - for fear of hurting others.

Example: Someone had a dream that i fell victim too a drunk driver that fell asleep. What can this mean?

Someone had a dream this morning that i fell victim too a drunk driver...About thursday i was driving high and also i was blaring music talking about weed at a stoplight so everyone saw me and i was smoking a cig without a filter so it looke like i was smoking weed. ALSO, onea my friends that i know has friends that have died bc of intoxicated drivers. I kno that but have still moved forward driving this way...but premonitions of sorts havent happpend.

I knew something was wrong when my casual cannabis usuage i was seeing skulls when iclsoed my eyes and grime reapers of death with scythes were present. Then my gf (no longer) told me that she had a bad dream...i had a bad feeling of exactly wat it was.

Another thing, i feel like its kinna Karma. I have been researching the "anionting" alot where an individual is turned into the messiah and which they use a cannabis infused oil to aniont the individual. More on this...

Example: I dreamed my husband was drunk & drove down the wrong side of the road, then other drunks in the dream?

Can you help me discern this dream? I had one of my childhood hometown...?
The dream started with my husband in our vehicle. It was black out with teenager trick or treaters. So it was Halloween. My husband was driving drunk and said he was going to do something funny. On the straight stretch, he turned the lights off & roared quickly down the stretch in the wrong side of the road. I told him to be careful there are trick or treaters. And there was a group of older kids on the right side of the road & we zoomed past them.

My husband stopped somewhere (probably to buy beer). I took off because I wanted to walk home (a mile+ away). But was afraid someone would see me alone. So hid in some bushes. There were some adults & teens. One adult was my 4H instructor. I went to talk. She said she had heard so much about me. So much. That I am sooo Christian. I admitted that I was Christian & asked her if she was. She said, "I wouldn't be that stupid."... And she was drunk too.

Then I started heading toward the track to walk the miles home. Greg W. met up with me. He went to grade school with me & I hadn't seen him since school. He brought me to his apartment & I checked things out. It seemed like he wanted to get to know me better since I had such a drunk husband. (He had asked me out back in high school days.) Well, then my husband went to the apartment. And we talked. Then Greg said, 'I think I'm on my last round.'. And he took off ahead of us leaving his apartment.
Then I looked at him walking ahead of us, walking like a drunk, with a bottle, with scraggly grey hair. And then my husband commented on his walking drunk. Then I saw my husband walk ahead of me following Greg and my husband was walking drunk too. (At this time it is daylight already.)

So? Does this dream mean something?

Example: What does it mean if you have a dream about drunk driving?

Yet you are a teenager and you rarely drink (you take small sips that your parents allow) A.K.A. you've never been drunk, but you have these dreams about driving drunk and you die six times over in different scenarios for each in front of your school. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean? I was driving a tent...?

I was spending the night in a tent camping with my 2 friends alexis and brianna when I had this dream:

All of a sudden, I find the need to get on top of the tent and drive it! So, I sit on the tip of the tent and use a stearing wheel that comes from out of no-where to stear. We don't move, but I'm thinking we are. Inside the tent, Alexis and Brianna are having a food fight with cup cakes and cake. I keep on yelling at them to stop.

Then i woke up. What does this mean?

Example: I was driving in my dream, even though I'm 15 and obv. can't drive-lol, what could it mean?

yh just wondering, thanks

Example: What does it mean to dream with drunk people around you?

I had a dream about me and my family driving around NY (never been there), stucked on traffic and there was alot of drunk people on the streets.
I also remember that all the cars on the dream were black. Any interpretation please?

Example: What does it mean when someone important to me gets drunk in a dream of mine?

I had a dream that my i got a call from my sister's friend that she(my sister) was drunk. So i went to go pick her up and was driving her car. We then wound up getting lost and going into some random person's house and for some reason we knew that person was on vacation, so we were looking around, it was a really nice house with glass windowed walls that and a big pool and jacuzzi with marbled kitchen counters. Any idea what this means? Especially the part about my sister getting drunk...

Example: A dream about drunk driving?

i had a dream where, my father was driving the car , my mom was in the passanger seat and i was in the back. my dad was drunk and crashed the car. my mother and father were extremly hurt and i only had like 3 bruises. PLEASE HELP! what does this mean?

Example: Why do I keep having drunk driving dreams?

The dream i had last night was i was at a celebration in a town i live by. My friend said he was good to drive so we started driving. While driving I decided that he was not good to drive and he pulled over and i got in the drivers seat. I had my friend text my parents (i'm 18- and they always said they'd pick me up if i have a drink or if im drunk or whatever) and tell them to come get us at the local high school.
We weren't at the school so somehow i had to get a van load of my friends back to the school. When I start to drive i can tell that i am drunk as well.

In this dream i pulled over and when i did i woke up.
In past dreams i would get to my destination and then thats all i can remember.

What does this mean? I've tried to look up dreams like this but i can't figure it out.
And why do I keep having these dreams?

i've never been drunk and then drove anywhere. I've had tastes of friends drinks and then drove home but i wasn't even buzzed.
I've been driving since I was about 14 maybe 15. I'm 18 now and i've been drinking more now because it's the summer.

help! :)

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