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Dream About Dry Land meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do my dreams mean!?!?!?

Im having problems with my dreams latley and i do not understand what they are telling me. i want to share with you guys with some of them.

first dream: i was in a desert like area and the ocean was maybe a mile away but every 5 minutes the ocean would rise violently and shove its way up land and over but by the time it reached me it was at my ankles. also alot of the old people i used to know where there and some people i didnt.

Dream 2: i was on a pier with a bunch of people. but i was in the back of the pier around a bunch of children playing and having fun but the adults where at the end of the pier. but the adults looked almost dried out like they had no soul. the ocean violently crashed waves onto the land but to me in my dream i was think that a spirit was in control. the waves got bigger by each wave. i turned and noticed a door. as i passed through it there was a garden it was so beutiful but i couldnt get my mind off of the waves and the adults at the end of the pier.

Dream 3: i was surrounded by water waist deep. there was buildings around and people where in the water just standing there, then someone from behind me grabbed me by the throat and pulled me under. i looked up to see the sun shining through the water and a black shadow over me and then i started to breathe in water and panicked and then i woke up and thats about it.

so please tell me what you may think. PLEASE thank you.

First Dream: You may be very absent-minded when it comes to dealing with uprising obstacles in your life...

Second dream:By you telling me this dream it seems to me that your the type of person who dwells on past events...and a part of you still feels like a kid and by feeling this way there might be better oppurtunities in your life that will make you feel happier. You may also wish sometimes that you were a kid again because you just don't wanna deal with the overwhelming responsiblities that you have to catter to in your daily life.

Third dream: It might mean that someone or some type of obstacle is dragging you down and making you feel really unhappy lately...but you try to be confident by trying to search for that "light at the end of the tunnel" (your trying to have hope but you feel as if there's no hope in the current situation your in)

Example: What can this dream mean?

I'm 7 months pregnant and have a 3 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. I dreamed a couple of nights ago that my son and I were under some kind of bridge. There was water up to my knees, but there was also dry land and my son was on the part without water. I saw a delivery truck go West and another go East. Suddenly there was a spout and I saw a humpback whale swim up and then turn East and disappear. I heard a noise and saw a seal, and my son and the seal were playing. I heard another seal and looked to my left, and it was playing by itself but observing from a distance. I woke up and thought "how the heck can a whale swim in knee deep water?". What can this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed I was in Chicago and flying a helicopter across lake Michigan to the other side in my army uniform. The lake was calm and along the way it seemed like the helicopter would go down but I took control of it and kept flying. When I reached the other side I noticed the land was dry not completely but bare for the most part like Afghanistan. I decided to leave as I lifted off I saw tornadoes in the distance quickly approaching. I maneuvered the helicopter and avoided them. I crossed the lake again, which was still calm. I flew next to a bridge and passed it and landed back in Chicago. By this time it was dark in the city.

Just some background I am originally from Chicago. My bf is also in the military and deployed not long ago. I have been missing him terribly and have been working on taking care of his affairs as well as mine. I am also currently in school and have been working hard in class as well. The dream just seemed somewhat disturbing.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

1st one: I drove by this house, and I saw a fire inside of a window; it was contained, but getting larger.
2nd one: I walked in on my parents having sex, and I was traumatized.
I was telling them to stop, and they didn't seem to hear me.
3rd: I was in this building and people in my school were picking characters to be in a play.
I looked through this door, and there were a bunch of cheerleaders dancing, after that they walked out and gave me mean looks, and one smiled.
Finally, I saw my ex boyfriend and I was flirting with him while his girlfriend went somewhere, and she was devastated when she came back.
When she left again, I tried flirting, and he ignored me.
And, one I broke into the house of a guy that goes to my school (who's a jerk, by the way) and I found out we were dating.

I've been having some wacky dreams.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay, my dream was really sad/scary. I mean, it was half nightmare half dream. It's a bit long, but please read on:

I'm not very sure how the dream started, but I was a guest on this show, where the person throwing the party had to have some water feature(like a pool, beach, river, fountain, etc) great food, a nice landscape, and the grossest part was, they had to have poop on the grass of their parties. There was air dried poop, hydrogenated, and normal. It was really odd... Then, I'm at school. Except, the high school I go to in reality, looks a lot different then it did in my dream. It was dark, gloomy, and kind of depressing. I was in a biology class room, and there was abnormally LARGE tank of fish. It was the kind in which you could dip your hand in while looking down. It was laid on multiple desk because it was so big, but you sat down at your desk in your chair, and could have a perfect view. Then, I don't know where in the world have I seen this person, but out of the middle of no where this really incredibly hot guy who takes me out of the school and were wandering and eventually go to this park. I use to always go this park, but then I stopped due to lack of interest. We went in this library, I think it was the one they had at Barnes and Nobles before it went out of business, and we were trying to find a private spot. I don't know why we were trying to find a private spot, it could be for VARIETY of reasons, but we finally went up to the final level, and it was the children's section. There was some parent and child bonding activity, but then he asked the librarian where a certain book was. He left out of the middle of no where. I woke up briefly after that and I felt really sad and lonely. Like, the only way I was going to have intimacy(emotional, and so on) with someone is through a dream. I fell back to sleep and then I was at this weird, creepy version of Disney Land. I was there with my friend, her brothers, and her mom. Everything was really eerie and there was hardly any people there. Then, Chucky comes out of the middle of NO WHERE. I really hate those movies and horror filled events in general. I was really scared and there was a weird part where I'm at an opera, watching this guy on a rope acting out Peter Pan and Chucky is holding the rope. It was freaky. I was very nervous and I woke up from the dream scared. This isn't fake and made up, I hardly ask questions on Yahoo answers and would quite blatantly prefer serious answers, where the user actually analyzed and read what I wrote. Quick bits about myself, I'm 14, single, feel kind of sad at times, don't like the school I'm attending, and I'm social. Thank you for reading this! And why would I be so emotional after a dream? Best answer gets 10 points, but thank you to anyone for answering ^_^

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was standing at the end of a cliff with several other young people around my age and there was some sort of disaster happening...apparently to be saved from the disaster we had to jump off the cliff into the water and then swim back to land. None of us were really that scared, we were more like excited. I remember me jumping off, and in the water I found a leather case, and a yellow backpack. I held onto those and swam back to dry land. When I got there, there was some of the others waiting for me, one with long hair. They were all so excited to see that I did it, and apparently the backpack and leather case were something important, and so I put the leather case in the backpack and kept it with me. That is all I remember from it.. Can someone help me decipher some meaning out of this?

Example: What does my dream mean..?

In my dream everyone in the world was standing on the side of this cliff and we were on different spots on it. We were all facing a masive rock/wall covered in flowers of every color but there was a bunch of purple flowers that stood out among all the other colors. And there was these big holes on the rock wall that everyone was facing and through the holes you could see a beautiful orange pink sunset. There was probably a quarter mile to a half a mile if space between all the people and the wall. The area between it was grassy and had small ponds and lakes. But something gave me the feeling everyone had to move to I jumped off the cliff and I started flying with one finger pointed forward and I was carring papers in my other hand but after a minute or so of flying they fell out of my hand. Everyone slowly followed me. When I reached the ground I landed about 5 feet infront if the wall. I walked through a hole and I was on the other side. When I entered the area it was dry like a desert and there were cactuses and sand and a single paved road. I saw someone I recognized from my church and I asked her where I was and she said "this is the waiting of heaven. We will stay here for 6 weeks and if we prove we are good enough to live in and take care of Gods kingdom we would go to heaven. But if we cant we will go to hell". I said ok and I started walking around then I saw a little 4 year old girl I knew and she was standing there crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said that her mom beat her up. Then one white clean car, it was very bright and had rays of light shining from it so bright you could barley even look at it, came down the middle of the road and everyone moved to the sides of the road and let it go through. We all look around then I woke up.

I'm just wonder what could this dream mean?

Example: What do you think this dream means? HELP?

1. I was in some dry area and I was being chassed by a lion then I slipped on oil and fell off a cliff. I didn't die, I landed nicley.
2.My friend Ali and I were looking for a sword and she said "Yeah someone keeps taking them away from you.". We found Ali's sword but we couldn't find mine. So Ali told me to use one of my spells to call it. I did and found a lawn chair instead of my sword.
3.I was in the washroom but in like a public restroom. I was alon until I heard girls starting to talk. I washed my hands and went and sat down with them. I never saw them but in my dream Iknew they were there. The last things the girls said to me were: "Yeah, only if you knew you were a Queen."
4. I was at my house and my lil sis named Bridget was making me union rings. She went down stairs, I staid up.
I saw a black miss in my hallway and then a human figure came out. It was all balck no eyes nothing. It said "Hello my queen," to me. I didn't understadn anything until I knew it was evil. My lil sis came up and saw it and screamed. The miss grew bigger following us. I grabbed my lil sis and we both jumped out side breaking a window to do so.
When we were outside it was all nice. I looked through my front house window and saw black fog moving around until it was covering all of the house inside. I saw a face looking back at me but evil. Finally we went back inside the house but I found my sword that I was looking for in my other dream. I was using it to protect my lil sis and I. We found the union rings fine and still cooking, but we both smelt something burning. I looked at the wall and there were sausages spelling "hello my queen."

What does this dream and all of them mean? Am I being visited by something evil in my dreams? I need your help badly.

Example: What does this dream mean?

First me and my family were on a bus driving on cliffs along the sea it was really rough seas then we flew off the cliff over a small piece of ocean and crashed on land the bus caught on fire and I was the only one that crawled out.I woke up and could feel the heat on my leg. Next dream me and some friends were on a double decker bus I was on top we were driving on some sort of dock along the ocean and again rough sees flooding over the land the bus was getting hit by waves and the driver lost control, and drove into the water I jumped off the top in the air and landed on dry land most of my friends just sank to the bottom of the ocean. Few came to the surface and I helped rescue them. There's other dreams but as you can tell there sort of reaccuring. Can you help me out with wat they might mean.

Example: I had a dream about snakes, what does this mean?

I had a dream a while ago, and it was about snakes and a dark river.

I was running, I don't know from what. I saw it was starting to have grey and black storm clouds, filling the sky. When I look up to the sky again, it completely covered by the clouds. The ground has dying, yellow and a little bit of green grass. The road is dark, dry, and cracked dirt. I come across a river. The road ends at the river. It's only about 5 or 6 feet deep, but it's completely clear. It looks like its just air, but there are fish in it. I run in, knowing I'm being followed. When I go in, I can hold my breath, but I don't need to breath. I look around, and the ground in the river has moss, and instead if seaweed, they have snakes.
They are beig held by their tails into the ground, and they are striped, like yellow and black, white and black, and colors like that. I know a lot about snakes, so I know what species they were when I walk by them. They are swimming around me like th fish, all types of snakes. I see river bank, I see snakes all along tr ground, gardner snakes, corn snakes, gopher snakes, and small species like that. I'm not afraid, but instead I feel calmer when I see them, like they are my friend. I still feel like I'm being followed, so I climb out of the river, and see dead broken trees, but there is soft green grass.
I keep walking, an I meet a "mysterious traveler". He greets me, and we walk down the path. I dot see his face, but I feel he would protect me, even in the land of death.

I forgot what happened after that. Does this mean anything?

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