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Dream About Dry Skin meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

my dream was that i was in this town and i heard a siren that meant iminent danger. i saw somekind of object falling down and crashed miles from where we were. turns out it had some kind of bacteria that caused us sick by turning our skin yellow with red dots and it quickly dried up. and i dreamt we lived like this for months and soon one of our eye started coming loose from our sockets. in my dream, i knew nobody and i got contaminated with the bacteria and lived like this. it never killed anyone but made us miserable. the only temporary relief was to drink fresh water like those spring bottled waters but since the bacteria was spread out in the air and water, it only temporarily healed us then we got sick again. what does this dream mean anybody? thanks for your answers

Your dream represents a fear of losing control or being abandoned. The fact that your body was being infected by this bacteria, and that you were losing one of your eyes, is a classic example of feeling out of control. Many people who feel like their lives are controlled by outside forces will have dreams about losing hair or teeth or other body parts. Because you were alone, you may feel that you are not being listened to or not emotionally supported by those around you. I often had dreams like that in middle school when my parents ignored the fact that I was being bullied. Maybe you are having some kind of issue or concern that you want someone else to help you out with? If so, try to bring it up as soon as possible. Try family, friends, co-workers, a therapist: anyone you trust and feel comfortable with.

Because you were not cured by the spring water, but only alleviated by it, you probably subconsciously think that things are not going to get better; that you are not going to get control. Talking to someone about the things that are making you feel smothered might help in this respect.

The overlying theme of illness in the dream may be a subconscious response to the Swine Flu pandemic. Even if you don't consciously think about it, the issues of nationwide sickness still might affect you on some unconscious level.

Hope this helps.

Example: What does this dream mean?

There was a lot that was going on in this dream. One event that stood out was that I was talking with Lady Gaga, and she offered to do my makeup for me. She put on this pasty, glue-like stuff on my face and it dried and kinda froze my face. But, she insisted, it was makeup that celebritites use. The pasty stuff disappeared and I had really clear skin with defined, Lady Gaga styled eyebrows.

What does this mean?

Example: What does a dream about skin mean?

the other night i had a dream that my face was covered with blemishes and rashes; it looked almost like my face was burnt. it was very dry and chapped and in the dream i began peeling away at the dead skin that was covering my face. when i peeled it away, obviously, it uncovered new beautiful pink skin that was soft and felt better than the blemished skin from before. i was looking in the mirror while doing this, watching myself peel away the skin. i'm not sure what all of it means. i know that skin is a symbol for protection of the inner self and blemished skin means fear of harsh realities. but other than that i can't really interpret the dream. can anyone help?

Example: What does this dream/nightmare mean? ?

This dream was about 2 years ago but I still remember it dry clearly.

Dream: I don't know where this dream took place but it was really dark and my step grandma,my brother,& I were in a car driving to who knows where. Just then,we stopped and parked outside of what liked like an abandoned motel. About 100 meters away we saw a huge building which had lots of lights on. We entered the building and inside were lots of Nikes (I was really into Nikes back then)hanging on the wall. They were very weirdly colored and some appeared to be made of human skin. Just then, we noticed that there was a huge trash can was filled with meat, possibly human meat. We heard a maniacal laugh and tried to hide. Out of no where a creapy fat clown with a chainsaw walked around the corner. We all ran out but when I turned, my brother wasn't with us anymore. My grandma and I kept running toward the car and the clown was still chasing us. We reached the car but couldn't manage to open the door for some reason. The clown was chasing us around the car. I didn't get to dream the rest because I was awaken.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i lie tossing and turning in my bed for hours and then finally fall asleep and dream of a girl i've never met. i feel her warm body slumbering beside me. i touch her pale smooth skin and trace the tattoos burned into her flesh which is hot now, sweat running off it. i lick her dry and then she disappears. i wake up and even though my bed is empty i still feel her inside me.

Example: Dry Flaky skin Dream Matte Mousse.?

Alrighty then, I get pimples on my cheeks and they get all flaky, the skin on my forehead looks flaky once I put foundation on it.
I'm using the matte mousse because when my skin isn't flaky it looks and feels fantastic.
In the mean time, until my skin clears up (I broke out 'cause I was using liquid foundation and my skin wasn't breathing properly) what can I do so my makeup doesn't look so terrible, foundation isn't making it less flaky once the make up is on.

Example: Any good powder or liquid foundations for dry skin?

My main things:
Doesnt oxidize.
Doesnt emphasize my dry patches, I exfoliate and moisturize and still get flaky areas! Ugh.
And I don't need heavy coverage, I mean I get spots once in a while, but I just want to even out my skin tone.
Please help!

Example: Dry skin when applying foundation?

when i apply foundation, i flake, badly. i exfoliate every morning and then apply a moisturiser before applying my foundation (dream matte mousse) - which i no isn't the best foundation for dry skin, but its the only one that ive found that covers my redness etc. why am i suffering from such dry skin? and i have a really important day tomorrow and walking around with dry flakey skin isn't the most attractive look! so does anyone have any idea's how i could get rid of the dry skin by tomorrow (which means i can't go buy new things, so home remedys please!) thankyou x

Example: What does my dream mean? ?

The other night I had a dream that has been bothering me. I dreamed that on my right leg on the top part of my thigh my skin was peeling off. I don't mean like a sun burn. I mean actual chunks of my skin. The peeling went on the inside of my leg onto the back of my leg. Now the weird part of this is what was under my skin when I peeled it...MOLD! Green dry mold. It was almost powder like if I touched it. In my dream I remember freaking out and trying to get to a doctor. I never did get to the doctor. It seemed impossible to reach him. I don't remember if it hurt or not. I have looked up some meanings of what this could be but haven't found anything that makes any sense. Maybe because me dream doesn't make any sense. Is this just s meaningless dream or is there something behind it I should know?

Example: What does this dream mean?

A couple months ago, my sister had surgery in real life and I was really worried about her. Now last night I had a dream where she had to go through the surgery and I was watching her with my mother. I saw the doctor put the breathing mask on her and I watched the anesthesia make her go limp on the hospital bed. Then what happened next was really scary, the anesthesia was drying up her skin but it was a normal process in the dream. She looked like she was dying on the bed and I was really upset to see my sister like this. I watched as the doctor performed the surgery and she was slicing her up. Then she was done and placed in a wheelchair ready to go home after a while. Then I found myself back out in the waiting room having a big argument with my mother. I was upset that my mom didn't love me in the dream and it was a big argument. Then I saw my sister being wheeled out into the waiting room where I waiting with my grandparents and parents. For some reason, we watched a movie about something in the waiting room then we went back home. What does this dream mean? It was very vivid and upsetting.

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