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Dream About Dwellings meanings

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Dreaming with Dwellings may be related to...

Dream Examples

Example: Do you think it is possible for Satan to attack us in our dreams?

@Lightning: How in the world can you say it is not Biblical? If Satan can wholly possess one's mind to such extents as causing him to take up dwellings within the catacombs and cut himself and to have strength to break chains, how could he not enter in to one's dream state as well with his only intent of deceiving? You are preaching a false gospel, one of the reasons that I dropped you like a hot rock long ago. Your status with yahoo has gone to your head. You are more concerned with being on a first name basis with yahoo team members than you are with The Truth! And just exactly how did you get to the status you're at? It is by running a ring of Y!A users in order to email each other your questions to vote yourselves best answers and to mass report any who don't agree with you. Am I lying? NO! I, too, once fell from grace and participated in your ring, but this prodigal son has returned Home for good! It is WAY past time that you are seen for the deceiver you are!

Yes, Satan can an will use anything to attack us. Fortunately for us we can always call on God, and he is always there, and never lets us down. :)

Example: Dreams about beautiful buildings made me happy?

I had a dream where I was in this building that was shaped like a "regular" octagon, that was made of redwood and towered up really high into the sky, about forty stories high. The building was about fifteen feet wide all around. Into the ground, the building had a really beautiful, victorian style basement with torches and long rugs, but no furniture (just plants). The basement was shaped like a big square donut shape with a ladder to lead up to the tower... and where it wasn't the tower, there were really pretty octagon shaped ceiling windows. Like this:

l...l-----l...l <-------
l...l l...l basement

In that dream, I was with some unknown people, who had odd tattoos on their faces and stuff, wore exotic clothes, and stuff, and I was wearing odd stuff too. But I was really happy, thought the building was beautiful, and I was with this guy with blue hair. I think I might have had superpowers and stuff, but I don't remember.

What do buildings mean in dreams? The number 8? Why do people have dreams about beautiful buildings?

Example: Had a really strange dream what does it mean?

What happened first was i saw a well dressed man on a podium speaking to an audience of angry people And i saw myself in the audience. And then i saw a great white building with literally 10s of thousands of people surrounding it hating it and protesting it
I then saw other various rallies and protests but after that i saw a mountain with a crying face on an unrecognisable penninsula
After that i saw an army on a desert mountain and the dream closed with a scene of thousands of bodies. But the strangest part is i heard a voice that said

And what a sight it was to behold when out of the dens the burrows and the caverns arose the thousands to march upon the shining city with locked hands to form the world

But a sight it was in the days following when the heathens rose up in the thousands screaming with the voices of lions meeting deaf ears and roaring voices in return
War plague famine death
Trial by fire

After hearing the message i woke up and i couldn't stop thinking about it all day

Example: I want to go to school in Hawaii, is there families you can stay with?

First of all, please.. No passive aggressive comments.

Nothing mean, or stupid. Be cordial and polite.

I have made up my mind. I am pretty sure I want to go to the university of Manoa... However, I am from out of state, and the tuition is 21,000 some, and dorm expenses are another 8,500. I was contemplating taking out student loans, and getting whatever financial aid I can get, to go to this school. I really want to make it happen...

One of my past teachers suggested maybe I do a home stay with a family? I was wondering if there was something like that, in order to go to school with in state tuition, which is dramatically cheaper!
7,584... about..

Anyone who can give any constructive advice is appreciated. Thanks for helping my dreams come true! : )

Example: Does having a dream over and over mean anything? Help?

I keep having a dream that I always wake up, and never could go back to sleep. But it's the same events, different places! Please help? Like what does that mean having the same dream over and over again? Thanks! m^_^m

Example: Sites or answers on dreams?

Does anyone know any good sites for finding out what your dreams mean?

Or does anyone know what this dream means?

I was moving into a new house. It was near to where I live now but it was tiny and really run down. Every time I went back to the house it grew and the quality increased, until I ended up with a very big house and entertainers performing. When someone asked me where my mom and dad live I pointed at the house which I actually in real life live in now.

What could that dream mean?

All answers welcome!

Thank you x

Example: Do you find it strange that numerous people in my family have had the same kinda dream? what could this mean?

my sister, mom, and myself have all had dreams that my brother has died all withing about 3 months. i have had 2: in one we werent sure what had happened but my whole family just knew he was dead and we were crying and stuffand then the second i was in the mall with ny friends and i saw a little boy crying and i went up and asked him what was wrong and he looked up and said i just wanna kill kendall( my brother) and yeah. so that one was pretty creepy. my sisters was more detailed though... she and my mom were looking in an abandoned apartment and my sister kept trying to get my mom to leave but she wanted to stay. so my sister wardered off without my mom ( in some point of the dream there was a horse i cant remember exactly what it did but it scared my sister in the dream and it was like an evil horse i guess) so my sisyer went into one of the rooms and there was a big devil painted on the wall ( we are christian so thats pretty creepy) and it freaked my sister out so she left the room then she heard a scream or something and ran back into the room and my brother was laying on the floor dead( this was in the room where the devil was). and so in my moms dream it was set in our old neighborhood that we lived in for about 11 years and moved from about 4 years ago. so my brother set up a tent in the front yard and slept in it and when my mom went to go check on him in the morning he was laying in there dead. so yeah we think its really weird how we all had dreams where he dies. my brother is 23 if that helps any. my sister is 22 and i am 15. so what do you think this all means?

Example: I have a constant dream about moving to a new house?

The past week i have been dreaming about moving to a new home, and that I sold me old one. Does that mean something.

Example: Evolving and recurring location in many dreams.?

I've had many many dreams about the same mansion for over a year now. Each dream, I meet different people who usually wind up being spirits trapped within the house. I've never visited or seen this mansion ever before, though it's constructed in a Victorian style with two large spiral staircases right off the foyer. It has multiple secret passages that I've discovered over the course of the dreams, and some of the rooms I've discovered fill me with a sense of dread and I get flashes of horrible murders being committed there. The dreams are never the same, but the location is. What does it mean?

Example: I have problems with my dream...?

3 to 4 days ago,i had this dream that i didn't know what it means.I dreamt about i went to blocks of apartments that when i went deeper inside the apartment area the building looked so creepy and eerie.And i happen to live in the last apartment and it's so creepy.the bulding have 3 elevators and two of them were out of order.when i use the 'okay' one there was a chair inside the middle of the elevator.the elevator worked fine and when i enter which i assume a place that i living in this dream it was so eerie...and then suddenly it stopped and i woke up.and this dream keeps bugging my life..it is so stressful.can someone tell me what this means?

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