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Dream About Dwellings meanings

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Example: Interpret this dream?Only if you really can please.?

This is a really weird dream I had last night it's bugging me and I don't want to pay to get it interpreted.
I only remember certain parts but here it is:

Me, my grade, and a whole bunch of other people were at a camp-like place with tons of cabins. I would be walking around by myself when everyone was going to their cabins or the main building and only a few were walking around. It was night and I did this weird flip thing when I would turn into a bat, ,so I would be flying around when everyone who came outside would get scared and scream and all that, but I was only looking for a certain person and I couldn't find him ANYWHERE. I went behind a cabin and turned back into a human and walked to the side of the place and there was a guy there. He turned into an animal and I promised him I would keep it a secret and then I turned into a bat.
"Cool, you're one too" he said.
Then i flew away (still in bat form?) but thats the first time I saw my actual body(I saw arms and legs) and i think everyone else saw me as a human flying (so I'm not sure at the beginning if I saw myself as a human or bat), I went into the place everyone was going and they talked to me and I had to push off someone to get flying and she looked out the window at me. Once I was outside, I was still looking for the boy and he was nowhere.
I'm not sure if this part was day or night but i remember someone throwing something down and me catching it in the air through telekinesis.
And I think thats it, but I'll add more if I remember.

Another interpretation could be this:

The nighttime scene in the woods (I am assuming this was in the woods; you did not say specifically) represents the unconscious and/or the unknown. Dwellings of any sort usually represent the dreamer's psychological, emotional, or spiritual condition. A cabin would suggest a transitory place; it would suggest a break from your regular routine and a chance to be independent/"let's rough it" type thinking. You mentioned that you were at a campground type place with many others, hence there are many cabins. The fact that you were walking or flying outside the cabins at different points in the dream means that you were functioning outside your current psychological state and entering the world of the unconscious or the unknown. Note that these scenes (outside a dwelling) are the more unusual ones.

Transformation into an animal can symbolize a change from your usual/routine life to a life of instinct/primitive desires/etc. A bat, in particular, can represent rebirth or letting go of old habits; it can also represent you moving into an area where you feel "blind as a bat." Keep in mind what a bat means to you (do you find them ominous, mysterious, unpredictable, powerful, something connected to the underworld, what? do they scare you, do they make you uneasy, do you think they are cool, what?). "Off the shelf" dream symbols can be important, but ultimately symbols are subjective and relative to the dreamer. It is very important here to get what a bat means to you.

Flying represents a sense of freedom from restriction. So changing into and then flying around as a bat implies that you are moving from your familiar way of life into an unknown primitive/instinctual/intuitive/(maybe mysterious or somehow connected to the underworld or another world) way of life and in some way find it liberating.

From your dream, you say that people fear you in this form (as a bat) even though you are not expressing any animosity towards them. Your searching for this man/boy can be the search for yourself. Perhaps you sense, people do not want you to change or fear a change in you as you search for yourself. Or maybe you understand that people are just afraid of the bat (and what it represents: connection to the underworld/another world, perhaps).

You recognize that there are others who are going through a similar experience. When you meet someone with similar abilities or a similar experience, you feel camaraderie but still sense a need to keep everything secret indicating that you do not feel ready to reveal this side of yourself to everyone yet.

Your dream indicates that there was a point where you are flying in human form (you were no longer in bat form but still had its abilities) and people seemed more accepting/attracted to you (people talked to you and you needed to push a girl off to continue on your quest). This would indicate that you somehow assimilated or humanized the powers of the bat to a certain degree and that having the abilities of the bat (animal instinct/desire/freedom/etc) is not enough for you. Finding this man/boy is the more important goal.

The last part of your dream where someone throws you something and you catch it with your mind, may indicate that you've been thrown a clue (since it was caught with your mind).

Hopes this gives you a feel for interpreting your dream.

Example: What is the meaning of this paragraph (ARABIC) ?

وعلى الأطراف، من التلال المعشِبة، ينقضّ الهوام، سلالاً جديدةً من البشر، رؤوساً بليدة، تقرِصُها أحلام مشوّهة عن مزابل الرفاه، عن الفساد المبذول للجميع، فتنتعش مضارب الحصار بالضجيج، بأمراض المعدة، بقتل العجائز من أجل حقنة سريعة من الهرويين، وترتفع القساوة الحمقاء مراتبَ جديدة من الزهو بالنفس، وما إن يشغر بين الأقدام مكان، إلاّ واحتلّه غجري.

Example: When you go to heaven how will you communicate with other people there, do you think it will be like a dream?

or will you have normal bodies, with all senses intact, but not have any physical accidents?
How will you fill your time?
Will you retain your personality?
Will you go to sleep and have dreams in heaven?
Where will you live? do you have a house in heaven?
Will you have disagreements with others, or will you all agree with each other in heaven?
Will they have the death sentence in heaven?
Will you ever be sad in heaven?
If you're always happy, what would you be happy about?
Would you wear clothes in heaven?
Would you taste, smell, see, hear, feel anything in heaven?
So many questions, and more. The one thing I'm sure of is that I won't be there, or in hell, so I'd like to know.

Example: HELP? weird dream interprate for me someone please?

Im a 16 year old girl and i keep having these weird dreams

start off the dreams start of beautiful like out side i don't have shoes on and in standing in a field wearing a white dress it sunny then i turn round im in this beautiful house wearing the same thing the house is open and sunlight shining though then every-things white there's Lilly's in white vases then i touch the Lilly's they die then there's a black path stone, i walk on it, its so cold im still in white dress but the path lead to darkness im all alone then im at a funeral im still in the white dress but then im back in the white house but there are people there, they are wearing black and no one speaks just walking around ignoring me and each other lookin out the windows.
this dream repeats its self alost every night

Example: Why are their so many wooden houses in the United States?

Example: Does anyone understand this poem/can give a thorough analysis of it? its by adrienne rich?

Sleeping, turning in turn like planets
rotating in their midnight meadow:
a touch is enough to let us know
we're not alone in the universe, even in sleep:
the dream - ghosts of two worlds
walking their ghost-towns, almost address each other.
I've walked to your muttered words
spoken light - or dark - years away,
as if my own voice had spoken.
But we have different voices, even in sleep,
and our bodies, so alike, are yet so different
and the past echoing through our bloodstreams
is freighted with different language, different meanings -
through in any chronicle of the world we share
it could be written with new meaning
we were two lovers of one gender,
we were two women of one generation.

Example: I had a dream i don''t understand?

In my dream i moved into this house. I 4get who lived there but it wasn't any1 i was related to. The house and yard were filthy. The yard was littered with old toys like doll houses, tents, play kitchen sets, bikes, and other toys that tended to be broken, faded, or just worn with age (most were light pink). There were also huge piles of trash everywhere, the most notably were the large piles on either side of the front door. All the kids in the neighborhood thought the house was really gross and would try and stay away from it because they thought it smelled. I realized i must've been there 2 long because the i didn't notice the smell anymore. I was disgusted by the house but it was 2 much for 1 person 2 clean up and no1 in the house (whoever they were) would help me. I wasn't aloud to leave the house or yard. My friend lived in the neighborhood and she invited me 2 sleep over, i told her i couldn't leave and invited her to stay w/ me. She declined, she 2 was disgusted by the house.

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