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Dream About Dying,Dyed Hair meanings

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Dreaming with Dying,Dyed Hair may be related to...

Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream Saturday night that it was sunset and my mom was taking me to her nail salon. I figured we were getting our nails done, but when we walk in the salon, it was so small and cramped and light green with nail polish on the wall. All of a sudden my mom is yelling at me OKAY ITS TIME TO DYE YOUR HAIR and i'm like "what are you talking about" and she wouldn't tell me what color it was, or why i was dying it. But yeah. Then suddenly I was in my bathroom and nothing was in it and my mom and I were both crying and talking about how poor we were. Then I saw my friend and she was poor too, but she wouldn't admit it. Then suddenly we were in the middle of the street all 3 of us crying together.

What does this mean?

Couple of things here in this dream.

a. hearing somebody is yelling in a dream foretells a good thing is going to happen.

b. crying in a dream or hearing a cry foretells you will receive something from somebody.

c. poverty in a dream foretells a change in a career. You will face a disappointment, then it will turn into a happy news.

Not all the time bad dreams mean something bad to happen. Nature of the dream foretells good and bad.

Example: Does every dream have a meaning?

Ive been having weird dream lately. Last night I had a dream me and a friend were stuck a bathroom and the only way out was to flush ourselves down a toilette. The night before last I had a dream I found Nemo(the fish) and stuck him in my pocket and flattened him then when I got back to my house I smacked him against the sink and he blew back up and I put him in a fish bowl. I'm wondering if these dreams have any meaning or were they just nonsense.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay well in my dream I was in the basement of my old jr high school.
I was with my white dog (I know white animals mean stuff) He has blue eyes but one of them are half brown and they were just standing out.
Well I needed to leave him somewhere for a minute I dont know why so I opened a closet and there was a mirror (the size of a door mat) on the floor and he was digging at it. I turned around because I heard something and my god friend from my home town was there and said she had bad news. I ask "is it because you dyed your hair black" (her hair was black but usually its like hot pink) She said "No. John hung himself" (john is a friend of my husbands) In a panic I say "Is he dead is he okay where is he what happened?"I could see him vididly in my head I started crying and then I woke up panting really hard.

What does this mean or am I being my crazy self?

Example: What does it mean when someone dreams of you dying their hair bright blue...!?

This guy,that I have been talking to.Said that last night he had a dream of me dyeing his hair bright blue...What does that mean when someone dreams of that?!?

Example: What do dreams that have hair dye in them mean?

last week i had a dream that me and some of my friends were dying our hair i did on part red and one part purple then last night i had a dream that i bought 3 hair dye kits. in my dreams does hair dye or me dying my hair mean anything?

Example: On new years night i dreamed that i was going to die?

last year i did allot of things to my hair i would cut it myself and dye it. i stopped doing that and returned to my natural hair color and i've been letting it grow. but last night i dreamed that i was cutting it again and then i went to the door to answer and then the hit man from Intolerable Cruelty (weezer) and his assistant who was a midget and looked old said that they were going to kill me. i replied i know and for some reason i was there talking to them about it i didn't know what i was saying to them across the screen door. and then my dad came to see who was at the door and then they came in with there guns and my dad tried to take one of them away from them and shot him once. then i jumped the midget and punched him several times on the ground and he shot me four times. then i woke up sweating.

Example: What does this mean in my dream?

I was pouring hair dye onto my sock... what does this mean?

Example: Dreaming of Dying My Hair Blonde?

Description of dream

"Its late and I see myself staring into the mirror as if something is going to happen. All of a sudden I envision myself grasping a bottle of hair dye and then in a blink of an eye in a moments pass my hair is of two shades of blonde. I can't quite get my roots to color as if its rejecting the change, stubbornly keeping its natural brunette/black origin.

I see myself in desperation as I try to change its color. I turn to my sister in law for some help and she accepts. As I set my head on her lap she is applying the product on my hair, when all of a sudden she has me on a choke-hold. I manage to escape and as if nothing has happened I go back to the mirror I was standing confronted at the beginning. I start to notice my hair was shaved from my forehead to half my head leaving my slick blonde hair still intact. All black hair was gone. I try to cover up my half shaved hair by moving some hair to the front and all of a sudden they turn into black forehead bangs and following the transformation of my hair turning into a short black bob hair cut with bangs." I wake up!

I was very confused about my dream being so memorable and vivid all simultaneously. I turned to the internet and all I came across was that blonde represented some change of thought that was going to be noticed by me and the shaved hair represented a sacrifice to my thoughts.

Can anyone tell me (with source of information) what this all means. I never really pay attention to my dreams because I don't have that gift of intuition like my mother.

Thank you so much!

P.S The best answer will get and answer by me to one his/hers question.



Example: Dream about dying hair?

I had a dream a little bit ago that was all about dying my hair. I spent a long time looking at different shades of hair dye, but all of them were actually the same shade of dark brown. I finally chose a box of dye and right after that, I was looking in a mirror at my newly dyed hair.

I have red hair in real life, and have no problem with it; I have never had a desire to completely change the color of my hair. In the dream though, I was fixated on dark brown. I woke up before I had decided if I liked myself with the newly dyed dark brown hair.

Do you think this dream means anything? It seemed really strange to me.

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