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Dream About Ear meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does a dream about bees trying to get in my ear mean?

I've had this dream three or four times now over the past few months: it basically consists of a bee buzzing around and then the bee tries to crawl inside my ear. Obviously this causes me distress in the dream and I freak out and usually wake up as the bee is trying to burrow its way in my ear. Just last night I had the dream again. I don't remember a lot of the details but I do remember that after the bee gets lodged in my ear, someone helps me get it out. I cant remember who but I know it's someone I know.

Since this dream is reoccurring I'm very interested to find out what it means...any ideas?

This is a symbolic dream.

1. BEE (s) represent busy, busyness, business, hard worker, one who works himself to death. Can be a stinger, a pun on " be-ing," or beingness, " to be or not to be." Aerodynamically this critter should not be able to fly, yet he does; so he could symbolize one's ability to do the impossible, or he may just be a pun on bumbling!

2. EAR (s) represent your ability to listen, hear, understand and cooperate. Good Ears or good hearing which implies a willingness to listen, learn , obey, cooperate as well as to have understanding, perception, compassion for others and their needs. Ear Problems or poor hearing is directly related to an unwillingness to listen, heed, or to obey. Not wanting to know something or turning a deaf ear to another.

I normally don't try to interpret another person's dream, but since this dream you had was so short, I'll give it a go. It kind of sounds to me like you're too busy doing something else, maybe too much work at the office so to speak, etc...and that you are not taking time out to listen to your friends or family.
I'm not living your life so only you can really connect all of the dots from the A in your physical waking life and the Z in your dream life. Try to look for things going on in your life to find out what your subconscious right brain is trying to tell you.

Hope this answer helps some!

Example: What dose this dream mean?

I had a dream last night that my ears were all clogged up then when i put my hands on them they started gushing with blood, anyone know that this means? thank you.

Example: What does a dream with ears mean?

I had a dream my friend was putting on huge ears (for what reason I don't remember). What do big ears mean? Also what does it mean someone grabs you by the wrist? I looked on the internet but couldn't find anything on big ears.

Example: What does it mean to dream of someone blowing in your ear?

I had a dream I was sitting at my desk working when one of my coworkers walked up behind me and blew in my ear. I jumped and when I turned around he was laughing a little then I woke up. I've heard that weird dreams are common around 2 am but the blowing sound in the ear usually happens as the person is waking up. Anybody have a clue what this dream might mean?

Example: My cousins ear came off, what does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night, I saw my cousin, and i noticed that her ear was deformed, it was hanging long and had small holes ripped in it, i asked her what was wrong with it, she said what are you talking about and went to touch her right ear then it ripped off and the only thing left was ear hole in her head. I pretty much freaked after that and woke up.

By far the weirdest dream that i have had. What does this crap mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream a bee flys into your ear and starts buzzing?

Last night i dreamt my cousin invited me to live in the forest. We were free and did whatever we wanted we weren't afraid of the animals and had peace. We lived off of flowers, honey, and wine. We lived on trees and enjoyed our life there. But all of a sudden a bee flew into my right ear and started buzzing in there. I squeezed it out somehow and it flew right out without stinging me. what could this mean? is it a good thing or bad?

Example: Dream meaning: I clean my ear it falls off and starts profusely bleeding?

Ok so I had this dream that's kind of gross and I'd like to know the meaning if you could help. I had a dream that I was cleaning my ear, I start pulling out large amounts of huge wax, which is gross but I think it's making my ear feel better. Than my ear falls off leaving only a Tiny piece still connected to my head. Blood starts pouring out of my ear falling upon the floor and my neck/head. Im in my living room with 2 people. They freak out stating I have to go to ER or brain matter may start coming out of my ear. I try and walk to the counter but I can't walk easily. My ear still bleeding I try and pull myself onto the counter. I see the glass door is cracked rushing through the room and building a wave upon the front door. I jump on the counter with no way to go to the ER.

Please help me interpret this dreAm! I can't quite figure It out.

Example: What does being bit in the ear in a dream mean?

I had this dream where I was at this crowded place somewhere, maybe my middle school's gym. My boyfriend was holding me at the waist and my friend, who I used to be madly in love with, was there. He turned to me and started nibbling my ear. I got weak and my bf didn't notice at all but my friend bit my ear again and I was freaking out. then I woke up.
So what does being bit sensually in the ear mean? Especially by an ex-lover?

Example: Tarantula spider in my ear (dream)?

what does a tarantula spider in my ear in my dream means?

Example: I dreaming about a boy kissing my ear. what does this mean?

ok he was hugging me then he started kissing the top of my ear all the way down to part of my neck then later in the dream he kissed my ear once and hugged me and started into my eyes
im 15
and i do know the guy who was no my dream hes the same age as me

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