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Dream About Earth 2 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Within the past year I have had 2 dreams about God. What does this mean?

My first dream involved me living in Israel and I was wondering around in the market when I stumbled apon a crowd gathered around a man dripping with blood and a crown of thorns upon his head. His hands were tied in front of them and the king, I guess, was yelling out to the crowd what we wanted done with this man. I couldnt help thinking what on earth had this man done to deserve this? Then I woke up. It wasnt until I woke up, however, that I realized the man was Jesus. That was about a month ago, then just this morning I awoke to another strange dream. In this one I live at the beach and for about a year I had been getting these letters about going through tests for God. Then I met this man who knew about these tests. He told me what to do and how to fight and win over them. I thought he was an angel. Well, on the last test he asked me to fight God. He said, "Defeat Him by putting the feather in the master's hands and fight." He told me that after I did it, God would set me free to run wild as a boar. I started to feel worried and odd about the situation, so I began asking questions. Then I knew by a strong feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was wrong. I just wanted to go back home and cry and pray my heart out. I turned and looked at the man who had been helping me and his friends that I had just met. They had all been whispering about what I was supposed to be doing. I was so scared, I knew some how that if I told them I wouldnt do it and to take me back home, they wouldnt be too cooperative. Suddenly I woke up panting. It was such a completely bizarre dream. I really dont know what to think of iether one of them. To be completely honest they both have frightened me a little.

Some dreams are communications from angels or demons and others are just products of our imagination. The main thing I saaw that I'll comment on is the feeling of fear that you had about cooperating with them. The fear God part of the story means to fear Him only. We don't fear the devil or poverty or sickness or anything if we trust Him to take care of us. The concept of being tested,I don't know..I think that He allows us to be tested, but lets the other actually do the things. The story of Job is about the devil inflicting things on Job. At the end God is the one who makes it all better again. Don't fear the devil and don't be confused by him. Our only test is to love and help each other. If these things are in your character, then you are the type that God wants in His family

Example: What on earth could this stupid dream I had last night mean?

Seriously. I dreamt that I was trying to find some blue court shoes in size 10 for a greyhound to wear. I woke up and wondered where on earth such a daft dream could have come from.

Example: What does it mean to dream at the top of an enormous skyscraper and looking down on earth?

i had an awesome dream i don't care if it is weird

i found myself at the toppest part of a skycraper located at the highest mountain peak,..i have been surrounded by dozens of people some of them are my new found classmates, who have been annoying me since the first days they saw me in school,

2 classmates a boy and a girl invited me to cross at the other side of the skyscraper so as to see the bird's view below,...the top floor was enormous i even saw railroads with trains and cars passing by, i even saw a traffic light and signal lights, and it looks as if we are not at the top of a skycraper,

i ran as fast as i could to the other side so as to avoid the train and cars approaching at me, then i found myself sitting on a white futon sofa, together with my annoying classmates,..i feel the breeze caressing through my hair,..and everything was vivid sunny and colorful as it was,...it looks so real, then as i loom my head down the terraced balcony, i saw the whole world down below,..the whole world looks like a carnival, i saw ferris wheels, a big man made river, a brook connecting the river and sea, and a church with a high steeple and a bridge at the side, children playing boats, and people riding swan boats,..i even saw rides and circus tents and far across the distance i saw looming skyscrapers,..kinda like i usually see outside my bedroom window

what does it mean?,..and no i don't take drugs

thanks in advance

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok so every time my friend has a nightmare it starts off the same. he says that its always been like that is whole life. he is in a pool and he tried to get out but a huge python is in the way. it only suffocates him sometimes.

Example: I had 2 troubling dreams one night after another, what do these dreams mean?


On night one, I can't remember all of the dream but it was somewhat sexual in nature so please read at your discretion:

There were three girls. One was dressed in a shiny black PVC jacket. All three girls were attractive like singers or actresses and the leader of the three stood in front of the other two. This main girl had wavy blonde hair and a face that was attractive but kinda mean looking.

For some reason, my pants and boxers were down and the main girl was touching me down there and she was saying something but I can't remember what she said but this whole thing was not a pleasurable experience as one might expect. I felt fear as she did this to me because something was telling me that these three were not really girls, but demons. As the main girl continued to touch me, she gave me the feeling along the lines of, "There is nothing you can do to resist us and you are going to die with us. We are not what we look like."

At that point I could almost see them start to transform into what they really are and it was so greatly terrifying that I woke up. (Believe me you do not want to see the real image of a demon)


On night two, I had an even more terrifying dream:

I dreamed about my life at work. Everything is more or less fine in real life and was fine too at the beginning of the dream. Then something mysterious began to happen within the company and everyone became uptight. My boss who is one of the nicest people you can meet on Earth began to become like a dictator while still holding the nice person image on the outside. Something was very wrong within the company and one of the best people, the coworker of mine who I truly admire, and everyone liked, was in trouble and was told that he was fired. The expression of hurt on his face was more than I can bear and I was afraid, very afraid that this evil that was happening in the company would give him an evil inspiration to come back with a gun or something.

People started disappearing from the company left and right and unreasonable deadlines were being imposed on each of us left behind. One day, everyone had known to prepare for something I wasn't aware of and everyone had something to hand in except for myself. I wasn't allowed to follow the people who were ready and they walked into the lobby for a meeting while I found myself sitting in the desk alone in the middle of a classroom.

There was a TV screen which started to show a video of this strange looking spacecraft with tentacles and two big eyes like that of a fly. The spaceship was tan in color. One of it's tentacles grabbed a poor guy and proceeded to put the guy in it's "mouth" like an octopus would. The video showed the view of what the guy saw as he helplessly got sucked into the internals of the ship. There was water or some kind of fluid in the tunnel he was going through.

Between when the coworkers were led to a meeting and this terrifying video, there was a scene where I found myself in my old house where I grew up. I remember there was a room where my mom would store all of the sewing supplies and clothes. The door to this room was partially open and I wanted to enter. I tried pushing the door back but something (or someone) behind it was in the way and I couldn't open it all the way. Then the door closed on me and I began to leave. Suddenly, this girl (hideous looking) popped out from behind the door. She had a black gothy dress on and a scary face that looked pale and very similar to Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas. When she surprised me, I felt a funny kind of fear like even though her outer image was a monster, inside she is a really sweet girl. I felt a warm fuzzy feeling at the same time as being scared the crap out of. She approached me and embraced me. Then I kissed her on the lips and we began to make out. Her kiss was indescribably awesome. She used tongue in a way I've never experienced before and I really liked it.

So how are these two dreams tied and what do they mean?

Why in dream one, there are demons disguised as girls and in dream two, there is a girl dressed up as a demon?

Example: What on earth does this dream mean?

Usually I am all over dreams and at least kind of understand them, but this one being violent, I am a little disturbed by what it even was.

I have no idea how it even came about. I will describe all I remember.

There was a line of girls, spaced pretty far apart (maybe 1 - 2 feet), and there was some machine kind of like something that had an ax attached to it, but what was on the side of the slaying could not be seen from the other side. The girls, probably 8 - 10, were waiting in a line on something that looked like a huge conveyor belt that doesn't move, and there was no light, although it wasn't black. They would go to the machine and then get beheaded and killed. I couldn't see this actually happen, it was just implied. There was no visible blood, no screams, it was pretty much completely silent. I could see the next 2 girls in line, but no one else. The two girls would have to watch and then the first one in line would be beheaded next. I only actually saw from the side it was not visible what was going on 1 beheading, and the next girl going up to get slain, but I didn't see anything more. The girl next looked scared and swapped with the girl behind her. Then it was over and I woke up by an alarm clock. I am pretty sure I could tell someone was cruelly doing this, but I couldn't see who it was or anything.

I wasn't in the dream. It was like I was watching a movie but I was at the place it takes place, but my mind didn't actually think or have any thoughts...it was as if I could see what was going on but didn't have a mind or body to think about it. It seemed completely acceptable (although a little...cruel, I guess, from the atmosphere of the place) at the time. It seemed as though the girls were cows (although they WERE girls, not cows) about to be slaughtered, standing silently and a little...frightened, disturbed, ad (a simile I just thought of).

Example: I dreamed about 2 tarot cards, can anyone tell me the meaning?

The first was the hermit , dressed in a black hooded cloak with a staff and the second was a lady...possibly the high priestess...she was stood up,a young woman with white flowing robes and blonde hair. 3 days after dreaming this my mother in law died(a few years ago now) but i have felt recently that my spiritual path is changing and that they hold some key for this too. Any ideas?

Example: What on earth could this dream mean?!?

Ok so have you seen wrong turn 2? The one with evil hillbillies? Cannibals? Yeah. That's how my dream was. Only I was at my grandma's house, and these cannibal hillbillies were chasing me. I was running around and I knew I was dreaming. I was trying to wake up but I couldn't. And, later in my dream, was the craziest thing you will ever hear. I was in the house behind a glass sliding door and I saw this creature. It was almost a human version of smeagol/gollum. But it was goth! And what happened next was rather disturbing, and I will not say. PLEASE ANSWER?!?

Example: What on earth does my dream mean?

You know when there are some dreams where you wake up, and you wonder what the heck that was all about? Well, last night I had one of those dreams.

I can't remember everything that happened, but I can remember little snipits here and there:

1. I was driving a car trying to escape something or someone not quite sure and it was night time.
2. While I was trying to escape in my car, I was also trying to save a woman who was pregnant by letting her ride in my car too. I knew her and I think she was my friend.
3. We then had the car engulfed by flames on the outside and we were trying to get out of the car. We were banging on the window trying to get out, but the smoke from outside crept into our vents and we were going to suffocate.

.. Then I woke up. That's all I remember.

Example: Any suggestions on what on earth this dream possibly could mean?

Ok i REALLY wish i knew how it started but i was floating on the water with this golden retriever on top of me trying to rape me? (i am a virgin with a boyfriend of 2 and a half years, he's a respectful great guy and i love him) and i didn't like the dog trying to rape at all...then another golden retriever a distance away was telling me what to do, like an angel? and 'she' told me to push him away and run away as far as i can. So i did while the other dog was chasing me the whole time and i ran up hills, over rocks, across the sea water on the beach and ended up seeing views of one of my holidays so i got my headphones out because i thought it was the perfect time to listen to instumentals then i saw the dog over the rocks and i woke up. Sensible answers please, i know it's just a dream but it must resemble something! thanks in advance :)

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