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Dream About Earwig meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Is it weird that I feel like this? (do any of you feel like this, too?)?

My heart overflows with love for animals. I just adore them. I don't wear fur/leather, I am a vegetarian, I support animal charities...Whenever I see roadkill, I cry.

But when it comes to humans, I honestly don't care that much. And if it came to choosing whether to save a human or an animal, I would most likely choose the animal!

I still love people, and those commercials with kids in some third world country make me sad, but...they don't move me like those ASPCA ones do.

Anyone feel like this? I know, I probably sound heartless, but I'm really not :P

Thanks :)

Oh, totally! I've been a vegetarian for near four years now, am a PETA supporter, never wear fur or leather, and have even turned half a dozen kids into my school into vegetarians or pescetarians just by badgering them with information!
Roadkill? Always makes me tear up. I think it's so terrible that whoever hit the animal just left it there -- they couldn't even respect it enough to move it, or try to save it! It makes me so angry.
Where you and I differ, though, are your feelings toward humans. I only feel this way about animals because they endure so much worse treatment than humans do; I believe firmly in equality all-around, and always have. Some people believe that all humans deserve to be treated equally, and I think that kindness should be extended to non-human animals as well.
When hunters say they "eat everything they kill, so it's not a waste," or that it's "population control," I turn the tables on them. If I cannibalized a human, I would go to jail. Humans are animals that feel pain, much like the deer so many individuals shoot without a second thought, so why is it so wrong for me to eat a person? Just because they have the words to protest? Does that mean it's okay to murder someone who doesn't speak my language? No. Meat of any sort is murder, and as far controlling the population goes, I'm pretty sure Asia is about to bust with human bodies, so why can't we pick off a few of them? All of it is wrong.
Somehow, though, I manage to believe in the death penalty. Everything makes sense in my head, and I dream of a day where Morning Star replaces McDonald's. My family isn't very supportive, but I've managed to work around it for this long, so I can keep on doing it. Once I move out on my own, I'll probably go vegan; right now, my mom won't let me because she claims I'll be too difficult to feed. Animals deserve the same respect as humans do, end of story. I'm going to be a veterinarian one day, too. Helping animals has been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember.
Keep up the good work, no matter what people say! There will always be someone trying to change you, but just keep in mind that people are animals, too! If you can't eat your cat Fluffy, why could you eat a pig? If you can't wear your mom, why would you dress in the skin of a harp seal? The same goes for bugs! I can't even bring myself to squash an earwig, no matter how creepy I find them. I just grab the broom and dust pan and drop it outside.
You aren't heartless -- you're changing the world.

Example: Dream of a crocodile and a swamp... Interpretations?

So this is how the dream goes... I'm walking down in the backyard to go get something, and i'm slowly walking through this alligators and it's kinda swampy, and someone is there with me, idk whom, but we're going slowly making our way through these numerous alligators/crocodiles, and you gotta be careful or you'll step on em they're everywhere, and I turned a corner, and i'm not even sure I saw it, it's hazy, but there was this monster croc, just chillin. and when I saw that I turned around and was just leaving, **** that basically, and I quickly and carefully(somehow I moved quickly through these animals) and came to this hill that would have led me to the house, but it was too steep, I can't remember but I think I went around the hill. and I went inside. I go inside and see an earwig, and i felt like i was supposed to kill the thing, but I was frozen in fear at the sight of this earwig, paralyzed, only able to look. and the dog looked at me then picked the earwig up in its jaw and killed it, then kinda tossed it on to me and I spazzed a little and jumped. That's all I remember, I remember one day I had the earwig dream and it was ontop of me and I was like "you're the boss, iight man you you got it" like it had me pinned or someshit lol, and I was in bed and it was on my cover and when I got done telling it it was the boss it nodded it's head like "that's right" and disappeared into my cover, and I looked that up the next morning and it was like bad news for family and business, and it kinda sketched me out because I was planning on smoking for my first time ina while that day, cuz i'm on probation and in a drug mentoring programn tht has a weekly drug test(but I wasn't in it yet). and ironically my mom tells me they took me in the programn and my drug test is tommorow :X I was like...****... i spent all my 40 bucks on bud and look at this ****. Anyone got interpretations?

Example: Dream meaning of Earwig?

I had a dream I saw an Earwig. I have been looking up meanings of this, and I'm not getting the best definitions on it. It says to see an Earwig in your dream signifies a negative change that will effect your family. Could someone (if possible) give me a better interpretation on this?

Example: Last night i had a dream where i was on my bed and then randomly termites were flying out of my ears.?

What does this mean? What does it symbolize?

Example: What could this dream mean, if anything?

Last night I had a dream that I had run away to Paris. When I was 17 I ran away to Charlotte, NC-- which is a place I really like along with Paris (although having never been there). I've never been out of the States, and want to, and not just to " escape " but to explore and live life. In the dream I was on the phone with my mom and my therapist, Mr. Moore, and I know I'm not supposed to be there and really don't have a clue as to how I got there.

In a lot of my dreams, my mom is mad at me. In real life she is going through some troubles and seems to have a shorter fuse with so much weighing her down. I try to steer clear but end up being in a crash course. On the phone in this dream she is the same way.

Although I started with the Paris part, that was the last part of the dream.

Later in the dream, there is this evil spirit in the house that takes shape of this girl. I went to go to the bathroom--heh--and the nightlight went out. The door was cracked a little and I just felt this pressure clamping my head. Something in the dream told me I was dying. Yesterday I had a headache on and off but nothing like I "felt" then. And in a lot of other dreams it seems like I get this head trauma and start dying...anyway. I look over at the shower and all these earwigs start popping up and the light coming from the agape door doesn't make it look any better. So I start fighting for the door, wanting to scream and run but can't.

Before that tho I was at Mcdonald's with some lady and I really wanted to get something to eat but I didn't know what. I mention the sundae with caramel and mashed bananas but I cant because caramel is made with bugs and sugar (?). So I decide on a soda after the ladies walk away from me and I fight to get my order.

What could this mean? I have a basic idea that something--other than this dream--is bugging me. Somethings I need to get a grip on but I don't know all he symbolism in this dream.

Example: Dream about bugs?

A few nights ago I had a dream about earwigs on top of my bed. They looked dead and there were about 5-10 of them grouped together on top of a white bed sheet (my sheets are white currently). I don't remember much else of the dream.

Can anyone tell me something about this?

Appreciate it!

Example: Dreamt of swarms of earwigs coming out my ear?

This was a very vivid dream lots if colour and very clear. It scared the heck out of me. What does it mean? Please explain your answer

Example: Experienced dream analyzers please?

I had a dream where I thought an earwig was burrowing through my skin, except it could not have been an earwig because the pinchers where on the front of the insect.

I dont know if I believe that what you see in your dream is a symbol of something that may happen in your reality, anyway it would be interesting if you could tell me what it might mean.

The insect unknown was burrowing through my skin, I was in shock and in distress i made my way straight to the doctors making sure it didnt go anywhere else in my body but my right arm. I made it to the doctors though the unknown insect escaped from my skin and flew away, I was very releaved.

What could this mean ?

Example: What does this horrible nightmare mean? I was eaten alive by worms.?

Some kind of worm (sized and looking like an ant larva) and an earwig were in my room.
I challenged the earwig: "I bet you can't beat the worm!", hoping they'd kill each other to save me trouble.
The earwig left the room, and I sat on my bed, wondering what would happen. I was thinking: "Perhaps he's bringing more? Well, I'll just see."
Five minutes later, a swarm of earwigs went into my room and chased the worm, which was backed up by hundreds of other worms. The worms suddenly looked somewhat bloody, and my room became dark with unpleasant artificial lights.
The worms sucked the insides of the earwigs out, leaving only the carcass behind.
Then I decided I should flee out of the room and get some help, but I tripped because I felt something stinging in my feet.
Suddenly, I the worms started biting me all over my body. Every bit felt like being stung by a bee. They were locked on my body and I was unable to remove them. I started tasting blood in my mouth and my body felt icy, and when they started eating my face I woke up, and I didn't sleep at all anymore that night. Now I seem to panic whenever I see an insect.

What does this horrible nightmare mean? What can I do about this inconvenient fear of insects?

Example: I had a dream I was bit by a ear wig?

i felt something painful on my fingertip and saw that it was an ear wig. what does it mean?

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