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Dream About Eclipse meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning?

What do these things symbolize in a dream?
-an eclipse
-a cloud with fire
-smoke in a house
-a burning building
-the sky changing from light to dark in a matter of minutes

all these pertain to a certain dream

It really depends on

1) who is doing the dreaming
2) what it means to them
3) actions involved around those objects.

The last one, sky changing from light to dark in a matter of minutes would be like a real weather change-- which might represent a current change that's frightening to the dreamer. (Or maybe something else!)

An eclipse-- well to me, an eclipse MIGHT mean that something (whatever else I'm dreaming of) is blocking out the light of the sun (or Son.) It might mean something else to you.

A cloud with fire... I dreamed recently (last 6 months) of burning hail. It was something that represented a threat to me in the dream, but ended up not having much of a translation into my waking life.

A cloud with fire might represent guidance from the Holy Spirit, if it's in the form of a pillar (think of Exodus).

Or it might represents thoughts/beliefs about the future. (Everyone speculates-- it doesn't mean that the dream is necessarily a message about the end of the world.)

Smoke in a house is pretty vague. If it's caused by a smoker, it's an indicator that someone's boundaries (typically spiritual) are being "polluted."

It could also be an indicator that there's a problem ("where there's smoke, there's fire." Sometimes our subconscious will use wordplay.)

The burning building-- it depends on what type of building. If it's a church, it could be about intolerance, if it's a school-- it could be wishful thinking (it's the end of the year and our subconscious isn't usually very well behaved,) if it's your house, it may indicate that the dreamer feels he/she is losing everything around them.

I know these are vague-- sorry, but it's a jumping off point. Please don't forget to pray for clarity first. If you'd like some more help, please feel free to contact me.


Example: What does it mean when you dream about an eclipse?

i don't really remember anything else, but the eclipse is pretty clear in my mind. there were two, and they passed really fast

Example: Lastnight I had a nightmare. What does this dream mean? ECLIPSE!?

I not too long ago started hanging out with a kid named Tanner..
Lastnight I had a vivid dream of him hugging my legs and refusing to let go.
We were pushing eachothers hands and arms away from my legs
he was almost thrashing and it was very scary for some reason.
Finally i got to the point where I just raised my fist and yelled "I'm gunna f***ing hit you Tanner"
I don't remember getting away but as I was walking away from him back turned he wispered in another persons voice "eclipse, eclipse"

I woke up fast and afraid just like anybody does from a nightmare.
What might this dream mean?

Example: Does anybody know what it means to dream with an eclipse?

while I was browsing the web, I had a recollection of a dream I had just last night. I looked for some type of meaning, but I was unsuccessful in my search. The only thing I remember clearly from this dream was this:

I was in this house, it was dark and I had my handy digital camera with me. There was this huge window outside and a tree that blocked my view of the moon. I remember that the moon started to look red-is/orange because there was an eclipse, thing is, it looked more like a SOLAR eclipse, not a lunar. I remember I wanted to capture it with my camera sooo bad! I turned on in a hurry, pointed but it was out of focus, then I tried again and this "solar eclipse/at night" was moving left a little fast. I wanted for this eclipse to be clear out of that tree bc it was in the view's way (all this time I had been looking through this immense window) but by the time I could get a clear view of only the eclipse, it was gone! I only had the visibility of the window, so once this eclipse moved to the left...it was late. Does anyone know the meaning of these key objects? or an interpretation? moon, eclipse, camera,window, tree branches, and the house I was in was dark indoors.

Example: Solar eclipse dream - what does it mean?

Just the other night I dreamt that I was visiting a small grassy meadow with a beach nearby. For some reason I broke off from my mom and my brother and suddenly encountered coming up to a white house. No one was home it looked like so I went to why looked like a smaller house or shed nearby.

Inside, there were several older middle age or elderly folk. Suddenly one of the men caught my attention and showed me (indirectly) that a solar eclipse was going on- a total solar eclipse. Afterward, all of the men shook my hand after I had thanked them. For some reason four of the five of their names was gandalf.

Does anyone have any ideas on e interpretation of this dream?

Thanks all :)

Example: I had a dream of a solar eclipse. What does it mean?

This was my dream...

I was in a pool with many people at night in the darkness. Then the sun comes up, but there is just a red glow surrounded by darkness. I look up. Then the moon comes up and spins upwards to the back of the sun. Then a great expolsion of red energy bursts. This lasted for about 3 seconds.

What does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a Lunar and Solar eclipse?

i dream of planets a lot and they are usually always doing something weird...

Example: What does a dream about an eclipse mean?

I had a dream, can't remember the rest, but i was walking outside and i saw the moon covering the sun and i looked at it and went blind what does this mean?

Example: Poll: What does it mean to dream that the moon is eclipsing the sun?

Example: Lunar eclipse dreams? ?

This is the second time i had a dream about a lunar eclipse and i was jw if anyone knew what it meant

DREAM #1: i cant really remember it but me and some guy i apparently liked where like running away and behind us there was a lunar eclipse and we kinda just watched it

DREAM #2: This one was from 2 nights ago. I was with a guy.. again. and we were just sitting and watching the the sky and there was a lunar eclipse .. the moon turned into a redish color and then completly black.. later on in the dream it turns out the guy i was with was dead and has been dead for many years.. i was hysterically crying in my dream..

I just wanna know if this means anything cause i never dreamed of lunar eclipses before and in both dreams i was with a guy

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