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Dream About Elderly Person meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do you think this dream meant?

I am currently on no speaking terms with my old crush. (My previous crush, not my "old" as in elderly crush.) We haven't spoken in months.

I had an extremely vivid dream that he came up to me, and wiped a tear from under my eye, and spoke to me in Latin, saying how beautiful my eyes were.

Does this mean anything? Am I over analyzing it?

Hs he been on your mind lately? Has he tried to contact you even thoguh you have no interest in seeing him? Those could be two reasons that this dream happened. Or your brain could have taken it of nowhere. For example: I love to watch CSI and NCIS and all the crime shows with my mom. But a few days ago, I was too tired to watch it and went to bed. I had nightmare that I saw a person get murdered and all their blood got on me. It was a horrible vivid dream. It would have made sense if I had been watching a show like that before I went to bed but I wasn't so I figured it was just a weird dream. Try not to overanalyze your dreams. It will torture you trying to figure it out. The brain is a complex thing that we don't fully understand. Take the dream and leave it. It was either a beautiful gift or a sad reminder from your brain.

Example: What does it mean to dream to of a horse...?

In my dream the horse(auburn colored) was following me with a man riding it. The man got off the horse and it continued to follow me. Then an elderly woman came and took the horse away. What does this signify?

Example: What does this reoccurring dream mean? ?

kay so, i have this reoccurring dream that i am walking down a snowy street, and i look to the sidewalk and theres this dog attacking an elderly woman and i reach out to help but something is holding me back and then i look forward and theres a baby crying in a baby carrier and the old lady disappearsand when i look at the baby, the baby look into my eyes and it just stops breathing, i get up from the thing screaming for help but non one hears me and then i look and theres a tree with a mask on it, and its like a bare tree/no leaves.

i know it maybe complicated, but please tell me what some or all of this dream means!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was walking through a sun-soaked lane in Italy, and surrounding the path were trees that were in full bloom. I passed by my grandad (whom I hate because he is an alcoholic in real life, not in the dream) and he was walking with another elderly friend.
I keep on walking and stop, espying a large, horse-like figure with a large mane of hair. To my right was a turn, and in front of me the path went on. Scared, I backed away from the horse, but it called my name so I turned around and it came up to me. It had a woman's face, and lead me into the right turn, where there was a pool of water. We stood in there, and for some reason my very close childhood friend was there, too. The horse-woman took out a camera and showed us pictures, frequently commenting on how much makeup it used to wear.
Does this dream actually mean something in a psychologic way, or is it just weird?

Example: Ned help with dream meaning?

Okay i dreamnt that i was in a classroom and this asian guy started to talk to me i was annoyed but didnt told him then this girl comes also asian and starts talking i pay no attention to either of them...thats how i remember

then another dream

i was outside the school and i felt like peeing but didnt i talk to this classmate 1 (someone i know in real life) i decide to walk with him across some field but then i end up in a counselors room with another "classmate 2" of mine( the 1st classmate dissapears i realize later) the current classmate talks to the counselor about a class and instead the counselor asked me something and i look away and dont answer then we (me and classmate 2) walk outside and from there the dream ends

what do both dreams mean I dreamt both on the same night
also i dont talk to classmate 1 but i talk to classmate 2 thanks for answers

Example: If an elderly person has hallucinations because of a UTI, does it mean they have dementia/alzheimer's?

My nana is 84, she lives on her own but myself and my mum visit/stay often. I'm staying for the Christmas holidays and my nana called me on Wednesday to say that in the night someone was poking her awake and there were people in her house just staring at her. I told her she would of just been dreaming and thought nothing of it but I came yesterday (Friday) and she kept pointing to different places in the house saying people are here or she sees things like a kitten, or a baby's head in the bird cage, also people with missing legs, lots of creepy things. She has been confused in the past but nothing of concern really as she can look after herself. She woke me up Saturday morning saying people are all over and the door has been painted brown (it's wood) and I told her it was always like that but she is saying it's white. Also that she has been hearing the same song playing over and over none stop. She's got a bit annoyed at me too when I try to tell her things aren't there but that just makes her tell me off so I've just nodded when she tells me she sees someone. I called my mum this morning because I honestly thought it was dementia or something (my son who is 9 is also here staying with us as it's Christmas so it's not been nice for him). My mum came and we had to phone NHS direct as my nana is stubborn and hasn't been to a doctors for 56 years (when my mum was born) as she's always been scared of them but has always been in good health. This morning my nana also seems dehydrated so I've not given her any tea, just fruit juice as she won't drink water or tonic water. She's been off her food although I made her eat a little today and gave her plenty to eat. Anyway a doctor came out to see her around 5pm this evening (we called at 10am) as my nana will not go to a doctors or hospital and we can't make her. Anyway the doctor thinks it's a UTI (urinary tract infection) that is causing the hallucinations and prescribed some anti-biotics. I asked him when will she stop seeing things and he said 48 hours (I hope) but it's really horrible to see and at one point she didn't want me to leave the room and I've had to take a lot of things out of the room that she says are moving or have faces. I'm sleeping on the sofa (she sleeps in a bed in the living room as she can't climb stairs) but to be honest it's freaking me out a little because I went to turn the light off and she said a woman was embracing me. I know it's not real but it still freaked me out so the light is staying on. Has anyone else witnessed this in any of their relatives and does it go away soon? also is any of this linked to dementia/alzheimer's? I really hope not. The doctor didn't take a urine sample but said it was a UTI. Anyone who has been through this or seen it I would be grateful for any advice or at least how to handle it when she sees things, do I ignore it? Like now, she just said 'why is that man in the christmas tree pointing a gun at me' so I went over to the tree and waved my hand in front of it (I've been doing it all night to things she's been seeing) and she says it's disappeared. Urgh, this is just horrible.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream about the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man. I used to be an extremely humble person but lately have felt no humility... Then the Lord revealed to me, that he exalts you, adorns you and glorifies you before humbling you...

So the ascension of angels is when he exalts you and glorifies you
And the decension is when he humbles you and makes you aware of your own limitations...

I dreamt I was this aged elderly black woman, maybe in my 30's or 40's but for some strange reason, guys still wanted to date me in spite of my age. I was extremely attractive to men because the Lord had glorified me though in my body I looked my age and was no longer sexy or attractive. I was fat, and my body looked slightly deformed. Then while wearing a white dress that might be a wedding dress, I told a dark undisclosed man who was interested in dating me that

"If you knew what it took for me to become the person that I am today, you would not want to date me. My life was not unbearable but always extremely difficult." Then I woke up.

In real life, I am a Chinese woman that nobody wants to date... and I don't wear white because that's the color of purity and I don't consider myself pure.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night, I was dreaming of me walking down the street. I come upon this old lady telling me that I was the "spawn of satan" what does this mean? No mean answers please, I am a bit freaked out.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream in which i was standing in the church parking lot beside my mother. She was talking to this other lady at the church. I was just standing beside her being silent like i usually do and looking around. When a few feet ahead of me i saw my cousin standing there. Then this bee came flying to where she was and she was fanning at the bee trying to get him to go away.he flew around her head then landed on her head and she got him off and he flew off and turned into a wasp and came flying around me I tryed to get him to go away. he landed in my head and stung me. I could feel my head swelling up and i began to walk away and held my held then i looked around and i was at a distance from my mother. So i decided to walk back but my head began to ache and i started bleeding. I almost fell but i somehow managed to stay standing up. I saw another lady from the church. She grabbed me and i told her what happened and that i needed to get back to my mother. She looked in my mother direction and said she couldnt help me but she would help me to sit down. i told her No i just need to go back. She looked at my injury and she said she couldnt stand the sight of seeing too much blood and began to hunch over and throw up. So i took her arms from around me and made my way back. Then my mother saw me and she ran over to me asking what happened. then i woke up

Example: What do you think this dream means?

Why do I keep seeing the same person in my dreams?
I don't remember the whole dream; or maybe this was the whole dream: I was on a school bus that had three narrow rows of sets. I know one of my best friends was beside me and I think another one was in front of me. So in my dream (this is the first thing I remember) I think I heard the girl or the guys voice first then I turned around and it was the guy that I've liked forever and this girl who I get along with but don't really talk to cuz all she cares about is popularity, I know they weren't dating cuz she has a bf. He looked at me then he moved to the sit be hide me. We were talking and every time he said something to me I would smile. Then the girl was like is he the one from the story? (A few weeks earlier I had told my 2 best friends the story of my history with this guy. She wasn't one of them and I know in real life she doesn't know the story) But anyways I said her name and gave her this ho could you say that/shut up look. Then he asked me to sit with him I said no then the second after I wished I would have said yes. I don't really remember anything else. What does this dream mean?

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