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Dream About Electrical Outlet meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream that I drowned with my family! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

The dream started off with my mommy driving (my dad wasn't in it) and I was in the backseat with my brother and sister(which is unusal because no one was in the passengers seat). My mom kept driving really fast, she passed three train tracks before the thing went down to block her off and then like twenty people out of nowhere came in the middle of the street and my mother panicked so she served to the other side of the road but they were still there, they did move out of her way but then she drove faster and the next thing I know we are driving off a cliff and into water. My mom unbuckles her seatbelt and lauches at us, my brother ducks his head, my sister looks at me because she doesn't even know how to swim let alone hold her breath and I just accept it and think of heaven and I let the water take me. I wake up as I felt the water literally filling my lungs. It was crazy.
So if anyone could tell me. What does it mean?

only once in my life have I ever had a very realistic dream where my family and I had died. It was when I was young, I dreamt that there was a fire and me and my brother were climbing onto the roof to escape it, when it caved in and we died. My mom asked me all about it , where did the fire come from, I said it came through the wall. She said which wall and I told her. She checked the electrical work, the outlets, they were good. She checked the rest of the house they were good. Then she had someone check the outlets on the other side of that wall that were on the neighbors side because it was a half double home. One outlet on the neighbors side, the wall I dreamt the fire coming through was a very bad fire hazard. They fixed it. It mightve meant nothing or something but theres never anything wrong with taking your dreams advice and being aware of the risks. Mention the dream to your mom and let her know to be careful driving. Accidents happen so often.

Example: What does it mean if you dream your house is on fire ?

I had a dream that I was in my bedroom and seen the electrical outlet was on fire I look for a fire extinguisher and I put out that fire I was going to tell my husband about it then I seen the stove was on fire and the basement but we really don't have a basement I ran back in my bedroom and start packing my stuff I got my daughters clothes and some pictures of my mom who past away 5 years ago we ran out of the house and the fire department came and put out the fire but I could still see the basement burning

Example: How do I keep roaches away?

I live in southern Georgia and roaches are pretty common but I can almost say I have a phobia of them...well not like I'll faint when I see one but when I see them I'm just terrified at how ugly they look. It's 1:20am and I just saw something black moving...I thought I was dreaming (because I was falling asleep) but sure enough I look and I see a roach! I threw my blankets off and the roach was gone...I'm sure I saw me so I keep looking and after 1/2 hour I finally found it...I have a sprained pectoral muscle and hurt myself even more lifting both of my queen sized mattresses to find it. I finally killed it but now I can't sleep...I'm slightly shaking and I keep feeling roaches on me even though I know there aren't any...how do I keep roaches away from my house and from me? I already have the combat roach disks but the cockroaches I see are too huge to even go inside of them!

Example: If you have really clear dreams of someone far away, could that mean that he/she is thinking about you?

Ive had clear dreams of someone special for two days (most recent), and i have dreams of this person every night for a week in the past

Example: What does it mean to have a dream of an aggressive puppy?

I had a scary dream a few days ago we had aggressive puppy. My mom had knda warned me about it only because it's a lot of work to take care of it. One day we decided to let it out. There was a electrical outlet that was exposed in an open wall like it was broken out in a big hole near our main hallway.So the puppy was so aggressive with the outlet and yank it out which caused a small fire which luckily my cousin had tried to put out (she was there with my two younger sisters and I was there scared and panicked). It just started getting bigger and I got worried. My dream ended afterwards. I woke up feeling freaked out. I'm not really sure where the dream originated from other then me feeling pressure on myself to do well in school so I can graduate soon. Any interpretations possibly in what it means?

Example: Can u help interpete this dream about water?

a month ago i had a dream that i was lying in bed and suddenly there was water surrounding the whole bedroom. The water has rised from the floor and it was soaking my bed I looked behind me, and the water had risen almost to the electrical outlet. i felt scared that if i didn't get out of the bed soon i wud be electric shocked.

Yesterday, i dreamed that i saw water in a different house. It was dark and i noticed that water was leaking on the floor in the hallway. then suddenly, i remember getting electric shocked and i woke up. what does this mean? i never had a recurring theme dream before

Example: Do you think that following your dreams is dangerous?

if you look at what happened to the astronauts of the space challenger, one of the astronauts said to follow your dream before the incident, and now it killed her. So some might say don't live to follow your dreams live with the limitations you see and live to survive, or is it better to take risks and live with fullfillment and joy? Or is joy dangerous, is it better to look at the negativity and dwell on it just to be safe?

Example: I had a dream with an over flowing kitchen sink, can someone interpret?

I went to dream-of.com and look to see what it means. Don't give me answers saying go to dream-of.com or anything from online dream dictionaries.

You know, dreams have meaning to them. Every a person has a dream that can tell that person something. I don't want answers saying, it was just a dream, that dreams don't mean anything, you should of not ate that before you went to bed, or you watch too much TV. Plus, don't use any bible verses or links to bible verses, because they cannot interpret dreams. I want your own interpretation and I only want serious answers please.

The dream took place in a house that I use to live in. As I was walking from the living room, I was in the kitchen and the kitchen sink was full of dishes and water filled up to the top. After that, I went into a bedroom and when I went back to look at the kitchen sink, the water was over flowing and going into a drain and some of the was was going in an electrical outlet on the left. After that, the dream was over.

Example: Electrician resume?

Example: How does Randy Taguchi's novel 'Outlet' end?

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