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Dream About Emotionless meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

Before I begin explaining it, I haven't seen jurassic park or anything like that, but I assume that it must be similar in some aspects to my dream.

Basically, a teenage version of me and some psycho-looking scientist made it possible to make embryos of extinct animals. We started with dodos and tasmanian tigers, but then the dude got a bit more ambitious and did all kinds of dinosaurs. It was ok at first, because they were in a controlled environment, but then they sort of multiplied exponentially, and millions and millions of people were dying in a matter of days. My family and I went higher up near the mountains and found caves a lived there for a couple of weeks with a couple of other people I have never seen before. Then those flying dinosaurs sort of settled down in the area we were living in and started to kill everyone (i didn't see any of the killings, except my family being pulled out of holes the dinosaurs dug in the ground (I suppose the caves were more like underground houses than caves in mountains, but whatever...). All comunication seemed to cease and it felt like i was the only person in the world (I wasnt unhappy, just worried on how I was going to survive). I move higher up, and I find the psycho scientist from the beginning experimenting and making really horrible mixes with the different kind of dinosaurs... At this point there were more dinosaurs than humans in the world, and it seemed that only a couple of weeks went by. I get into his underground cave/house and suddenly the t-rex in his lab breaks loose, eats him up and runs out of there... I'm alone, in a different smaller darker cave, without any provisions, I go to sleep tired and thirsty in the dream and I wake up completely normal in real life. What the heck does this mean? I never remember my dreams unless they are nightmares, and this wasn't a nightmare for me, because I didn't feel scared at all, more like an emotionless stone...

There is something in your thinking or psyche that is getting out of control - that is why the psycho-looking scientist's experiments left the controlled environment and got out.

What the psycho-looking scientist is doing at the beginning is of course tremendously fascinating - any scientist would revel at the thought of making embryos of extinct animals. Because he is a projection of some part of you, then you are doing something fascinating, maybe just in your head, or maybe externally too. The danger that your unconscious is trying to point out with the dream is that you are going too fast with this fascinating thing - you need to reign it in and keep it under control. If left unchecked, then in the end it will even kill the scientist in you (since the T-rex gets him).

Animals in dreams are often projections of the dreamer's natural make-up or innate abilities. If you are projecting dinosaurs, they they are big, and they are deeply ancient. But this natural make-up, when not under control/pushed to extreme, can wreck havoc in a person's life, destroying the world as they know it, including their relationship with their family.

The caves represent a kind of isolation. Even though you are going higher up the mountain (which is generally a positive thing in a dream), the isolation is not a healthy thing, and is a product of the change in your world. Everyone dying off doesn't really mean everyone dying, it means your relationships with people, including your family, changing dramatically.

Dreams exaggerate to get a point across. It's not too late - your unconscious painted the picture in order to tell you what is, but you can still change course. If you are tired and thirsty, then you are needing some kind of nourishment too. Whether that is school, or a good hobby, or friends - be sure you get some. Strengthen connections with people to keep from getting isolated, and keep grounded (i.e. keep a check on that amazing laboratory in your head).

As for being like an emotionless stone - if you are not really that way in your waking life, then it could be a symbol for your lack of ability to feel the effect of the way your world is changing by the out of control aspect in your psyche.

Hope that helps - would appreciate feedback.

Example: Self-mutilation dream? The meaning...?

In my dream, I read a sad journal that was online and then I took a long knife, stuck it in my stomach, and dragged it up(while still stuck in me) up to the middle of my chest. When I pulled it out it was cold, I could feel it. And it hurt, a lot! It may have come from the stomach ache I fell asleep with. There were people around, and nobody cared. They all minded their own business while I stood there with this cold blood pouring into my hands...what does this mean?

Example: What does white eyes mean in a dream?

I had gotten into an argument with my BF's father and he had said some really nasty things. After that day I had reoccurring dreams of the same situation but different.
I spoke to my dad about it and finally decided to let it go and just forgive my BF father.
The following night I had dream that again we argued but then we began to talk about what had happened...he was saying that he was sorry. However the whole time I felt like I did not believe a word and the stranger part is that the whole time his eyes were white with no pupils.

I just really want to know some reasoning as to what it might mean that his eyes were white.
if it has any meaning behind it.

Example: What could my dream mean?

If it matters: I'm 18 and a gay male who will be starting estrogen in a few months. I have no one in my life and I live alone on 45 acres of desert. I've been a little depressed lately and feel very set back for still not coming out to my parents.

I was walking down a foggy side walk in the afternoon. there were so many clouds outside that it was just grey. It was freezing cold. Orange lights filled the empty streets and the sidewalks had no one on them. I decided to walk into a hospital for no reason and it was EXTREMELY crowded. There were people walking all over each other (metaphorically) holding yellow tickets as if they were waiting for an order of food and they were starving. Remember, this is in a hospital. Next thing I know, I'm on a silver metal rolling bed wearing one of those hospital blue paper robes. While I was laying in the cold metal table thing, I looked around completely un frightened. I look down at myself while laying in this bed and saw that my robe was lifted and my genitals had been cut out. There was just a chink missing out of my crotch. There was blood EVERYWHERE and still, I was not the least bit worried. I was almost emotionless like it's what I wanted. There were hand prints as if the doctor whipped his bare hand on my thigh and robe. There was no doctor in the Room though. I got up and felt all the blood leak to my feet. I walked towards a door and when I opened it and walked out, I was completely female in female clothes with my hair up. I looked both way outside (still no one outside and still grey and freezing with orange street lights) The rest of the dream was me watching my female self walk down that sidewalk as if everything was fine and nothing happened.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at a dock in the early morning and I walked over on those wooden things. I was gazing at the lake until something caught my eyes. It appeared to be something slowly comming to the surface. I got on my knees and bent over to get a better look at it. A hand shot up and grabbed me by my shirt and drug me down into the lake. Soon I was able to see what had grabbed me. It was a little girl about 8 years old that had greyish decaying skin. Her whole face was emotionless. She came closer to me and whispered "welcome home" as soon as she did my lungs filled with water. Then I woke up. I've tried to brush it off but I can't get over it, I need to know what it means!

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I have had two dreams that I'm wondering what the heck they mean in light of my current circumstances.

First one is I'm in an open field and I step over one of those toll booth barriers and start walking across the field. All of a sudden a bald, fat guy starts firing bolts at me from a crossbow and walking towards me. I can see the bolts in slow motion and am able to dodge them (just) but a few scrape my arms breaking the skin. I start to slowly retreat. I roar at him to stop saying I have two kids and he does but has a strange smile on his face as he turns and walks back. I turn to two strangers just stood there and say to them I'm going to cut the guy's head off with a sword? I imagine a large shining broadsword.

Second dream the same night, I'm stood near a large suspension bridge over water. This bridge is very high and I can see cars purposely driving over the edge one after the other. Their are onyl two occupants in each car, the driver and front seat passenger. Their faces are not blank but completely expressionless and emotionless.

Can anyone tell me what these may mean? Thanks.

Example: What does does this dream mean?

Disclaimer i know what this nightmare means i just asked it this way to be in this category

After failing to pursue my dreams i fell into a deep depression . constantly visions of lying in a bathtub of my own blood with slit wrists kept entering my mind. all day sunday i had to be in an "intervention" because my family thinks i'm dangerously crazy and impulsive. anyway they were trying to convince me to live with my overly religious aunt and uncle when i stormed up to my room, well attic, and fell asleep beginning my many nightmares.

my nightmare started in the usual fashion . torture and choking by female succubus, but i couldn;t feel it. i was too depressed. eventually this nightmare jester that enters my nightmares arrived dressed in his female shakespearean gown grinning at me from ear to ear. he was happy because i was miserable and thought he had something to do with that . carrying him was younger versions of myself . my teenage self who was carrying him was bleeding severely and his body wad barely holding together, my adolescent self had heavy chains all over his body and was crying tears of blood. in the Jester arms he held me as a baby. seeing i was not scared or worried he pulled out knife put it to my infant throat and slashed when he did this i felt but i was in to much pain to feel it. when i saw i could not feel pain he he chained me up and dragged into the darker dimensions of my nightmares.

Once there he put me before the six demons of death and sexual pleasure. one wore greek garbs, one wore a sash with the word homosexuality on it, one wore a crown with the word heathenism on it, one muttered asphyxiation as he swung thick rope, one was cutting humans with knives, the last on was a man wearing female clothes and wore a reef. in his hand he carried a sprig of and evil plant that seemed to possess great powers his face was emotionless and i feared him the most. Jester left me at their mercy and they began their tortures. Their demons began, cutting, choking, and doing all sorts of humiliating and painful torture but i was numb on the inside i couldn;t feel it.

angered by this the demon who wielded the sprig summoned women who look like family members to beat me. still i felt nothing. finally he he folded his arms and thought and after he was through summoned someone i couldn't expect. this nurse who was kind to me last year. the only female i liked but she showed me that females can show you love with out hurting you. she was the only female who was nice to me like that before. anyway she knelt beside me and held me and i cried and told her my problems. she didn't say a word and lifted me up and put snake dagger in my back . when she did that i felt all the pain they inflicted on me and woke up in excruciating pain .

i know why i had this dream its because my recent depression has made me weak, my question is isn't there a time when you should just give up fighting the evil that comes at you ?

Example: Dream meaning! Helphelp?

So, I don't even know if this means anything or not but I had a dream last night that I was just standing somewhere, dazing off when this guy comes up to me and kisses me for a long time. I didn't do anything, I was just kind of emotionless and then he pulls away and he's like, "You're weird, most girls kiss me back!" he says it really surprised and I can tell that he's pretty cocky yet I still remain completely emotionless and I say nothing. Then I wake up. It could be a completely random dream but does anyone think that it means something?

Example: What does this dream mean?

last night i had an extremely strange dream that included the following aspects: -very white walls- -elevator- -talking to my ex, who i still love, but hes like in shadows, like a silhouette- -a very fast, gliding red and green snake, chasing me- what does this dream mean? please answer.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night, I dreamed I was making a castle out of wood to give it to my niece as a gift. The model castle grew and grew, until it became as huge as an authentic medieval castle. When I looked, the castle was made of stone instead of wood. When I looked at my niece, she was 16 (she's currently 10), and she was a princess. I was clad in armor, on a horse, and a sword in my hand. Everyone who wished to get to her had to go through me (and my sword) first. There was a part in my dream where I was kneeling before the King and Queen (my cousin's husband and my cousin) and I was being knighted. What in the world could my dream mean?

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