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Dream About Enamored meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: In act 4 of a midsummer nights dream what do the following lines mean?

Fairy king, attend, and mark:
I do hear the morning lark.

A.the enchantment on bottom is about to end
B. titania is about to fall in love with bottom
C. theseus and hippolyta are arriving
D. the sun is coming up and the fairies should leave

D -- the sun is coming up.

Puck has already ended the enchantment on Bottom, although he is still asleep.

Titania has been released from her love of Bottom (her lines moments earlier: "Methinks I was enamoured of an ***!")

Theseus and Hippolyta will not arrive until evening and their wedding.

Example: Phantom of the Opera dream: What does it mean?

A while ago I had a dream, that I was in this kind of "Phantom of the Opera" setting, most of the time in the Opera House.

Well, everything sort of went by in flashes, like I was reviewing memories. One moment I would be listening to the Phantom sing "Music of the Night" in his lair, and another moment I would be singing "All I Ask of You" with Raoul, with the Phantom in the corner of my eye watching, and then I would be in the graveyard singing "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again", with the phantom hiding in between the graves, and then I would be on a boat with Raoul, floating away from the Phantom as he smashes his mirror and disappears.

After that "flash-back", I would be in the Opera house, in the place where the audience sits. The managers and friends (like Raoul, Meg, and some other people) I had didn't want me wandering too far, because they wanted to keep me away from the Phantom. I was Christine, which was wary of the Phantom, and at the same time, I was this adventurous girl that had just heard of the Phantom, and wanted to go looking for him, like I had 2 personalities or something. Well, I kept wanting to go to these dark areas to look for him, like in the corners of the hall, but I was always blocked by a manager, Raoul, or Meg.

I was finally able to get away from them at one point to go behind the curtain leading to back-stage. I was smiling, happy to be looking for the Phantom, as I stepped through the curtain. It was very dark just beyond the curtain, and I was instantly caught in an embrace, and was being kissed tenderly by the Phantom, while a burst of "Angel of Music" was playing. I couldn't see his face, but somehow I knew it was him.

After the music and the kiss ended, he left me in the dark, and walked away from me, as Raoul grabbed my arm and pulled me out from behind the curtain. He was very worried, and scolded me for "being so foolish". I was furious at Raoul, because I had this bubble of happiness and his interruption burst my bubble. I was left with a horrible longing, and I was crying as he led me out of the Opera House. I woke up with tears streaming down my cheeks.

I'm looking for an interpretation of this dream, from someone who knows the meaning of dreams. You are welcome to comment, but please don't say things like "You probably ate something funny" or "What drugs are you on?" or "What were you watching / listening to before bed?", though that is probably the case, [NOT including the drugs]. I'm curious as to what my dream may mean, because in a way I feel like this dream is a reflection of my emotions. I am also wondering how many different interpretations there are.

Example: What does this detailed dream about a suicidal Kalosian girl and 'at-large' Actor mean?

The earliest parts of the dream consists of a seemingly irrelevant bit about me supposedly being disrespectful to my courteous grand-mum. As the players in that household scene fold away and the lights dim, a middle aged man appears and dramatically vaults over a beige sofa to be in the central area of quaint living area. The man is apparently a LATE actor and, as he paces, dances and gestures to no one within the ring of and old-woman's soft, aged beige furniture, two smug, disembodied male commentators discuss his death, ultimately finding themselves unable to recall which movies they vaguely remember him contributing his skills to.

Suddenly, the man dashes out of the house and onto the sun-lit streets of what I suspect is my idea of Kalos/France (but grimmer) and heads to some unknown location on foot and in haste. He briskly walks past a group of 3 police officers who take notice of him and immediately determine that he should be arrested for apparently faking his own death somehow. The officers promptly begin filling their single vehicle with half a bucket of gasoline and then half a bucket of fresh water( I suspect the bucket of water was subconsciously added in reference to my post-alcohol binge thirst, hahahah).

Once their vehicle is adequately fueled, they dash off in the direction of the actor. Rather than following the officers, the dream perspective gently shifts to the city streets. Heard are the melodramatic sounds of the attempted arrest a few blocks away. The dream-cam moves along at street-level, mimicking and eventually becoming enveloped within a car with an unseen driver.
The car travels along a arbitrary circuit in the city, moving towards an arrondissement that has a 6 lane highway cutting through its heart. As the car makes it second or third circuit, the city subtly shifts into a state of disrepair and then into a state of repair. The car then dangerously cuts through the vacant beginnings of a gasoline station to enter the highway.

The vehicle turns onto the highway to head a wolfpack (i.e. a group of fast moving cars) and there is suddenly the notion that the city has fallen to anarchy at some point after the actor's appearance. There is the notion that a tradition has begun, one that would have drivers perform time-trials in groups down the particular stretch of highway in consumer vehicles - merely for he thrill.So, naturally it is to be concluded that this unknown driver has suddenly committed to join this group of cars on this highway, the wolf-pack that will be performing a trail.

The driver accelerates ahead of the other cars, pushing the vehicle to its limits. At some point, the vehicle front end becomes somewhat airborne - due to it's design - and crashes down. Heard are the delighted squeals and cries of a young brunette woman, the driver, as the car is on all four tires again and accelerating. The woman, FWIW, is my co-worker.The woman repeats this stunt again before stopping in the middle of the highway, overcome with pleasure.

A trailing driver (and young poet who announces himself at some distance without a word [wink to NPR fans]), stops nearby, exits his vehicle, and approaches the woman to offer advice. "You'll need a front spoiler to generate more down-force on your front-end," he basically tells her.

Once thing leads to another and he ends up in her passenger seat. They travel for a short while together, talking, and end up parted in a vacant lot adjacent to the highway. The two remain in the car. The young man is enamored by this point and hasn't noticed that the woman is actually quite distraught, quite disturbed. She speaks wildly to him but her desperation is wasted on him. "You have so much passion!" he exclaims as he looks at her, mistaken.

Suddenly, the dream shifts to the man's perspective. I become the man and am overcome with the conflicted desire to help the woman, who I -unlike the poet- understand needs help and the uncharacteristic desire to copulate with her right then in there. Somehow, the later desire wins and, as I move in to attempt a kiss, the perspective shifts out again and I'm replaced with a second co-worker, a male, who proceeds to perform some inappropriate dance against the woman, who takes no offense.

I find myself standing joining them in the car, but not participating. I am overcome with jealousy as the second co-worker taunts me. The woman says nothing, the dream ends, and here we are, entertaining this dream.


Example: What do dreams of unfaithfulness mean?!?

On three separate occasions i have had dreams about my boyfriend cheating on me. The first time he was cheating with his stepsister, the second time with an extremely hot asian girl (his favorite 'type' of girl... which i am not) and the third time with a girl i somehow knew. She was a family friend or something. All three times i have caught him in the act and been furious with him. The dream generally ends in a lot of angry yelling and "how could you do this to me" type stuff... In the dreams he is always very deceitful and sketchy... and i tend to call him on all kinds of stuff like lieing, you've been doing this to me forever... i hate you. I never used to think about him cheating, but now when i am awake i am all suspicious... like my subconcious is trying to tell me my boyfriend of a year is cheating on me... Which sounds absolutly ridiculous, but i dont know what to think anymore. These dreams are messing with my head, i need help! What do dreams of unfaithfulness mean?!

Example: What does my my dream mean?

I was introduced to a boy by a friend at a restaurant we started to talk but he stared to die, I did anything to help him I was even crying! I didn't see him for a while so we went back to our house and the news turned on sayin the world would end tonight! I ran up stairs crying because I would never see him again but then he was there at my door ! I hugged him instantly and cried we sat on my bed waiting when he said "don't worry I love you" and he kissed me! I usually would wake up before anything big but not this time! The world ended when I was hugging him, and then I woke up.

Example: I had a dream about Iraq, Anyone know what it might mean, if you believe in dreams?

Sorry for any spelling errors.
Anyway hope you can know what it might mean. fi you beleave in it.
I personally don't, but I find the interpertations interesting.

I had a weird dream where I saw a very beutiful arab girl, infact, she was the most beutiful girl I've ever seen before, but she was blind, then I found myself in Iraq hanging out with American and Iraqi soldiers with a crowed around us and we were all joking around with the Iraqi soldiers then a bomb went off near by so people ran off everywhere and me and all the other US soldiers put our armor on and everything, and went off to the area of where the explotion happened, But the weird thing is I wasn't scared I was happy to be there so were all the other US soldiers.

Example: What does the dream mean?

i had this dream in the morning it was very weird. theres this girl i really like and i mean i really like i was walking and she got knocked over and i remember me in the hospital crying and then i was in the room she was in and i had a noise and i shouted its going flat call a doctor and i was pure crying i really like this girl i had a chance to ask her but i chickened out and i really need help im thinking of making a letter telling her how i feel and give it to her teacher to give it her so she can read it what do u think in the moring i was really upset so plz dont make rude comments i would appreicate it the reason i asked this again because i never got alot of answers

Example: What does this dream about being enamored with a tree mean?

In the dream, I stumbled across a tree and could not bring myself to leave it. Someone who came by (I think I summoned them), and told me that it was like my home and I could live it, but should always return after a time.

Example: What does this type of moon mean in my dream?

I was talking with my crush in his workplace when I see in the sky a full moon(but the moon looked like earth except in moon form) and I saw it changing phases across the sky. Then there were shooting stars. My crush and I were flirting more then usual.

Example: What does this dream mean about my marriage?

I would say I have a really good marriage. I love my husband and daughter and he is a great father, incredibly considerate, spoils me, etc. We have occasional fights and our physical chemistry is not the best (we both waited until our wedding night and I think that might have something to do with it), but we have a good time and are both satisfied and are best friends.

Last night I had this incredibly vivid dream that I completely remember (totally out of character for me). I dreamed that I was married to my current husband, but I had the option of staying in a good marriage where I would be totally satisfied and have kids, a house, etc. (this was actually presented to me as an option) or I could leave my marriage and marry this specific hero who I have always liked (this character has been portrayed by various actors, etc. and has had several movies, TV show, etc. made about him and I have always thought of him as the quintessential guy you would desire). In the dream the fantasy guy was just as enamored as me and I had to decide whether to leave with him for an incredible marriage full of passion, but a future filled with uncertainty, or be happy with my good, but not incredible marriage to the guy that I am married to in real life.

I have no idea what this means. I am totally faithful to my husband, have never thought of leaving him. There is no one I idolize or fantasize about marrying or being with in real life outside of my marriage. I don't know whether this is my subconcious screaming about something or what, but it really left me shaken.

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