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Dream About Enemy meanings

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Example: Dream meaning?

I was at home (well one of the places I used to live) and we had two houseguests. (I'm not telling you who, but it was wierd). Anyway, The Bernstein Bears came on and my whole family flipped out (it wasn't the cartoon either. Live action Bernstein Bears). Anyway, I went to my bedroom. Obviously to change because I was naked. Anyway, was looking in the mirror. There was me and then a second evil smirking me. When I turned around, nothing. But then I turned back to the mirror and there it was again. I started trying to rebuke it, but my mouth wouldn't work and I woke up. (maybe it's some commentary of how sometimes our own worst enemy is ourself).

(I posted this on livejournal, now I can't remember who the houseguest were, but it's wierd and curious about it).

the feeling i get from your dream description is that possibly you are in a place you are not completely comfortable in and you are dreaming of a past home because of what that home meant to you...how you felt when you lived there...additionally leading into this is the bernstein bears coming...they were probably a book you read while you were living in that home but you are growing up now and know that there are no cartoon bears...they are real...dangerous...as is life as we grow up we learn this fact...you were naked because you were in this safe place...yet when the bears came and were real...you knew better and had to put on something to assimilate to the constraints of society...when you saw the evil you in the mirror it was just showing you some changes you have possibly made or are considering making due to something that is currently happening...perhaps you are getting ready to make a decision and you have to be someone hard (evil) which you are not to do this...usually when you cannot talk in your dreams you are getting ready to do something which is not in your character...something which is causing you to feel like you don't have a choice or a voice...i hope it helps...

Example: What does it mean when i dream about an enemy?

I've had many dreams recently about a girl that I am no longer friendly with she lied about a bunch of stuff and I don't like liars so I don't like her anymore, we went from best friends to enemies and now I dream about her, they are always those real life dreams where they feel like memories and you only remember parts of it...

Here are my dreams...

1. (not real life) I got on bay 4 coach at school my enemy and a group of people were trying to stop the bus as it left and I stuck my middle finger up at her as we turned right off the coach park but the coach park appeared on the top of a hill with my enemy telling the group what I did to her the hill was covered in concrete slabs with a tunnel in the side with a calm clear river running through.

2. (real life) I saw my enemy and I was walking up the side of the astro turf at school going to the coach park my enemy was with one of my male friends and as I was walking up with a group of my best friends, we were laughing, my enemy hid behind my male friend as we walked past, and my other best friend was with her on the left about a meter away.

This is when I start to be mates with her...

3. (real life) At school in the doorway to my tutor room my enemy was a group captain picking people to go in her team like one other person was, the one person picked first then my enemy picked me, I was like Wtf but went to her anyway.

4. (real life) In tutor room, sat next to my enemy, her belly rumbled and I laughed with her then we were walking side by side by A2 and someone kept getting between us and I was forced to walk behind her.

Someone help I have a dream dictionary but it doesn't explain this!

Example: What does it mean to dream that you help a enemy?

I had a dream last night that my sons father other baby mother was at my house with their daughter and she was sick I was helping her take care of the baby for some reason she also wasn't talking to the baby's faIMther and I told her she needs to call him and let him know that there baby is sick for some reason she didn want to so when she left I took it upon myself and called and told him about their daughter she return to my house because she left her keys to get into her house by this time he has met up with her and started talking so it seems like I got them back together in the dream what does this mean

Example: What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Killing A Certain Enemy?

I Have Serious Issues With This Girl.
Last Night I Dreamed That I Walked Into The Party She Was At & Fought Her.
But I Ended Up Killing Her.
What Does It Mean?

Example: What's the meaning of dreaming about a possible enemy?

I had this dream in which a person who is currently in a conflict in real life with me was a salesperson in a grocery store. That person, in the dream, was behind the fish counter and I approached and talked to him. We were pretending not be in a fight and talking as if it was a formal obligation. On the other hand, our behavior could show some arrogance. I was trying to find a fish type whose name neither me or him would know. I could see many fishes in big baskets on the counter. I tried all possible means to remember the name of the fish and it wasn't possible.
In real life, this person and I are currently living a terrible dilemma. He's kinda pushing me to do something I don´t want to and using psychological pressure for that purpose. What would this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of fighting your enemies?

I had a dream early this morning in my sleep that I had locked in a room and fought off one by one my enemies. These were females I have not seen or heard from in years, and some did not want to fight, so I let them out of the room. I also had a friend with me who was there for support but did not join in my fights.

Example: What does my dream about my enemy mean?

I have a boyfriend, who I love dearly and would never cheat on, at all. Last night I had a dream he'd made me mad, and I went out to see an enemy, who for no reason at all I started speaking to. Then bam, I'm dreaming I'm about to have sex with him...
He genuinely is the most vile human being ever. 22, unemployed, really hideous to look at, and I'm dreaming of that.
In my dream he had the smallest penis ever, which I suppose was the only funny thing about the dream.
In the dream I was worrying I'd be pregnant or something, and I had this horrible guilty feeling, then when I woke up from this nightmare I still have this guilty feeling D;

Example: What does it mean to dream of being friends with your enemy?

i recently had a weird dream and i want to know more about the meaning of it and things in it.
i don't remember all of it, but i remember certain things.

in my dream i remember i was hanging out with this girl, who in real life i really secretly dislike and never trust, and kind of envy, and we were acting like best friends! we were in her house and there were several other people there, but i remember i was specifically looking for my boyfriend.
then, i remember this guy that i've always had a crush on was there and he drove us to a huge party i heard about that i knew my boyfriend was at. and he said he would give us a ride home, ha.
then i remember being in the huge party and running into this guy that i have secretly been with and he was sharing his music with me?
then i finally found my boyfriend and i kissed him.
then i woke up.

please help:)

Example: What does this dream mean? Here are your enemies?

In my dream I am standing next to someone who leans in to speak to me. He says "here are your enemies."

They step up and stop in front of me and then explode.

Example: What does it mean to dream about being friends with an enemy?

last night I dreamt that I was best friends with a girl I can't stand, we went shopping and to each other's house. I don't like her and neither do half the girls in school. when we were in kindergarten to 5th grade we were friends, but then just drifted apart, she's literally now the popular girl in high school and I'm like the floater, (although i have my close circle of friends)I talk to everyone, people constantly say I'm hilarious so I assume they like me. I know people say we hate things about our enemies that are reflected in us but there's nothing similar about us that I can think of besides both of us being tough. she gets with all the guys, wears pretty much nothing, and does drugs/drinks. I'm glad I haven't done anything like that, so why would I dream of being her friend?

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